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Review on Gods Unchained by Bossman Shy

Revainrating 3 out of 5

super awesome game that's free to play and runs well on low performance computers

GODS UNCHAINED is probably one of the easiest and hardest play-to-earn games to get into. It's accessibility is a bit clouded by it's difficulty but non the less a fun experience you could put a couple hours into. If you enjoy card games that is. You could easily download the game and start playing today if you're interested, doesn't mean you're going to earn but you can at least learn how to play the game while getting stumped by veteran players. Here's why I made my statement at the beginning, the hard part about the game. To earn you have to win games.

Now this game isn't hard to get a just of starting out, you could easily learn the rules and get them down enough to go play some ranked. The hard part comes in when you actually start playing ranked and run into seasoned players that aren't going to take it easy on you because you're a newby. Unfortunately the match making is kind of busted in way with how they pair people at times. I feel it's fair to say that if you're not at least ok at card games no need to waste your time here.

Aside from the actually game which is surprisingly a joy to play, we have their crypto currency GODS. Currently sitting at roughly around $1.50 usd we could see it has fallen over 80% since it's listing on Coinbase. The unfortunate event that a majority of play-to-earn crypto currencies go through is not having enough weight on their buy side in comparison to how much of the asset is trying to be sold. When such a high amount of people are putting sell pressure on the market, the market has no choice but to go down.

The other issue we have with the GODS token is the fact that it's an Ethereum token. Meaning you have to pay exorbitant transaction fees to move your tokens to an exchange or anywhere in that maker. You'll have to likely pay fees twice considering you'll be withdrawing to metamask first then withdrawing from metamask to an exchange or different wallet. If you have the cash to burn I guess it's ok but for most of us even with it being free to play play-to-earn we may not be able to truly earn with the circumstances at hand.

In conclusion GODS UNCHAINED is a fun game and a good project. In the future when Ethereum 2.0 comes out or maybe the devs move GODS to it's own blockchain maybe GODS UNCHAINED could be something that's even more accessible to those interested. But the transaction fees are a bit to high to withdraw and the price of the coin continues to plummet. Which started before the overall bear market. If you enjoy card games definitely give this one a try I would recommend it. But if you're looking for somewhere to make money this may not be the best option with in the space. Although it maybe one of the cheapest options.

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  • fun game
  • free to play
  • has multiple market places
  • can find average card prices easily
  • Expensive to withdraw
  • token price been dipping since last year

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