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About Bitzuma Video Course

Bitzuma presents an online Princeton Bitcoin Video Course. It has 11 units include such topics as data structures, cryptography, mining, wallets, and politics.

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Fast rising cryptocurrency,Bitcoin is discussed fully in Bitzuma

BitZuma is an online learning center where newbies in the area of cryptocurrencies, mining, wallets and even exchange. This course was developed by 4 people in 2014. Initially, they had only…See more

A stepping stone to beginning a journey to be a developer and successful in crypto industry; bitzuma video course

experiencei I first got to know about this course when I came across a link to the engineers guide to electrum bitcoin. I got exited and check it out. Since then, I enjoyed the presenter, Richard…See more

A bitcoin learning platform everyone should try

The increasing boom in technologies and advances in the world of cryptocurrencies, demands more and more preparation to be aware of all the innovation and some things that sometimes we do not know…See more

Bitzuma video course: Blockchain courses in free videos

The Bitzuma company was founded by a group belonging to the prestigious Princeton University, this company sells software and books, they have books related to blockchain technologies, I imagine…See more

Bitzuma: A Blockchain Course with Fast Lessons to Learn

Bitzuma is another blockchain course created with short but complete content. It is a course divided into sections. Until now there are just 11 sections of rapid learning. I Like it because the…See more

Bitzuma video course

Bitzuma presents it videos from Princeton University a private ivy research University at new jersey. Blockchain technology are really reaching out to every part of the world and in no time these…See more

Bitzuma an Online Bitcoin Video Course.

Bitzuma is an online Bitcoin video course which was created to educate people regardless of their experience level and goals how cryptocurrency especially Bitcoin Bitzuma was founded by…See more