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Bitfinex is good cryptocurrency exchange

I had no problems with this exchange - and the input and withdrawal of funds works fine. TradingView charts allow you to conveniently work, conduct market analysis, use indicators, graphic elements, this is a great tool for me. But anyway disadvantages here are significant... Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Gods Unchained is a collectible (trading) card game (like HearthStone), based on the Ethereum blockchain, where the ownership of each card is guaranteed by a smart contract. In-game tokens have the Ethereum ERC-20 standard - this means that they can be transferred / sold on third-party trading floors / in person. Now there is a distribution of GRT tokens for victories, and packs with cards for levels that increase literally with each match - hence the excitement!     Maybe popularity will still prevail and demand will catch up with supply, but here everything will rest on the quality of the game - balance, graphics interest, motivation, etc.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Does Libra have a future?

Libra aims to provide a cash exchange between 1.7 billion social network users around the world. Partner companies investing in the project and participating in its development should join the system. There should be more than 100 such companies by the time the program is publicly launched in 2021. Among them, one can see VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Uber, Ebay and other financial and trading companies Similar projects based on blockchain technologies are planning to create many large companies. But their interests can radically differ. One thing is invariable: increased attention to cryptocurrencies from not only users, but also companies, sooner or later will necessitate legislative regulation of the entire sphere. And the development of the blockchain by giants such as Facebook can only accelerate this process. On the other hand, the possibility of regulation may cast doubt on the principles of any project based on the use of cryptocurrency - anonymity and decentralizationSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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I noticed this coin one of the first when I began to be interested in the crypto industry. She is considered one of Etherium's main competitors. The downside is the lack of emission, all coins have already been issued. This can lead to the fact that the owners of the package will receive a large number of users. Invested in a coin when it cost 48 dollars. As expected, steady growth. It is strange that there is no serious correction.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Binance has launched a referral program to attract new users to the platform. Although they already go to the crypto exchange by gravity. Therefore, you can make good money on this movement. Moreover, the project pays 20% of the exchange earnings on attracted users. Of the promotion tools, only a referral link is provided. For greater motivation, referral revenues of some of its participants are given. Impressive! Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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For several years, I have been watching the development of the Litecoin cryptocurrency, and I came to the conclusion that it not only deserves attention, but can also claim leadership. The point is not even the cost of one coin, but the total amount of capitalization, which may increase significantly in the coming years. Of course, like any other cryptocurrency, Litecoin has its advantages and disadvantages. In this review, I will share my opinion on how promising this cryptocurrency is, whether it is convenient to use it for mutual settlements and other interesting observations. At the moment, the capitalization of Litecoin has allowed this payment system to take a confident place, and this, most likely, is not the limit. Initially, it was created as an alternative to Bitcoin, all errors and miscalculations were taken into account to create a more advanced cryptocurrency. Practice shows that using these crypto coins every year is more convenient and practical.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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It is important to understand that although Bitcoin and Ethereum use the blockchain, they still have one fundamental difference. And for me, it lies in the fact that Bitcoin seeks to become a real currency, and most likely it will become very soon. Ethereum is a multifunctional platform that has its own unit of account - Ethereum. But at the same time, decentralized applications with internal cryptocurrencies are developed on the basis of this platform, which makes it very popular, and the growth in the cost of Ethereum is just a matter of time. I conducted an analysis for myself, and found out that Ethereum's capitalization growth rate is higher than at the time of Bitcoin. Ethereum is already taking the second place in the rating of cryptocurrency capitalization already. At the same time, its volatility is lower than the average for all other cryptocurrencies. And given the fact that Ethereum is actively introducing Smart Contracts as the engine of the latest banking technologies, iSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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I bought my first satoshi several years ago. My acquaintance with Bitcoin has grown into a business of arbitrage trading. Personally for myself, I consider it the most reliable way to store Bitcoins in the “brain wallet”. For some small amounts, you can use the wallet inside the cryptocurrency exchange. I highly recommend to buy bitcoin on the exchanges. This is the most economical way, in my opinion. The total cost of buying Bitcoin will be no more than 0.35% of the deposit. With a serious turnaround, saving 5% can be a significant amount, especially if you are engaged in arbitration. Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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