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Jimmy Centeno

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Jimmy C.

Jimmy Centeno

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Young entrepreneur who knows the world of crypto-money, visionary of a more technological world, we are always what we project, we are never what we say!
Venezuela - Maturín
Civil Engineer
Se unió a Tue May 26 2020 19:16:20 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
Logotipo de running room

Running Room: is a brand that seeks to stand out in the market, and be one of the main options in terms of a sport, a race or a daily walk, its store offers users a complete variety in footwear selectively the technologies with which it was developed allows a greater range of mobility and displacement with greater grip on different surfaces and comfort during movement, shoes that are designed for running, tend to have a higher level of breathing, a clear example is that the foot tends to perspire a little more when it is in motion and good ventilation makes the temperature is better regulated within the shoe, your store is modern and focused on a single objective such as the sale and direct marketing of shoes for both men and women, each shoe design has a style according to the personality of the users or the theme with which it was developed, its page works as a simultaneous purchase mechanism where you can enter, select the shoes you are interested in and pay, its payment models are currently digital, among the main ones is available credit card payment, making the purchase process easy and safe at all times, home deliveries are made by request, or withdrawal in physical stores, allows purchases internationally but not with all countries, works based on a selected list, verify information before buying, another important point to consider the relationship with their customers can request advice according to the type of sport to perform will be selected a special type of footwear, availability of sizes or comfort of its elements, has a whole section of offers for people who do not want to spend so much, has cheaper alternatives with the same means of payment, is a store that organizes walking and running events for people who want to add more dynamism to your life, making social aid and working from different point, has a section of events available in which, all the products available for sale have their own review system where users can leave their personal opinion about the purchase process and their experience with the store, regularly this type of technology makes customers have more security when buying establishing a better relationship with the market and the product, their page has a fresh design that gives a good image at first sight, filling the interest quickly with its diversity of product organized by different genders, in the masculine marte you can see selections of different footwear and depending on what sport it can be used for, the movement in their page is fluid, clear colors and very focused on their products, Its training program helps to develop greater physical discipline and resistance in the movements, accounts with different routines that can be adopted and achieve the best results with perseverance, automatically handles the technical assistance for new users and for people who have questions about their market system and how it works its virtual store. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de discount hockey

Discount Hockey: is a store that is directly linked to the sport of Hockey, as it is considered an activity of physical effort and requires a lot of skill, their clothing and dynamic movement makes it possible that the movement on the ice rinks is fluid and fast, the store offers a complete variety of uniforms and clothing according to the type of equipment, the variety is very complete in different range of colors, All its merchandise is made in the best materials that the market offers and the clients want it, one of the points to consider about this type of sport is the high levels of corporal security that are necessary for its practices, at the moment it requires a clothing where they place in greater protection some points and it requires many parts for its uniform, The store divides its departments according to what the customer is looking for, its categories help customers to have a higher level of organization in their purchase, there are also automatic purchases which makes it possible to buy a complete package but specifying the size required for each element, the store has several alternatives as they are professionals in the handling of their merchandise and in the clothing of individuals, the attention to their customers is always friendly and pleasant, being one of the main alternatives in the market on a large scale, each product purchased accounts with a level of guarantees issued, the dates can be prologando according to the brand to buy, they have a physical store which you can visit during business hours where it is full of quality merchandise and see all their products available in person, or use your web portar which is available 24 hours a day from the comfort of your home and go select what you most grabbed and need, Once executed this process can use the payment methods in this case has Discover and PayPal as the main ones, the shipping system is at the convenience of customers, to view all options is important that the user who decides to buy an account grows on your page and provide basic data for the store can make purchases and billing, its skates section is available in many colors, models and schemes have different design according to the personality of the player or the regulatory uniform, the variety in sticks are available in various materials, the main ones are aluminum, wood and metal, it is important that players always keep in mind the safety regulations and respected the areas of other players to avoid lessons in the sport, its page has a modern and fresh design, with a balanced system of fluidity in their movements, accounts with icons according to the type of goods to look for which makes the search process is becoming faster and more accurate, on its home page allows you a quick view of the most relevant products and sales, is a recommended company. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de euromex soccer

