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Review on Blockchain University Course by Naomi Ilani

Learning At It's Peak

With the rate at which traders troop into the crypto world, steps needs to be taken to guide them into it. Because, starting cryptocurrencies without having any knowledge in it can be frustrating, I am a testimony. This has led to the launching of some online platforms that would guide newbies as they enter into the wide cryptographic

The Blockchain University Course is one of them. This is a platform that guides traders properly on how, when, where and why to dive into the cryptocurrencies, it gives detailed information, leaving all areas touched. Just like a University, the Blockchain University Course offers specialized courses and a little quiz to ascertain the knowledge passed. It stresses mainly on teaching users how to make their money by trading cryptocurrencies at the right time. That is; buying when cheap and selling when expensive. This is because most Cryptocurrencies are volatile and have a fluctuating price. The platform's team takes their time to monitor these cryptocurrencies and their prices and also teaches Users how to. The fact that the platform is secured is another advantageous factor to it, easing traders of the fear of loosing their finances in the process of paying for the knowledge acquired. I would recommend this platform to all, both the experts and the newbies. The experts, to broaden their knowledge and the newbies to give them a good foundation

Pros & cons

  • The platform is decentralized
  • It teaches it's users how to make a living from cryptocurrencies
  • It is highly secured
  • I think the platform should also teach knowledge in other areas that might be less important, like the founder, date of foundation and other histories of cryptocurrencies