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Review on Pixeos by Berdimuhammedow Rustem

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safe game and fun game good Pixeos Very good game

Hello everyone. If you have done well, you can use what pikEOS is as the main layer. Famous Pixel Master players were able to buy and draw their Pixel on the canvas and other community members would try to pick the main place by pixelating the top of the pixel and you would be rewarded on EOS. You may be the first person to receive and be paid .05 EOS, but after a few pixels the member has been equal to 100 EOS as a member, in short IMO, the fast running of Pixel Master. However, I realized that there is not much desire to continue to return to the canvas, because if you have spent a certain amount of EOS on pixels, you will expect others to pixel on top. pixEOS is not just a DApp game. PixEOS Paint may be the DApp they work on, but pixEOS is a broader platform. PixEOS will develop the first art and games in the EOS block smartly and economically, where the pixEOS symbols have many benefits and will support, advertise and present their work to the artist. The PixEOS project was created to be sustainable and economical, as there are many ways to get pixEOS and EOS. Gallery and pikEOS Art House, where artists can publish their art and receive commission requests for Visual Arts and Creative Media services. The main difference from other Pixel Master games is that pikEOS will have an attractive concept because it has gone astray like other successful DApps like DICE. From the personalities of the creators, they will always focus on the community first. Awards and competitions to encourage creativity and engagement. Divide a portion of the income to distribute EOS accounts. Supporting initiatives for new EOS users through art competitions in schools and institutions.1,000,000,000 pikEOS is a pre-sale supply. There will be a flash earlier this week and serve for the first time. If you would like to participate in pre-sale, join pixEOS Telegram and you will get help there: https://t.me/PIXEOS. Fred Nogueira and George Alcario, co-founders of Pixeos, George Alcario, head of Technology, Fabi Adaama and Gama Noza, members of a community supported by Torben and Brendon from EOSphere DEV and are already working on game design. and smart contracts. Artists Stellabelle, Ayusaymon, Fabi Adaama and Julia K Ponsford have been nominated by pikEOS for their involvement with the community. In general, there will be a game changer within the pixOSOS-colored EOS ecosystem, and you will not want to miss this opportunity. Page: https://www.pixeos.io/. Telegram: https://t.me/PIXEOS. Ann channel: http://t.me/pixeosio Twitter: https://twitter.com/eos_pix Instagram: https://instagram.com/pixeos.io.

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  • A tokenised smart economy.
  • easy to play
  • safe and fun game
  • Very good game
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