EuroMex Soccer: is a store that is dedicated to the direct sale of uniforms for sports teams with an interesting link in the market, has a network of trade that studies the availability of the market and the main interests of consumers, you can send to make your uniform in a general way, or details with all the requirements needed by the team, currently has a group of professionals in the sewing that offer excellent results, currently is a store that has physical headquarters where customers can visit their facilities and see their different departments of clothing and footwear, each of them develop a wide variety of designs and models that are used according to the tastes and interests of the players, its virtual store aims to provide a space where customers can view quality content and at any time of day, purchase orders are processed in the morning hours where the customer can execute your purchase in its virtual payment gateway which accounts with different alternatives for digital payment the main means are MasterCard and PayPal which can process your payment with dollar currencies, the shipping process runs automatically with the prior creation of an account by the user where you provide basic communication data, shipping is paid by the store to the customer's home, when it comes to an international purchase the shipping process is different and an additional value is charged to the country of destination, the customer can notice the quality with which the shoes are manufactured and that leaves a clear interest in the quality of their products, they have a return system that is used when the customer is not satisfied with the goods, its website has a cozy design not so modern and with strong interest in direct advertising, presenting a whole section where the most popular merchandise is exhibited giving a space of greater view, the general ideal of this store is to offer an alternative to sports teams achieving the creation and purchase of uniforms made to measure, with very responsible and serious with the process of selection and creation making it possible for customers to feel very attentive at all times, the store has a team that is responsible for promoting sales and get more interest through the use of digital advertising both in its digital channels and physical advertising, has a very large selection of sizes, in its various departments, its variety makes it possible to buy pants, shorts and long with very sporty touch, can be of different types of materials or with sweat resistance, The footwear is present in many models and with different themes but faithfully fulfilling its design lines, you can get sweaters, scarves, accessories and cap all in one place with an excellent level of categorization of products, most of the products are registered all under the same trademark, not only is a store but also manufactures most of its merchandise for sale. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de glory treadmills

Glory Treadmills: is a company that cares about improving the physical conditions of its customers, with various training programs and with the direct use of its treadmill at home or professional level, its store has the availability of a series of integrated products to improve, which play an important role in the health of an individual if he/she complies with the routine and training program, therefore your treadmill counts with a series of assemblies at mechanical level that used in a correct way you can get very good results, is a store that advocates a policy of physical health that improves body conditions and achieve greater welfare in each individual, your store has a general schedule of 8: 00 am until 4: 00 pm in its physical store, in its page is an open schedule where they will be attended by a sales promoter which is a professional in the process and operation of the machine, its platform was developed with a high level of technology that encourages direct advertising of its merchandise, with a web design that focuses on showing their new products considering background music and a comfortable level of fluidity in their transitions, personal care and physical training are important points to consider because through it you can achieve a whole structure of health, your page has several alternatives for users, depending on the level of progress they want to achieve, It can be used at a personal level in any area of the house does not require a complex system of facilities, it is easy to assemble and takes up almost no space, it is important to have a predetermined 220 volt outlet as its use requires electricity and its consumption varies depending on the outlet and the amount of training performed daily, Its main objective is to promote its merchandise to the general public, it has handcuffs or you can opt for a small personal training course to establish better results, the level and quality of the product is guaranteed since it is manufactured with durable quality materials and with resistance to various conditions and variable climates, high resistance to sweat and prolonged use continuously, it is important to consider the security measures involved in this activity to be a treadmill misuse can result in injury to the body so it is important not to overuse, and always comply with the guidelines and basic training for its operation, its platform has in a predestined way several payment systems that can be used by users natively and choose the one that best suits your needs but all under the same concept of payments such as the use of credit cards, banking and other means, the platform is required to create an account and provide basic customer data to be used for personal delivery systems, It is important to note that it is a company that works internationally so you can run purchase anywhere in the world, with a high level of seriousness in the process of sending, therefore an additional value is charged depending on the country, the way they serve customers and the ease with which they describe their products gives positive points as a company and that's little things that customers appreciate, since this type of machine helps to obtain a better physical health and achieve a balance with the body and personal self-esteem, it has a section of spare parts in the electrical and mechanical parts of the treadmill, it is a recommended company. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de diving direct

