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Review on Monaco Space Gray Card by Sendy Marin

The Monaco Space Gray card

The Monaco Space Gray card, has more than 4 years in the cryptocurrency market, this card offers users very good characteristics in its design, one of which is that it has a mobile application that allows users to see their balance and in addition to being able to exchange cryptocurrencies, this card has the option of being able to spend it converting cryptocurrencies into fiat currency. In every purchase, the cardholder will receive 1.5% as a cash refund, in addition to this the card does not have a high interest rate for its use, only if you exceed the monthly limit of $ 800 there is only charged 2%.

Pros & cons

  • For purchases made you have a 1.5% refund
  • the limit is $ 800
  • very low interest rates
  • very easy to use and to spend
  • It has a mobile application to exchange and monitor your assets.
  • -no bad comments about this one.