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My review about the holy Bitcoin (BTC)

Today i want to share my experience with Bitcoin. Probably everybody knows that the publication of the Bitcoin whitepaper was the beginning of the whole crypto space. It's whitepaper was published 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, an alias for an unknown person or a group of persons who developed the core code of the BTC blockchain. I wish i would have discovered Bitcoin earlier because i bought my first 2.8 BTC in early 2017 for 7000$. Like everybody else, the altcoin hype end of 2017 also ignited me and i invested in several promising projects. Various disappointments during 2018 and 2019 led me to call myself a Bitcoin maximalist today. The most important thing for me is that BTC is independent of companies, the economy and countries. BTC still the most decentralized currency out there and wasn't created by any foundation or company. The high standard of decentralization and security leads to a lack of scalability (also called the Bitcoin trilemmaVer reseña completa

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Today i want to share my experience with the Zilliqa project. What is Zilliqa? The slogan of the Zilliqa project is "Catalsysing Open Commerce". This means, Zilliqa was made for developers and enterprises who want to build decentralised applications. Where is the team located? The Zilliqa blockchain was developed by academics and engineers at the National University of Singapore, so it's a Singapore based project. When was the project created? Zilliqa was founded in 2018. The Mainnet of the Zilliqa blockchain was launched in January 2019 which was the biggest milestone so far. What consensus mechanism is used by the Zilliqa blockchain? The blockchain uses a proof of work algorithm, but they claim to be way more eco friendly compared to other PoW blockchains. Only 1 minute out of every 2-3 hours is needed to mine ZIL. What is the advantage of the Zilliqa blockchain compared to Ethereum? The Zilliqa blockchain was the first blockhain which successfVer reseña completa

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Today i want to share my experience with Piixpay, an Crypto to Euro exchange. First i have to say: If you are searching for a exchange where you can spot trade, leverage trade or swap you tokens, Piixpay isn't the right place for you. But that's nothing bad, you just have to know what the intension of this exchange is. Piixpay is a "cash out" exchange for european users. There are around one hundred coins and tokens which can be sold on Piixpay. You can sell all of these tokens for Euro and automatically withdraw your fiat to your bank account. Set your IBAN in the settings and all of the tokens you exchange, will be transferred to your EUR bank account. The SEPA technology of the European space makes it possible to send cheap transactions to a lot of different IBANs, probably that's the reason why Piixpay only provides the possibility to exchange crypto to EUR. One of the greatest feature is their Instafill product. You can set your IBAN and crypto deposit Ver reseña completa

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Today i want to share my experience with Ontology. The marketing slogan of ontology is "Trust Redefined". It's pretty accurate because the goal of ontology is to develop and provide several products to self sovereign your ID and data. They are currently offering several protocols, apps and services which offer features for this goal: ONT ID is a decentralized identity framework. It uses the blockchain and cryptographic technology to protect user privacy and ensures data security. DDXF is a decentralized protocol which allows the tokenization of data. ONTO is an app to store your data and ID in a secure wallet. It also supports several tokens. If you are a fan of DAPPs, you can search for other useful DAPPs directly in this app. SAGA is a decentralized data marketplace where you can monetize aquired data. Conclusion: I used the ONTO app and the ONT ID protocol for myself, Ontology is a great project which offers unique produVer reseña completa

Logotipo de monaco midnight blue card

Today i want to share my experience with the midnight blue card. I already wrote a review of other MCO cards of CDC, so these are just additional informations for this special card, you can read my opinion and experience of CDC in the other reviews. The midnight blue card is the free card of CDC. You don't need to buy CDCs native token MCO to get these card. Because it's the card with the lowest perks, there are several "disadvantages": - It's a plastic card and CDC only offers 1% cashback on all purchases with this card. - You can only withdraw 200$ on ATM for free (per month). Other cards come with way higher limits and more cashback for purchases, but you need to stake MCO to get them. Conclusion: I'm using a higher tier card of CDC, so i can tell you: It works perfectly. You can top up your card with crypto or fiat and receive cashback instantly for all purchases. It's a VISA card so you can use it nearly everywhere. If you donVer reseña completa

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Today i want to share my experience with the MCO token and the cryptoDOTcom app. I made a very detailed review about the cryptoDOTcom app, please read my other review of "CryptoDotCom Coin (CRO)". I want focus on creating a detailed list of benefits for MCO holders in this review. You can stake and lock MCO tokens on the app to get a lot of benefits: - You can order a free debit crypto card on the app but if you stake at least 50 MCO, you can receive metal debit cards with bigger cashback and number of benefits (see my other review for a detailed list of cards and benefits). - If you use this promo code "mxhs8nq3y4" and stake 50 MCO, you will receive a 50$ gift. You can do whatever you want with this 50$. - If you want to use the EARN programm of CryptoDOTCom, you will get more earnings if you stake 500 or more MCO. (4.5% p.a. for Bitcoin without stake, 6.5% p.a. for Bitcoin with stake). - If you stake 5000 MCO or more, you will get adVer reseña completa

