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Review on Coinbase Training by Eunice Olagbadun

The Coinbase Training Platform Makes It Possible For Their Students To Earn While Learning

Before now, whenever I hear of the word "cryptocurrencies" I get discouraged immediately thinking it's some sort of disorganized stuffs. Not until I got into it myself and discovered that the blockchain network itself has its own institution of learning. Going through further investigation, I also discovered that learning about it (the blockchain network) is better than just jumping into it. After noticing these, I decided to go out in search of an institution that would be suitable for me. After going through the first one, I came across this one which had a superior quality over the former one I used, earning. At first, I got surprised at the fact that one can still earn funds in the process of learning. This is possible by completing some of their educational tasks or watching videos, quizzes are also available. The name of this learning platform is the Coinbase training. It is a crypto learning platform that was established for the sole purpose of impacting the knowledge of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain network into new traders and investors. In the process of navigating their site, I got to discover that the Coinbase training is a product of a very famous American exchange platform, Coinbase which is known to have their own native token, USDC, their exchange platform, their wallet, their card and their learning platform. This alone is a great achievement for the company.
The Coinbase training platform tends to cover almost all the topics in the blockchain network as I am currently being taught a course Maker (MKR) that gives knowledge of how funds can be lended. I have also been promised of recieving a certificate immediately after completing this course. I also hope to learn many other things like mining of cryptocurrencies and trading very soon.

Pros & cons

  • They have videos available on their site to enhance learning
  • Their quizzes are also available to assess knowledge that has been imparted
  • The learning platform makes it possible for one to earn while learning
  • It is a product of a top leading company that has an exchange platform, a token, a wallet and a card
  • One would need to be invited before gaining access to their services
Jose Luis Perez
March 10, 2021
Hello, Eunice. It is very important that we stay informed regarding this type of issues regarding cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and that there is the possibility of having these trainings, it makes it more feasible.