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About EtherDelta (ForkDelta)

EtherDelta is a decentralized exchange for cryptocurrency trading, which was released based on the Ethereum blockchain. The system carries out operations on the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency since the summer of 2017. Its distinctive feature is high protection against burglary, ensured by decentralization. Site commission is 0.3% of the transaction size. In other cases, no commission is charged (with the exception of covering the work of miners who process the Ethereum blockchain).

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Since the executive team of the exchange could not clarify the cyber attack incident they have experienced in the past, it may have fallen out of favor with some users.

This stock market, which has a bad history based on the past, is a decentralized system. As it is known by the name of EtherDelta, it works based on ethereum. I was using this exchange 6 months ago. However, I have stopped using it for now. Now I...See full review

EtherDelta exchange with complex user interface

EtherDelta is a platform for trading a large number of cryptocurrencies that can be used on the platform. This change operates in a decentralized manner to provide customers with complete wealth management and seamless and secure control of their...See full review

EtherDelta (ForkDelta) exchange review.

EtherDelta is a rather one of a kind cryptocurrency alternate platform than what you're used to seeing. It is blanketed in decentralized exchanges (DEX). It is a platform that doesn't rely on a valuable control device for consumer operations or to...See full review

This trade stage called Etherdelta

This exchange stage called Etherdelta is basically finish for ethereum customers since you'll be capable exchange and trade your tokens without stressing over adequacy. Since this stage incorporates a tall degree of safety, a truly incredible trade...See full review

An Ethereum based blockchain trade exchange

E therdelta(fork delta) is a platform for exchange on which erc20 and all other etheric token are based. Zachary Coburn launched it. An additional segment of Etherdelta is that all ether tokens support and the Ethereum network controls every...See full review

Cryptocurrency has gained a lot of fame. It is used to pay for computerized source products, private exchanges and online stores.

Digital currency trading is an online phase that supports key areas. With such help you can quickly buy or sell digital currency, you don’t have to subscribe to such people. In these areas, such areas are increasingly distinguished by digital...See full review

Etherdelta is a decent choice gor low charges trading

Digital currency exchanging has accomplished outstanding respibse from clients universally and to make things more transparenr part of upgrades and highlights have been presented and most recent one of rhat is decentralization of crypto exchanging...See full review

This exchange platform called Etherdelta

This trade stage called Etherdelta is essentially culminate for ethereum clients since you'll be able trade and exchange your tokens without having to worry about soundness. Since this stage includes a tall level of security, a really great...See full review


This stock showcase, which contains a bad history based on the past, could be a decentralized framework. Because it is known by the title of Ether Delta, it works based on etherium . I was utilizing this trade 6 months prior. In any case, I have...See full review

Etherdelta is a good option gor low fees swapping

Cryptocurrency trading has achieved exceptional respibse from users globally and to make things more transparenr lot of improvements and features have been introduced and latest one of rhat is decentralization of crypto trading. Etherdelta needs no...See full review