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Today i want to share my experience with Bittrex Global Exchange. History: Like the name reveals, Bittrex Global is an exchange which is available in almost every country. It is one of the oldest exchanges out there, it was founded in 2013, headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Trading: It is an Crypto/Fiat exchange, so you can deposit fiat money on this exchange and trade fiat pairs like EUR or USD. Of course they also offer cryptp/crypto trading and crypto/stablecoin trading, like USDT. The number of supported tokens is huge! They are offering more than 300 trading pairs on their exchange. Trading Fees: The trading fees depend on your trading volume: $0 - 50K: Maker 0,20% Taker 0,20% $50K - 1M: Maker 0,12% Taker 0,18% $1M - 10M: Maker 0,05% Taker 0,15% $10M - 60M: Maker 0,02% Taker 0,10% $50M+: Maker 0,00% Taker 0,08% Until 30th April 2020, all EUR trading pairs will incur 0% trading fees! API Like most other exchange, they are alsVer reseña completa

Logotipo de dogecoin

Today i want to tell you something about the Dogecoin project. Dogecoin is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies. Like most other crypto currencies, Dogecoin is a decentralized, peer-to-peer digital currency. It was founded out of fun, the dog "Doge" is the mascot of Dogecoin. The There are still many people who are using dogecoin as their favorite method to send digital value to friends. You have to decide on your own if a fun coin is a serious investment, but nevertheless its great that something like dogecoin exists.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de etherdelta (forkdelta)

Today i want to tell you something about the decentralized exchange "ForkDelta". ForkDelta is an open source exchange which is completely decentralized. You can connect your hardware or metamask wallet to deposit or withdraw eth an tokens to or from the exchange. Like on other decentralized exchanges, there are no trading fees, but of course you will need to pay the transaction fees if you transfer tokens via the ether network. The amount of fees depend on the current workload of the ether blockchain. A great advantage of ForkDelta is the fact that there are ETH market pairs. A lot of decentralized exchanges are using wrapped ether pairs. This means you have to wrap your ether before you can trade on the exchange. This is a annoying step in my opinion. If you want to trade on ForkDelta, you don't need any wrapped Ether, you can trade with directly with the Ether that is stored on your wallet. Only negative point: Like on manyVer reseña completa

Logotipo de energi

Today i want to tell you something about Energi. Energi is on of the most famous proof of stake coins in the crypto space. They got a lot of attention because of their earndrop. Everyone who participated in this earndrop received up to 110 NRG, which were approximately 200$ at the time of distribution. I also participated and i never took part in a more profitable earndrop/airdrop. If you decide to stake you coins, you will earn more interest than most other PoS projects are currently offering. The technology of Energi is just great. The fact that NRG is one of the most dezentralized projects out there is also remarkable. I really haven't much negative points to say. The only thing which comes to my mind is that NRG should be supported by more famous wallets. NRG has it's own blockchain and isn't a ERC-20 Token, so most wallet providers didn't implemented NRG yet.Ver reseña completa

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Today i want to share my experience with the decentralized exchange "IDEX". I'm using IDEX from time to time to buy and sell ERC20 tokens. It's a decentralized exchange based on the ethereum blockchain, which means you can connect any ether wallet with the exchange. You can use MetaMask or your hardware wallet to connect your wallet with the exchange. It's quite easy, so everyone with average crypto knowledge should be able to understand how it works. Decentralized exchanges are a great innovation, but they can't compete with the performance of their centralized competitors yet. They still have a long way to go.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de obsidian black card

Today i want to tell you something about the Obsidian Black Visa Card. This card is the "flagship" card of cryptoDOTcom and you could compare it with the official Black Visa Card. You need to stake 50,000 MCO to order this card which is currently worth ~250,000$. It's a VISA card, so you can use it everywhere where VISA is accepted. This card has a huge amount of advantages and benefits, you can read them in the "Pros" section of this review. If you own this card, you can call you a MCO whale :DVer reseña completa

Logotipo de monaco ruby steel card

Today i want to share my experience with the Ruby Steel VISA debit card of cryptocom. I live in Europe, so unfortunately i wasn't able to use this card yet. I pre-ordered my card, it hopefully will be delivered in March 2020. I will update this review as soon as my card arrives. To order this card, you need to stake 50 MCO, the utility token of cryptocom for half a year. Currently 50 MCO are worth ~250€, so you need to freeze a bit of money. There are several other cryptocom cards with even better benefits, but you need to freeze even more MCO to order these ones. So i decided to "only" order the Ruby Steel one. As long as my 50 MCO are frozen, i will receive 2% cashback for all purchases, which is absolutely great! If i decide to sell my MCO after the first half year, i will earn 1% cashback for every purchase. I also have the possibility to verify my Spotify Account on cryptocom. As long as my 50 MCO are frozen, i will receive 100% cashbackVer reseña completa

