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I like that it is relatively easy to use and I can customize the questions I want to ask my team. It is also easy to use if you are a remote worker. The only thing that I do not like about Jell is that it is a bit outdated and could use some updates. I also think it might be better if it had more questions to ask. It is a great tool in order to keep your team on track. The main thing I like about Jell is that it is easy to use and it helps me keep my team on track. It is easy to use if you are a remote worker. This is a great tool that I highly recommend. It helps me keep my team on track and makes sure that we are all working on the same task. Ver reseña completa

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The best thing about this program is how it helps you improve yourself everyday by doing activities that are related to your interests! I love being able to do so many things with my time as well! It's very helpful because sometimes we can get bored or feel like we're not accomplishing anything in life if there isn't something interesting for us to focus our attention towards! If you want an app where you won't be bored while still keeping up with all the activities available then go ahead and enroll! You'll have fun solving problems and working together with others too! I'm having fun using this app on the work place since everyone uses it for different purposes. This makes teamwork easier when you realize what other people need from it!Ver reseña completa

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I like how easy it was for us as an agency to use in our work together with clients, this product helped save so much time! We used spot effects many times (and still do) during different projects. It's really flexible and gives you all the tools that are needed when doing online marketing or advertising. The only thing we didn't love about their software were some errors which made things difficult at first but after contacting them they fixed those issues quickly. As mentioned before using Spot Effects saved me lots of time compared to other platforms out there. Plus being able to track results was great too since sometimes the metrics provided by others can be hard to follow through. This gave us more accurate data and also allowed us to see what works best. Ver reseña completa

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El Toro Ad Tech

Their support team is very helpful, they are always willing help you out when needed as well! They have really helped our business grow by leaps in ad-tech space!! Nothing much that I can think off right now but if it's something there then yes go ahead contact them about those things because we need more people like these guys who care sooo hard abt what will benefit us most!! We would recommend any one looking into this product or service look no further than el toros services. The best thing i love from here was how fast my account manager got back after reaching me during office hours (GMT). Ver reseña completa

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Ubbi Disposable Lavender Recycled Material

Good day, dear reader. Today I want to talk about a very useful invention. These are bags for packaging used Baby ono diapers. Every mother is familiar with the situation when a used diaper that has been lying down begins to exude an unpleasant odor. It is far from always possible to throw a dirty diaper directly into the garbage chute. And, if you are in a clinic, a guest, but you never know where and nearby there is no urn, recycling is very problematic. A ready-made solution in such cases is Baby ono sachets. The thing, in my opinion, is irreplaceable. The product is sealed in a bag with a valve having a tight-fitting lid. The package contains 100 pieces of small plastic bags - T-shirts with a pleasant cosmetic fragrance. The used diaper and wipes should be placed in a bag and tied tightly. All. Now you can throw it in the trash and even put it in your bag without worrying about the spread of an unpleasant odor. . Ver reseña completa

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Strathmore 400 Sketch Pads 12

Today I would like to talk about this drawing notebook. I have been using this notebook for a long time, this is my second such notebook. The appearance of the album is pleasant, looks beautiful and stylish. The paper density of this notebook is 100 g / m ^ 2, which allows you to work with "rough" pencils, since they will not show through on the back of the paper, which is a plus. You can work with this notebook with pencils, markers, and liners, and even watercolor. The page size of the notebook is large, which allows you to draw one large drawing or several small drawings on one page. Also a large number of pages - 100 pages, which will last you for a very long time. The paper is of good quality, you can erase the same place with an eraser many times and still the paper will not deteriorate much, but it’s better not to flirt with it. The only thing I would like to note is that this notebook could use a bookmark to make it easier to find where you left off. And so the notebook is literally perfect and will definitely suit you, if you like to draw. Ver reseña completa

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The platform is very easy to use, and it's integrated with Google Adwords so we don't have to worry about building our own ads. We love that the service includes all three platforms (Google, FB, etc) but we wish the interface was more intuitive for those who aren't as familiar with this type of advertising. It took us a little bit to get used to how everything works. We're looking forward to seeing what benefits we get from using this platform. It will make our life easier if we need to manage multiple campaigns. Ver reseña completa

