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CryptoKitties, a very strange game, in my opinion, works on blochchain technology in which everyone has their own cat that they can feed or mate with other cats, these combinations create new generations of cats and change their appearance, which increases their value. It is not at all difficult to understand how the game itself works, it does not have too many commands or a large number of possibilities in it, but it is still interesting and lucrative for the game and can be quite profitable if good combinations are made with other cats. that money can be earned. I would recommend this game to everyone to try it I am just a beginner in it but that is still not a reason not to listen to me in my advice.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de splinterlands

Splinterlands game created in 2018 that uses blockchain technology is a card game in which each card contains its points for defense and attack as well as other additional cards that affect the course of the game. I personally like these types of games that involve strategic thinking and outwitting opponents so this game killed my time and made me see what it has to offer. Although in my opinion the card design itself is quite a unique look and the graphics of the game have a lot more to change so that the look of the game itself attracts more players and completes them longer. I recommend everyone to try the game because it has a large number of prizes in tournaments that it holds so it pays to spend time on this game it can pay off.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de lgbtq network foundation

The fact that something like this can be done can be very useful for people who will feel more accepted in a group of people of the same orientation, so their choice will be more committed to LGBTQ. crypto wallet which is also one of the best of its kind, in my opinion a good thing done by the creator that the very name of the foundation deprived the minds of some people who will use it and easily attracted them to his side thus made his image and at the same time satisfied members of the same I think that even regardless of the functionality, this foundation will always have a good user base, which I consider a good marketing move. They remembered to do something like this in time, which is quite innovative and a good reaction at the right moment.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de ethereum

After the emergence of bitcoin, a new type of cryptocurrency, the so-called ALT conis, came out and their first representative was Ethereum Another world-famous crypto currency and a big competitor to the currently known bitcoin. has a large number of possibilities and more and more people make transactions through it because it is quite diverse, which wins sympathy and deserves its place in the world. ‘Altcoins’ are cryptocurrencies that use blockchain technology and are an alternative to bicoin, each altcoin works by its own rules and may or may not be centralized Ver reseña completa

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Bitcoin as the originator of cryptocurrencies as in everything has that special role in that world for now in my opinion the best currency in that world his very idea for the creation in 2009 to make something like personal banks for everyone and not to be dependent on anyone other than money control would be entirely our responsibility the fact that the number of bitcoins is constant and amounts to 21,000,000 coins, which in my opinion is one of the highest values ​​of bitcoinVer reseña completa

Logotipo de kogan

So now we are talking about Kogan, a site that represents an online marketplace with many different things that are well sorted and placed so that it is as easy as possible to find the specific item we want. The site consists of a huge number of discounts on items which is why, so it is also tempting because some discounts look unrealistically good. So if you are looking for something or maybe you are not sure what is the thing that would change something in your home with over 10 million items you can certainly find something you need you just need to invest a little time in the search and there you are. Maybe the only thing I would complain about here is the poorer color harmony, I think that if a little effort was put into it, the site would look much more exclusive and therefore more attractive to customers.Ver reseña completa

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