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Review on Nestables by Olga şulin

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Hello everyone, first of all, collect and multiply 3D Cubes, each with its own unique features, unique cosmetic features and unique personalities, and trade and move forward. So users can create the best environment for their cubes through pre-made ads or their own designs. Nestables will allow players to trade and reproduce, each with their own unique personality and physical characteristics. It can be said that you have the ability to interact with your cubes by designing, creating and decorating your cubes. And if you want to collect or improve this Cube for resources, or build a nest, let it build and rest and play. Nestables is an interactive cryptocurrency game that I believe will appeal to people of all ages, and is one of the most fun and engaging games. They all have different physical and personal characteristics. The cubes consist of two colors, the eye, the head decoration, and the structure of the skin with the ears and tail. We can say that each cube has two different personality traits

  • Having physical characteristics.
  • Being an interactive crypto-collective game.
  • Nothing.

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