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Review on Monaco Space Gray Card by David Filip

Exclusive card for exclusive lock up investment

The card, now it is called differently, is almost the highest card tier and it goes with impressive full stack of advantages. You can use the card as you are used to with other Visa payment cards. It is not only possible to use the crypto for payments directly. You can only sell the crypto in the app for fiat and then use it. The main problem which disqualifies a lot of people is that you can afford it for quite a huge entry investment which is quite limiting. Be aware that the delivery of the card could be longer due to pandemic. If you are in it the main constrain is that you will need to lock something between 10 000 - 15 000 USD in their native currency CRO (differ from price fluctuation) and praise to God that it will not be dumped.

There is worth to mention that a recent changes has dumped the price of CRO. It looks like an opportunity but I would be rather sceptical that it is too risky, as it is govern by centralized company, and could lead to the price of CRO close to zero.

In my humble opinion i would go for a lower tier card (10 000 CRO locked) which has quite the same benefits that are good enough for me. With the Jade Green I am super fine. It has almost the same internal value and it gives me a pleasure to use it.

Pros & cons

  • nice metalic luxury feel
  • free Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime
  • 5 % cashback
  • 10 % off in Expedia
  • free airport lounge + 1
  • higher interest rates
  • Visa
  • high entry investment - 100 000 CRO (10 000 - 15 000 USD)
  • not spending crypto directly