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Exclusive designer clothing for kids

Today we'll talk about Childrensalon . A online store that sells many kid's products such as clothes ( 1 - 12 years old ), shoes , toys , etc. And also they provide services like haircuts for children and mani/pedi .
I browsed this site because my nephew wanted to get his haircut, but the trouble was he lives in Indonesia. So I went on Google and searched for places where Indonesian's can get their haircut or something like that. And I found this: Childrensalon . It is an online child-friendly platform to buy beautiful clothes and shoes for kids at affordable prices with delivery to Indonesia too.

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On their website, I saw some pictures of young boys and girls with short haircuts. And I was like "huh yang ini nih" . But when I read the description , it says "both boy's and girl's haircut". Maybe they just do what you order? ^^
I did a little research before placing an order because this is my first time buying anything from childrensalon . What I found on Facebook groups and Forums, all of them were talking about good experiences with them. They said that the items arrive quickly and the items are nice (quality). So all of those reviews convinced me to give it a try.
I've placed an order for PRAISE shoes (size 16) for my nephew and a pair of TOMMY jeans ( size 110 ) for my niece. They arrived in 3 days! I was impressed, the shoes were very nice and match with the description. The jeans' quality is good too, not bad at all .
My overall experience is great. And Childrensalon will be my favorite online store from now on :)

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I tried their services and here's what i say:
*PRODUCTS: 9/10 - very accurate image , good quality , affordable price;
Childrensalon is a great online store for all your child's needs. They have quality products and affordable prices which makes them an ideal choice when shopping for children. You can find clothes, shoes, toys, and even haircuts! I would recommend this site to anyone looking to shop on the internet without having to leave their home or travel abroad.

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  • Unique finds that are hard tfind anywhere else
  • Clothing offered in sizes 0-16
  • Standard delivery of next day or free standard shipping on orders over $49
  • Leisurely support