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About CryptantCrab

"CryptantCrab is a Crypto game developed by award winning game developer Appxplore (iCandy) that goes beyond just a collection game. As a spinoff from the highly successful Crab War, it takes a giant leap towards the future of Crypto gaming! The concept of this crypto sport is inspired by the popular traditional ‘Betta Fish Fight’, a hobby that originates from Southeast Asia and is even recognized by the King of Thailand. Just as each fighting fish has their own unique combination of colours, patterns and fins, CryptantCrabs have their own unique markings, parts and elements that reimagine the concept of the fighting fish. "

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Cryptant Crab: One Of The Best PvP Combat Game Known To Me

From the developer of crab war comes another interesting and engrossing game called Cryptant Crab. It is a blockchain PvP game centred around artiscally designed crabs with abilities to battle, mutate, collect and are also tradable I am a fan of...See full review

CryptantCrab is looking good to play

CryptantCrab is a blockchain-based game in which crabs are the main characters, and we may buy them with ETH to collect them and gradually grow their worth. In addition, we may improve their skills by making changes and mutations to them in order...See full review

It can be one of the most fun games to spend your time with.

Hello all of us My exciting assessment in recent times is ready the Age of Rust game. This game is a excellent sport. I revel in gambling this recreation. In this sport you can see several styles of fish and put together them for war. This...See full review

It can be one of those rare games that has a lot of fun.

Hi all people My fascinating survey nowadays is ready the Period of Rust game. This game is an exceptional game. I respect playing this recreation. In this game you could see some styles of fish and set them up for the combat to come back. This...See full review

CryptantCrab is a fighting game between fish.

Hello everyone My interesting review today is about the Age of Rust game. This game is a very good game. I enjoy playing this game. In this game you can see several types of fish and prepare them for battle. This game is one of the battles in the...See full review

CryptantCrab - my opinion

Hello everyone, today I will tell you something about this game. This game is based on ethereum in which we can fight and develop with crabs. You can sell crabs, and you can also put crabs in arena and watch how they fight in teams . While...See full review

Cryptant Crab like blockchain game!

CryptantCrab is a blockchain game based on ethereum in which we can fight and develop with crabs. Many as a child heard from their parents that playing games had no profit until they tried CryptantCrab There are two ways to play the game: 1...See full review


Greetings. Today I am going to introduce you to a game that can earn crypto on your blockchain. The name of the game is "CryptantCrab". The graphics and design of the game are great. The graphics are lively and everything is good and colorful. This...See full review

A game to entertain yourself while you collect and make your own species.

A game that is attractive at first since it has good graphics which attract attention.CryptantCrab is a game supported by the blockchain, where crabs are the protagonists and we can acquire them through ETH to collect them and increase their value...See full review

My Experience With The Cryptant Crab

I got interest in the blockchain games after I played the Cryptocuties game. Ever since, I haven't been opportuned to play many games until now when I tried out another monster breeding game which goes by the name Cryptant crab. It's a blockchain...See full review