Logotipo de coinbase card

Today i want to share my experience of the Coinbase VISA debit card. Coinbase offers the cards for users in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the UK. We’re working on expanding the offer to additional markets. The fees of this cards are a bit higher compared to other crypto debit card, i expect that they will be lower soon because of the VISA partnership: Fees: Plastic Card Issuance Fee : £4.95 / 4.95 € Domestic Cash Withdrawal Fee: Up to £200 / 200 € per month: Free Any amount over £200 / 200 € per month: 1.00% of value of ATM withdrawal(per transaction) International Cash Withdrawal Fee Up to £200 / 200 € Free Any amount over £200 / 200 € or currency equivalent per month: 2.00% of value of ATM withdrawalVer reseña completa

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Today i want to share my experience of SingularityNET. SingularityNET is a full-stack AI solution powered by a decentralized protocol. They are advertising with the words "Open AI For All". This means the project tries to create a decentralized marketplace for AI services. Programmers can exchange their AI algorithms. If you are a AI programmer, you probably will have great benefits by using their marketplace. Unfortunately SingularityNET is in early stage. Their marketplace is in beta and they have a huge list of projects they are currently working on. The team seems to be relatively small, so let's hope that they will be successful in the future.Ver reseña completa

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I did some research on NAGA and today i want to share my experience in this review. The NAGA project claims to be the perfect ecosystem for stock trading, crypto trading and gaming. They are running an own exchange and planning to offer different kind of products for stock trading. Regarding the whitepaper, some of these products will be: - NAGA Markets: Online Brokerage - NAGA Academy: Trading Academy - NAGA Trader: Social Trading Platform - NAGA Brokers: Trading Webinar/Provider Also they want to step into the gaming sector. If you read the whitepaper, the ideas doesn't sound bad, but if you have a closer look, you will get the feeling that their plans are too broadly based. Also there are a lot of competitors out there who have similar goals. It will be very hard for NAGA to be successful.. Ver reseña completa

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Ignis is a side chain project of the better known Ardor project. The Company behind these project, " Jelurida Swiss SA", created the Ardor blockchain, the Ardor wallet, the Nxt project, a decentralized exchange and of course Ignis, a side chain of Ardor. Jelurida is a blockchain software company that develops and maintains blockchains. Companies and organizations can license their technology for a private blockchain implementation based on Nxt or Ardor, or launch a custom child chain on the Ardor platform. With Ignis, Jelurida built a product which supports out of the box advanced privacy mechanisms including coin shuffling, and encrypted messages. Of course it also brings the advantages of Ardor like proof of stake consensus, great scalability and its Multi-Chain Platform nature.Ver reseña completa

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Today i want to share my experience with CryptoDOTcom. CryptoDOTcom offers a app for android and IOS which gives you access to different services of the company: Wallet: The wallet of cryptoDOTcom is a online wallet with the possibility to store a huge amount of different coins and tokens. Cards: On the card menu, you can order a crypto debit card. They are currently offering cards for users in USA, Singepore and Europe (They claim to deliver Europe cards this march). There are no monthly or annual fees for this cards, which is absolutely great! There are different crypto cards, depending of the staked amount of MCO tokens (one of cryptoDOTcom's coins) you get access to these cards: Obsidian Black Visa Card: - You need to stake 50,000 MCO - 5% MCO cashback reward on ALL card spending - 100% cashback for your Spotify account - 100% cashback for your Netflix account - 10% cashback for Expedia purchases - 10% cashback for AirBNB purchases - Airport LoVer reseña completa

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Today i want to share my experience with Kraken Exchange. Kraken was one of the first exchanges is used to buy coins. I signed up on Kraken in Q2 2017 because back these days, Kraken was nearly the only serious exchange which offered a nice amount of listed coins. I used Coinbase before and bought my first Bitcoins there but, like everyone else, i wanted to jump on the altcoin hype of 2017. Coinbase only offered BTC, ETH and LTC, so i needed an alternative. The performance of Kraken was horrible at this time, they had huge problems with their order engine, open orders on this exchange wasn't fun. Today, Kraken is a great exchange which offers solutions for most of a traders needs. It's a fiat-crypto exchange, they are offering spot, margin and futures trading, they have UIs for beginners and advanced traders. All of these products running smooth. Personally i don't use leverage trading on kraken because i don't like the interface, but i still use it as Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de world of ether

Today i want to share my experience with the blockchain based game "World of Ether". World of Ether is a monster breeding and dueling game, you could compare it with Pokemon but without a map. You can breed monsters called "Etherians". You can also buy an egg with your ether and try your luck to get a legendary Etherian. Currently there are 200 different monster with 5 different classes: Sun: Representing light, warmth, flying, and fire. Ocean: Representing water, depth, and mystery. Life: Representing fertility and vegetation. Death: Representing demise, undoing, and finality. Astral : Representing intelligence, psychic ability, and the metaphysical. To start the game, you need to install MetaMask. There is no mobile app for this game, so you need to play it in your browser with an active MetaMask extension. As soon as you bought or enveloped some Etherians you can use the dueling system and fight against other Ver reseña completa

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