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Review on The SandBox by Mismo Monster

The Sandbox: A stunning square 3D platform with circular economy.

:emoji: The Virtual World based on The Ethereum Blockchain where, where players can Monetize their Experience!

:emoji: The Sandbox builts an Economy Ecosystem formed by Three Tokens:

A. SAND, B. ASSETS & C. LAND And Integrates Three Products:

1. Voxel Editor, 2. Marketplace &3. Game Maker to The gaming Platform

SAND Is a governance an stakeable token; This characteristic gives privilegies/rewards to holders. Staking Pools will recibe 50% of revenues on Transaction Fees, The Foundation the other 50% to supports the Ecosystem, offering grants to incentivize enthusiast users.

About the Circular Economy Ecosystem

:emoji:SAND: An ERC-20 Token, launched on August, 2020.

With Max Supply: and a Circulating Supply: 598,238,144

22 Markets (Oct/08/2020) .

:emoji:ASSETS: ERC-1155; Created by players who build to trade on Marketplace.

:emoji:LAND: ERC-721; NFT; The epicenter of the game; The basic Sandbox unit on the map are a unique, indivisible and not interchangeable digital piece of real estate. Will exist 166,464 in two parcel types:

  1. LAND: Comprises 96 x 96 meters in the game world.
  2. ESTATE: The combination of multiple LANDS.

About the Integration Products:

  1. 1. Voxel Editor: A PC/Mac modeling package to create Voxel Models (Voxels = Square 3D pixels). It could be sold on Marketplace as Asset.
  2. Marketplace: A free open market, were you can export your Voxel; Upload it into an IPFS network, register it on the blockchain to prove the Ownership. When the Voxel become an Asset. Were you can sold it making an initial sale offer.
  3. Game Maker: Whit it, you can built 3D games in minutes, for free!! On Octuber 5, 2020; They launches online comunity for learning game making, free too!

The Content user-generated-produced, provides a Integral Rewarding Experience to all kind of users on the Stunning Metaverse.

The way like Sandbox integrates users promises to be a solid investment in the long term, and is an excellent space for creative development from now on.

You could learn more about the Product on the Official Sandbox web site; Take a look to the withe paper if you’re interested on investment. :emoji:

If you want to build, create, play or play to earn; The VoxelEditor and The Gamemaker software still available. System R. Recomended are Dual Core 2GHz, 4GB Ram and 2GB available space. :emoji:

Be diligent with your time and money. May God prosper your work !

Pros & cons

  • No coding is required on Game Maker:
  • Creators recibe the ownership of their creations
  • Game Maker Alpha v0.3.5 not availabe on Linux