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Review on Monaco Space Gray Card by Yinka Yemisi

Monaco space gray card

It was created in June 2016. It based in Switzerland and have offices in Hong Kong and Singapore. It is the earliest forms of crypto currency exchange and payment platform.

Monaco visa card and mobile app enables users or the cards holder to exchange, buy and also to spend fiat and digital asset, like ethereum and bitcoin but there will be interbank charges.

This card is user friendly, you don't need setup to use ths card. In all purchase the card holder will receive 1.5 % as cash back. It has no fee charges, but if the user exhaust monthly limits of $800, 2% will be charged.

The card is idea for foreign travelers, because they can easily use their digital asset to purchase.

Pros & cons

  • It is easy set up
  • There is no monthly or yearly fee
  • Users enjoy 1.5% cash back in all purchase
  • It can be used by travelers to make purchase
  • Users can use it in any store that accepts digital assets
  • Before it can be issue it passes through a lot of process and this cause delay, this need to be treated as a matter of urgency
Olukayode Oyelami
June 10, 2020
Manacco Space Gray card charges fee is reasonable compared to other card in the industry. The card $0 monthly fee, initial cost is Zero dollar, if you did not reached $800 which is the monthly limit, but if the limit is reached you will be charged 2% fee. The card also has no annual fee.