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robee finance is high tech blockchain based investment which utilizes AI and full known and transparent statistics to advance people knowledge and help them good investment choices this also involves both traditional and crypto markets. Roobee finance was originated by Artem Popov in 2017. a well known investor labelled by Bloomerberg invested $4.5M into roobee. Roobee has been well known for its capacity to enable user's make investment with as less as $10 to enable them gain more access and enjoy the benefits of roobee finance, by investing in crypto, stocks, real estate and many more. Roobee finance also helps users with less transaction fee when undergoing any transaction on their platform. these include the transfer of their cryptocurrencies and NFT from one blockchain to another with less transaction fees. Roobee finance also helps their uses safe transactions on the blockchain to enable them no each transaction made by each user. they aVer reseña completa

Logotipo de bydfi

Bityard exchange was created in Singapore, it has been recognize as one of the sufficient and reliable exchange in the world today. this exchange also has its unique token called the bityard token, which has had a good number of holders and also good trading value and price. bityard exchange has take over the world. this exchange has supported more 1 million tokens in it's exchange providing the best solution for transactions, making it easier, faster and very cheap. bityard exchange has successfully made many achievement and has also put a smile on their user's. bityard now has rewards for the bityard holders, hold a minimum of bityard token and make millions without doing nothing. I have enjoyed this offer from bityard. bityard has also advance the robot system, to help you trade and gives you the best offer without too much fees to pay on the bot. bityard has also make a way to help, small growing trader's by giving thVer reseña completa

Logotipo de everscale

The Ton network which is known as a decentralized blockchain ecosystem didn't started very well as it has issues with the united states security and Exchange commission. The telegram open network didn't operate for long and all the people who had put their nest in the project was not happy about the situation which lead to the closure of the project. But recently a great Group of people who had interest I. the development of this blockchain came together and revived the platform and made it a very nice ecosystem for many investors. the platform is now said to have over 30,000 people involved in this community, this number is massive within a small time frame. the open source code gave it a chance to be revived again. The Ton network was reopen on may 7, 2020. this has led to the massive improvement of this network which has led to the creation of the ton OS on GitHub, which is known to be the main component. the community Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de cardano

cardano is a fork of Ethereum. it was founded in 2015 by charles hoskinson cardano is a Open source and decentralized cryptocurrency that also uses Proof of stake. it also support P2P transactions making transactions easy for people to get there money fast to there various account. Cardano can also be known as ADA. cardano has been known to have a very secure environment where you can stake your coin and also get little returns base on the amount of cardano you stake. cardano is said to be built on five stages, foundation, decentralization, smart contract, scaling and governance. this phases has been keeping the cryptocurrency going and the rapid development has made many people invest in this project. for me I will say this is the most valuable cryptocurrency. because it has a lot of ambition to offer to people. I have made cardano to be the next Ethereum because it has been a comfortable ecosystem but this time withVer reseña completa

Logotipo de ethereum

As we all know the Ethereum is a decentralized Open source blockchain with smart contract functionality. Ethereum (ETH) is one of the biggest and fastest growing cryto currency after bitcoin. it has been known to have the biggest market capitalisation and has helped many of the currency investors achieve many goals on their blockchain. Ethereum was lunched in July 2015 by se community that know much about the blockchain technology, vitalik Buterin is known as the CEO of Ethereum. Ethereum was developed for investors to participate in smart contract and also have a better environment in the ethereum network. you can use ETH as a form of payment, many online site agree with the ethereum blockchain. the price of ethereum has been growing drastically making enough profit for many people. this network allows you to stake there cryptocurrencies and also develope your own cryto site on there network. EthereumVer reseña completa

Logotipo de cryptopia

cryptopia is an exchange created in new zealand. this Exchange has offered it best in the cryto world and has partake in developing the blockchain technology, this Exchange has been having security issues and this has been the disadvantage of this Exchange. This exchange has been suffering security issues on till when it was attacked by harckers, then many people left the Exchange. cryptopia didn't last as a good trading platform. although it has achieved Many goals, it has supported many cryptocurrencies and many people has benefit from this Exchange. but for now I don't think there is any good news about this Exchange. I made a research about this Exchange,I have noticed the good side of it, but I don't think it is nice using this Exchange. participating in any activities related to this Exchange is very risky. Its not nice to trade here.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de ascendex ( bitmax )