Diving Direct: is a store that has all the necessary equipment to develop activities such as diving to commercial depths, accounts with a long time in the market and that has allowed him to gain much prestige and customers, the quality of its products are one of points which highlight as it speaks of a lasting quality, its market process is mainly to offer tourists or fans of such activity a promotional package to enjoy the world of diving on another scale, with the support of the best qualified instructors in the market, With staff that knows very well all the equipment in the water and the regulations that must be followed for the whole process or experience is an adventure, its schedule for the general public is very flexible accounts with daytime and night hours depending on what the customer seeks has its own spaces for private diving or can select a trip and explore a known area, your store allows a selection of equipment or costumes that are very necessary for such activity, accounts with the direct sale of fins, oxygen equipment, etc.. Its market system seeks to be one of the main alternatives in Europe by locating specific in the United Kingdom, with a commercial firm to make excursions and achieve personal training, your page handles a standard design a little old-fashioned, presents on its home page the most relevant products allows a virtual payment system where customers can select according to their interest in the products that most attracts their attention, accounts with digital payment methods such as Visa and PayPal, the payment process is fast and guaranteed, your company offers a different experience for the whole family that is encouraged to practice this sport, it is necessary to have minimum physical conditions to withstand the pressure exerted when descending into the water, people with very obese conditions or high blood pressure can not practice this activity for safety, has very clear rules to avoid accidents or injuries due to lack of knowledge of the activity, one of the points to consider is the previous talk for fans and safety levels that must be taken to achieve excellent results, your page natively integrates its own service of personal reviews of customers which gives more knowledge about the experiences of buyers and how reliable they are with their shipment of merchandise, So far you have excellent reviews and that plays a fundamental role in the process of valuation of your store, most of your products are expressed in European currency such as the Euro, and that gives a more solid exchanges when making an intentional purchase, it is necessary to create a profile on your page and place an address for shipping the goods both locally and shipping the goods internationally. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de wallendair paragliding

WallendAir Paragliding: is a company dedicated to the physical training of people in the art of Paragliding, it is a sport that requires a lot of skill and mental control to achieve the maximum result at the level of styles in the air, the company offers several promotional packages for tourists or for students who wish to learn this activity, The first point to consider to learn is to want to do it, therefore the company offers a flight to see if it is what really calls your attention, it is not free, you have to pay according to the promotional package purchased, depending on the number of maneuvers or activity in the air, has different operating costs, your company works to promote activities for the whole family, they are used to working with all kinds of people and that have a very adventurous soul, It is a sport that requires a very high state of mind because it is a risky activity, complying with the regulations and safety equipment provided by the company everything will be excellent, has a very strict schedule that meet to the letter, for each flight depending on the number of passengers or activities in the air is subject to change depending on the weather and always considering the welfare of tourists, If the weather changes abruptly the appointment is rescheduled until it improves the company takes care of that, the whole process and experience in the air is documented by the company and customers can request a personal copy at an additional cost, accounts with clear rules on the weight of the crew, which gives greater stability to the aircraft and improve the process in the air at the time of maneuvers, In this case it should not be a person over 120 kg or a child under 20 kg for safety, by not complying with these regulations can not fly or perform activities in the air, you have an interesting program where everyone can learn intuitively, are very professional in each class and always considering the safety factor in every movement, Their commercial brand has a long process in the market since under this same logo WallendAir Paragliding has available a whole series of commercial implements, in their physical store you can see all the details and the availability of the same, it is important to consider that it is an extreme activity, the design of your page is simple a little outdated can be improved, but it fulfills its main objective which is to inform and schedule appointments for new people who want to practice Paragliding, your page is a portal of direct information about their services and their company therefore, you can not pay directly on it, allows you to send an email with basic contact information for them to schedule your appointment in their program and define the day of the flight, The means of payment on its platforms are directly in its physical headquarters, by means of credit card, cash and foreign currency, is an activity that leaves a lot of memories are located specifically in the South African continent, the company offers a complete equipment that includes the works that are used during the launch and that house the parachutes, all the suits comply with safety processes and regulations. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de home run sports