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Fitbit Fitness Smartwatch Tracking Included

Very comfortably. When you wear the Versa 2, the weight is balanced enough not to be uncomfortable and light enough to sometimes forget you're wearing it. The design is almost identical to the Apple Watch. With square rounded corners, it's almost impossible to tell apart if they're next to each other. I had no discomfort in this Fitbit when I was sleeping and there was no itching sensation around my skin when I woke up. All in all, you can wear this all day without any problems. The screen has excellent contrast, vibrant colors and excellent brightness. On a clear sunny day, I tested this display and it performed great. Excellent outdoor visibility. The Alice function works. I really liked that you can talk with this watch, like with a smartphone, and Alice will answer you (in text). Weather report, nearby stores, and generally a quick way to get an answer (more on that later). Fitbit is pushing this Versa 2 into the world of smartwatches as you can control any of your smart home devices with this watch. I only have a few smart bulbs, so I tested turning them on and off with this Fitbit. Please tell me it worked flawlessly. I felt that the sleep scoring system was pretty accurate. I tested it for almost a week and my sleep schedule matched my experience. Fitbit always does a great job of presenting your data in a visually appealing way in the app and on the desktop. The alarm function is very useful. When Versa 2 tracks your sleep, it will find the best time to wake you up before you "really" have to wake up. Everyone has a different sleep cycle (light and deep sleep), so you can expect different results. Normally the alarm is set for 30 minutes. The rest of Fitbit's fitness programs (activity trackers, heart rate, distance covered, calories burned, etc.) are reasonably accurate and effective. This technology isn't new, but Fitbit does make consumer-friendly fitness trackers. You will be surprised how complicated some trackers are. If you had a previous version of Versa, you should expect the same layout. Some features like the Relax app (helps with breathing exercises), movement reminders (lets you know when you've been sitting for too long) and a step counter all encouraged me to be more active. It's hard to explain, but when you see your progress on a graph or even a number, you feel the need to keep increasing it. Thanks to Fitbit's handy visual chart, you don't have to write anything, and overall it provides some motivation to increase your performance. Numerous exercise modes, workout guides and even 10 minute workout cycles. As I mentioned earlier, if you're looking for something that motivates you to exercise, this is the one for you. One of the best features of Always-On-Display. I'm a big fan of this because you don't wear a watch every second of your life. It's nice to see that you can leave it on the table and the display will still be visible, just like any other watch. Third-party apps such as Uber are available for these watches. I don't use Uber, but it's nice to see third-party app companies starting to use Fitbit. When I go for a run, the watch vibrates when I receive a notification, which to me is just text. It's also pretty easy to decide what you want to be notified about. Yes, you can swim with it. Haven't tested it though. Battery life is good compared to other smartwatches. Approximately 3 days of use before I need to charge it. Maybe 2 if I use it a lot and Always-On-Display brightness is set to maximum brightness. Cons and cons: _ There is a connection issue I am having with my Versa. It disconnected from my phone and it took many times to try to restore it. I have no idea why it does this, but I have noticed that past online reviews have dealt with the same issue. It must be a software issue because others don't experience this issue either. Be alert. Another problem with connectivity is that you won't know if there's a connection until you physically look at the display. This is a huge problem if notifications, text messages and updates are coming from the phone to this watch. If the watch is turned off and the phone is not with you, you may be missing some important things. On the display, I felt that the main Fitbit icons are very fuzzy. What I liked about Android and Apple is that even if you've never used that OS, you can tell where to go with the icons they give you. The icons that Fitbit provides are very fuzzy and if you don't use this device often you will get lost in its OS. You pay decent money for the device, but Fitbit limits it a lot as they want you to sign up for their monthly "Premium" services. This Fitbit monthly service offers a lot of software, but if you don't want to pay the monthly fee, you're stuck with the watch's "basic" software. No idea why Fitbit did this, but you can't stream Spotify to this watch unless you have a premium Spotify subscription. Not only that, you can't even allow playback from this device to speakers, phone, etc. I hope they fix this as it seems like you have to pay more to use the watch to its full potential. Alice provides