Ascendex exchange, am currently one of the users using the exchange. this is one of the best platform I rely on. it gives me a good way of Accessing my Farm and gives me a good security, that I think is safe because nobody can access my account apart from me. it has a nice design and it can be downloaded on your mobile device for easy Accessibility. Ascendex provides you with a good way of staking your assets and Also provides a yield farming section that will allow you earn everyday. this Exchange provides live trading Price and also give you a way of predicting price in the platform. this exchange has been a Development and has good way of avoiding losses. Ascendex is gradually becoming a large development and has a way of developing the blockchain technology system. it has a huge support and has equally increase the profit of many investors. I see this Exchange growing big and it also has a big rating. the community is alsoVer reseña completa

Logotipo de exodus

Exodus wallet, is was created in 2015, A very nice wallet with a good way of completing transaction. Exodus wallet is still existing among most used exchanges in the world today. exodus wallet has been known to hold at least more than 100 cryptocurrencies and also provide a good user interface to enhance the standard of the exodus wallet. exodus wallet is not too used among most User's in the world today. most wallet has overshadowed it with there good qualities, like the binance exchange which was created in 2017, After exodus wallet. most User's are not longer using the Exchange, but that doesn't classify it to be a bad investment platform. The exodus wallet, has also defined itself to be a good wallet, they also have good trading fees and liquidity, this has made many users enjoy many benefits on the Exodus wallet. I agree with the development of the exodus wallet.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de binance

binance know as the world mosta biggest exchaknownnge was created in 2017, this exchange is known to handle more than 740 cryptocurrencies in the world And the exchange is located in cayman islands, binance has the biggest trading volume which has classified it as the most valuable Exchange in the world today, the binance Exchange was created by changpemg zhao. binance is also known to have a good software that provides there user's with a good experience in trading there desired currency. binance has kept a standard and has created more revenue from the developers and the people trading in the platform. binance was also designed to improve the blockchain technology and so increase the minds of people trading cryptocurrencies. binance has a lot of advantages. you can use the application on your mobile device, on either your IOS or android phone. you can also make use of it on your laptop for comfortable trading. binance has a good socVer reseña completa

Logotipo de gemini

Gemini Exchange, is a US based exchange, that has been rated as a future generational exchange. this Exchange has made a huge contribution on the cryto environment, providing security and good exchange medium between their user's. this Exchange has a huge community that many people are participating in each of there task, this platform has been a help to many investors. Gemini Exchange offers the best transaction fees you can ever think of. it provides an ecosystem for everyone in the world you can simply register anywhere you are. this Exchange can be used online Using your desktop, you can also download there application on your mobile device. mething the customers demand is the motive of this Exchange, there website is working and available for any questions Incase you have one. although this Exchange is not to known but this platform can offer you what you want in other exchange.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de kucoin

This Exchange has been a help to many investors. This has generate more funds for people in the world today. Kucoin exchange is a centralized Exchange, that has become one of the useful trading platform in the world today. kucoin exchange allow you have a good reading experience. the exchange provides robots that will help you in trading and also give you the best security that you would ever need. this exchange has a social community on telegram in which the admins are working very efficiently to meet the questions of their customers. Am a user of the kucoin exchange, I have made many profits from the exchange. I won many prices by engaging in their activities, on the telegram group. Red envelope are sometimes distributed on the ground and you can get a chance of winning USDT or KCS. The KCS has a kucoin token, that has a limited supply the current rate of the currency is $10 and it's down in thVer reseña completa

Logotipo de bitzon

Bitzon is said to be a trading platform that has lost its track to be a reliable exchange. first of all, the social media accounts was brought down making it very difficult for people to get access to the admins or the developers who built this exchange. this exchange couldn't compete with other good cryptocurrency exchanges because of many wrong activities that went wrong the exchange. getting information about this exchange is very difficult. I tried using the link that revain brought for user's to get information about this exchange, I found out this exchange is no longer a functioning Exchange anymore. Bit zone has suspended all its activities, it will be wrong to use this exchange. because this exchange couldn't give quality information, and also couldn't give users the best way of buying and selling their digital assets I will advise you stay off this Exchange, it might be a way of getting people's funds. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de excambriorex

ExcambrioRex is one of the ngest way of making an investment periodic change could not have any serious meaning to the blocking industry because they had no information regarding the progressive aspect of this exchange. I tried making use of the coinmarketcap to get the list of cryptocurrencies that this exchange is listed in its time but I found out that there has not been any reliable digital currency on this exchange. also, the trading volume of this exchange is zero, this means that this exchange has not involved itself in any trading or transactions ever since it was created. this exchange has already be concluded to be a scam exchange because nobody could use it in any way. after a huge investigation about this exchange I came to realise that this exchange is a scam exchange. to me, any exchange that has no use should be deleted in the crypto exchangeVer reseña completa