Home Run Sports: is a sports store that provides teams or customers with everything needed for small and large scale games, its store has a very complete sports section and according to its extensive category, you can clearly see many of its sections where sports equipment, uniforms and accessories stand out, it is a store that has an extensive relationship with the passion and affection that sports generate, all its sales promoters have the same level of passion and professionalism, and this is transmitted to their customers, has a fixed schedule to serve customers which makes it possible to have access to the physical store in much of the day has several branches in the country making access easier and different regions, instead its website operates 24 hours a day, orders and commercial orders are executed in the morning, with a completely free shipping process, It is compatible with international purchases with an additional cost to the country of destination, accounts with a very high standard in the quality of all its product lines which makes possible that its market is in constant growth, its integration with the market is that they offer a solid alternative to the demands of its users and that makes possible that its market improves and works constantly so that its name and commercial logo of the company Home Run Sports is every time bigger and be one of the main alternatives in the whole country, its market systems are integrated with electronic commerce, which allows a complete selection of merchandise digitally on its website and process it by payment orders, the process to which they submit is simple and functional, has several payment alternatives such as MasterCard and PayPal the whole process is guaranteed and secure, the design of your page is complete, you can see the technologies with which it was developed taking care of every detail of its aesthetics making possible the harmony of colors and its degree of advertising is very complete at all times, the store aims to promote sales of uniforms under the advertising mechanism, the section on design, fabrics and style in almost infinite according to the interests that customers seek, its staff is very qualified and is available to clarify doubts at all times, and that allows to establish a better process in the purchases since it will always be attended by an expert in uniforms, its section in sales is very complete and always focusing on what customers are looking for in a store, it is necessary to create a profile on its platform gives the possibility to access all payment options and registration of the purchase, the registration process is simple, but it is very important to do so, a detail about their platform is that I called my attention is that you can search directly by "brands" and that is very helpful if athletes, if they have a personal style saving much time and effort to search for specific products, its line of uniforms is developed according to the requirements of the sponsors, the quality of fabrics and design is excellent giving a good impression in its extensive virtual catalog, You can achieve unique combinations and with a high standard in the market, available in all colors, sales consultants manage orders and selections requirements of sponsors and offer alternatives for teams, has a selection of footwear for all types of sports from soccer to baseball, made with premium materials and with a standard of durability, is a store that I highly recommend has earned their respect. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de run4it