the basics of communication, but other than that I found it useless. Voice recognition lacks useful search results, and since there are no built-in speakers, you will never receive any sound notifications or hear Alice's responses. In the middle of a workout, you will have to stop and look at the text that Alice provides. To even use Alice, you need to install the app on your phone and have an account on it. No integration with Apple Health and Google fit. You have to stick with Fitbit completely. No GPS. You need to connect it to your phone for all GPS tracking. Without it, it reduces accuracy when running. I didn't find it to be that much, but it's enough that I think you should be aware. It has thick bezels around the screen. If you want to change the strap, expect a fight. Fitbit fixes brands pretty securely, so it's not going to be fun to drop them. I wish you could set up Always-on-display because this is currently a very simple layout. Not customizable. Currently, I can't reply to text messages using this watch with my iPhone, but you can use this feature on Android. I noticed that Fitbit doesn't have their own payment system. When you want to buy an app, you pay directly to the developer and they can use any payment system they want. So far this is not a problem, but in the long run it should be noted for security reasons. You can't even store your favorite apps for easy access. Up to 300 songs, which you can save on the Fitbit desktop app, but you'll have to transfer them via WIFI. Without a bank transfer, and depending on your Wi-Fi speed, this will take some time. When you receive a notification or ask Alice a question, you will receive a one-sentence response. Many times I have found this frustrating because you don't get any context to help you and it just makes you want more. To fully use this watch, the phone must be with you. Versa is your phone's accessory. This is not a smart watch for your phone. You must accept this idea before buying this watch. Fitbit's goal is to carry a digital fitness book with you at all times. Versa 2 is a fitness book that does all the writing, tracking and all you have to do is exercise. This is where Fitbit excels. It provides you with as much detail as you need about exercises, training regimens, and your health. I felt the need to check my stats every day as this is one of the few devices that can visually show you that you are getting better. Lightweight device, great display and a great motivational tool. But you have to put it in your head, this is not a smart watch. Apple Watch is a smart watch. The Galaxy Watch is a smartwatch, and it isn't. Unlike other smartwatches, once you buy one, you still have to pay more to get the full experience. Fitbit's premium "monthly" services provide a wealth of data and programs that can help you, but you have to pay for it. Even with payment, you still need to have your phone, since Alexa isn't useful enough at the moment other than asking for the weather. With no built-in GPS tracking, limited text/notification updates, and Spotify restrictions, you can see why it's not in the same category as Apple and Samsung. This is a fitness tool that will help you keep your body in shape. Fitbit does a great job with this, but if you're looking for smartwatches, go for Apple and Samsung. This is a smart watch, but it's not. All in all: A must-have virtual fitness booklet for those who want to get in shape, but it has too many problems to be called a real smartwatch. Ver reseña completa

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I've been using Tweetrocket for over a year now, and I have never had any issues or complaints. The team at Tweetrocket is very responsive to customer's needs. They also have a great product that is easy to use. The only thing that I don't like about Tweetrocket is that they do not offer bulk Twitter follower packages. For those who want to grow their social media presence without spending too much time doing it themselves, this is the perfect service. It has helped me gain more followers and engagement on my Twitter account.Ver reseña completa

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The best part of this software, it's that you can manage your campaigns in one place with all kinds or data about them (like clicks). I dislike how sometimes there are problems when loading ads from API providers like AdWords because they don't always work as planned so we have to go back into our account manager panel just before an ad loads up again but not necessarily at once after each load - which would be much easier if everything was loaded automatically! We're solving issues related mainly to managing large amounts of traffic through multiple channels using different tools/platforms within 1 dashboard without having any kind technical knowledge required by other platforms available out ther such Google Analytics / DoubleClick etc., It makes things more organized since now i only need my computer instead going around searching everywhere else where information might exist regarding certain campaign details. Ver reseña completa

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