Logotipo de chaincreator

chain creator was designed to make cryptocurrency uses have a secure way of buying cryptocurrency and also giving them investment advisors to give them good ways of making money. this project has made a very huge progress by engaging themselves in ICO to improve the quality of this exchange. along the line this project was not able to continue with the good work because they couldn't generate enough funds on their platform to enhance the system of this exchange. this reason is because many people had no interest in this exchange. the sudden closure of this exchange has made many people more vigilant about many exchanges because this exchange had the possibility and vision to become one of the best exchanges in the world today but due to lack of funds and many other objectives this exchange I've been ranked as one of them wrong way of making an investment.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de yourtoken

yourtoken is a centralised cryptocurrency exchange developed in 2019 in April. this exchange was having an innovative way of making people have a Fiat way of trading there cryptocurrency giving them high security with a good trading environment. this exchange as of 2019 was already having issues with their trading system which had already been known that the exchange will collapse anytime soon. it has been noticed in 2020 that this exchange couldn't continue with the plans they had in building a secure trading system for their customers. this exchange was announced as nothing good could come out of this platform. I tried finding out ways why this exchange will suddenly go into extinction. I found out that most of the qualities needed in a good exchange was not found in this platform. example trading pairs and liquidity that the platform supposed to provide for their uses was not seen. and their support team in which many people could hVer reseña completa

Logotipo de hologo

Exchanges are very essential in the cryptocurrency industry making trading of digital assets very easy, providing good security, less transaction fees, liquidity, bots and many other vital purpose has made many a way for many Exchange to be known today in the cryto world. most of this Exchange are very good giving all Vital quality, more exchange that are not good are also in this industry. Hologo is a trading platform that has been categories as a exchange that has no use in the Exchange industry. This exchange has been out of service for a long time not giving enough quality to people to get to enjoy the benefits of why this Exchange was created. I true accessing this Exchange website and I was redirected to another platform differently. Many people has made mistake by making good reviews about this exchange, but let take a good look at the white paper of this Exchange, it has no reasonable statement that will ensuVer reseña completa

Logotipo de etop-traders

e-top traders as it name implies was designed to be good internet trading platform generating to upgrade the cryto market industry by giving less transaction fees to users who want to buy and sell cryptocurrencies giving the the best atmosphere of trading. e-top traders current status is not actually encouraging due to the fact that the platform has been ignored and the developers could not fetch enough funds to develope this project to become one of the best exchange. e-top traders has worked so hard to become a good place for trading, but they lack many management skill to bring more people to there platform. just like many Exchange they create a community where people can join, interact and make more money on there platform and also making good advertisment, pumping coins that will make people get more interest in there investment. e-top traders has done less of that, and the platform is now out of funds, so the developers had noVer reseña completa

Logotipo de bqb

BQB is a well known exchange which has the vision to become one of the reliable Exchange in the world today. BQB was developed to help trade cryptocurrencies providing good security and liquidity, making it more easier and comfortable to trade your digital assets. There where Many investors who intended to use this exchange but this exchange was no longer recognize in the exchange community. BQB Exchange provide little information about itself without making people know the actual benefits of using the trading platform. BQB began to lose people who wish to use the platform. as time goes by the platform was forgotten and nobody had interest about the Exchange anymore. I discovered that the social media accounts of BQB was no longer active, this made people not to believe in this project because people won't have where to make there complain Incase they are having problems with the platform. it was wise for people to change their minds abVer reseña completa

Logotipo de

I will like to throw more light on the VSEX dot pro exchange which was developed in seychelles in 2019 by an anonymous group. this exchange has seriously not been recognized as a good trading platform with so many reasons attached to it. this platform was best known to have been a good exchange because of the way the developers has put many things in place for this Exchange. VSEX exchange was one of the first exchanges created in seychelles. this was suppose to promote this Exchange to the one of the best exchange known to the world. but this Exchange has failed to be used for any trading transactions. it doesn't provide any for of liquidity or a way of holding any digital assets. The problem with this exchange was not known because the developers has not published any reviews for the world to know there intensions about the exchange. it was later condemned by many investors that the platform is no longer active. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de sirex

sirex is a cryptocurrency exchange that support at least 12 digital tokens. this exchange was available as an online trading platform but all its trading activities has not been seen a a legit way of trading cryptocurrencies. as a good trader you are supposed to know much about Exchanges which is why a tried to get a response from this Exchange to see if there could be a possible way of Exchanging currency using sirex. I tried messaging there team using the platforms email, I couldn't get any response after some days. I tried accessing the telegram account to get more knowledge about the Exchange, it Seams the account was Spam by messages that where no associated with the trading features of this Exchange. The link provided for user's to get access to trading is malfunctioning, I doesn't guarantee good access to there main page. sirex Exchange was finally concluded to be inactive because it doesn't have the qualifications to beVer reseña completa

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