Run4It: is a store that is responsible for the direct marketing of various products, with a high standard in the care and direct supply of sports requirements in their buyers, in order that their sports brand is presented in the consumer market on a large scale, with excellent care through its digital platform or website, the quality of their products lies mainly in the elements of their designs, in the materials that are selected for a complete manufacture of excellent quality, mainly use plastic in the creation of the soles and shoes with great support in their elements of contact with the foot in every detail is perfectly cared for and is noticeable at first sight, considering that the shopping experience experienced is pleasant and very complete making customers feel comfortable and attended at all times, has several branches in the country and the website is an alternative for users with higher demands and looking for more variety, your company is inclined to a sporty style that has a strong interest in fast sales, one of the points with greater interest in its trading systems since it has a wide variety of footwear offered, both for men, children or adults and for adult females, achieving designs that goes according to these activities or sports, one of the points of the company is to get a standardized footwear according to their design lines or specific sport making the selection process faster and with fewer doubts in purchases, as the store is specialized in such activity, that is one of the direct advantages of this company Run4It, manages a somewhat simple web design not as modern as you should but mainly focused on their market options, with several payment alternatives which allows the user to adatarse to the one you have at hand as it is VISA card payment or payment with PayPal system, accounts with a very loyal community to its brand and its products which is determined due to its quality in the manufacture of many of its categories, users notice very easily when a product has quality or not, its line of accessories is full of objects that some are very useful and others not so much, but are direct complements to various types of careers, is a company that takes very seriously the seasons of the year achieving higher rank in their sales as their collections are inspired by what people are looking for according to the weather this doing, taking into account a large number of departments in which to choose the best alternatives to wear, its platform or page integrates a search system with options pregermina that greatly facilitates the search for content as it can determine according to a value and you will come out in an organized manner many products related to the searches, has an excellent schedule of attention to the general public making shopping easier and easier.  Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de trezarcoin

TrezarCoin (TZC): is a project that works on a better market, studying with greater range interest, accounts with the implementation of a more decentralized exchange, its service ecosystem that studies the possibility of achieving a larger and more complete market that improves the viability of all its processes, commercial currently accounts with an extremely complete integration with the blockchain world and gives the opportunity to users to achieve a better process in their commercial operations, Its platform consists mainly in the use of chains that are in charge of moving the market operations to such an extent that its interest is totally concentrated in the transactions, the design of its market seeks to mobilize a large amount of funds in a routine way, it counts with the integration of an important investor in the development of its project, the nodes of its platform have the function of filtering the information and organizing in a better way all its process, The development of its platform counts with the use of many technologies with high levels of security in each operation, considering that each scenario has high levels of confidentiality in its operations, its currency has the main function of being a means of electronic exchanges, a means of exchange payment depending on how the market fluctuates, has at its disposal an interesting integration with the interest according to its use, Its ecosystem manages a complete page, but lacks certain details that make possible the possibility of managing the market in a better way, it has a participation system that makes the interest and the invested value gain greater stability over time, it is ideal for long-term investment, managing a better open code fully auditable in its operations, it counts with the support in its market network optimizing the time it takes for each commercial pact.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de kiteworld shop

Kiteworld Shop: is a store that is dedicated to the direct manufacture of multiple suits for different sports, with a great standard in the market achieving the best business scheme and accounts with important integrations in its commercial system, its store offers different alternatives in suits which makes possible that its market accounts with a lot of technologies in its manufacture, most of its sales elements has available special fabrics that has a high level of impermeability, low exposures to moisture and quick drying, Most are made in dark colors to make direct contrast with the sea, its designs are modern and all focused mainly on sports, its commercial line covers distinctive points, such as short chores beach type with interesting presentations and designs, clothing for both ladies and gentlemen with an extensive variety of fabrics according to the annotation of the client, achieving the best fit to different bodies, for its female part has many colors made with the same elastic material with interesting design of flowers and themed on places, makes it a perfect fit for all body types, it is a very fresh and sporty store that fulfills very well the role of has t-shirt, a point to highlight are the standards of your store and the quality of their products are very high which results in a very complete market element, at all times, accounts with important suppliers that supply them with the main market and what has more outlets in holiday dates, has a virtual catalog available where you can see all the collections available making the process of optimized displays at all times, accounts with essential settings in specific areas that achieve greater protection index, has a commercial system that is oriented to the main needs of its market, allowing payments by credit card and mobile payment system, the whole process is fast and secure, shipments are made directly to the customer's residence, has a full support that serve a large number of people concentrated in its market.Ver reseña completa

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