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Logotipo de aluminum crochet hook size 4 25mm

Aluminum Crochet Hook Size 4 25Mm

Good afternoon. I like to knit. I like to knit those products that can be knitted in a day, in an evening, and even better in an hour. The product should be beautiful and useful. Those who knit know that it is faster to knit with thick threads or knitted yarn. Here for knitting products from knitted yarn, I bought aluminum hooks. Bought in store, not online. The price is 25 hryvnia (60 rubles). The price may be higher or lower, it depends on the size of the hook. I have two hooks of different sizes. The nice thing is that they differ in color. The hook number is written on them. Hooks 6 and 7 mm. They are ideal for knitting with knitted yarn in size 7-9mm. This yarn is used for knitting bags, backpacks and other accessories. The hook is very comfortable to hold. I give preference to 6mm, knitting is more dense. It can be seen that the pigtails are the same in length, but in the Krk 7mm it is looser. Fits comfortably in the hand. Knitting is a pleasure. I have plastic hooks and I can’t knit with them, only with these iron ones. The socks are rounded, but they pierce the knit well to pull the thread out. I recommend the hooks, they are perfect for me. I tied so many things with green that I couldn’t change seats. I'll show you my latest work. Slippers. Bags. Backpacks. Only 5 points from me. Thank you for your attention. Glad to be helpful. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de tide laundry detergent liquid original

Tide Laundry Detergent Liquid Original

I bought it at a discount in the OK store. The price was 199 rubles for a package of 1.235 liters. Where did the manufacturer come up with this number? accurate to thousandths - it is not clear. The bottle is comfortable and stable. But the dispenser was not at all impressed. Some uncomfortable. Inside is a thick slurry, rich blue in color. The smell is pleasant. I want to note that about 5 years ago I washed all the linen exclusively with Tide. But then I began to irritate the smell of tide after washing clothes. Often there was a feeling that the linen had just been washed, but it already gave away rotten meat, as if it had been kept for 15 hours in a washing machine with the door closed after washing. When washing with this product from Tide, there is no such effect. The smell is slightly harsh, but if you dry your clothes on the balcony, you get perfect freshness. I really liked that this liquid powder is suitable for white and colored laundry. How do I use it. I measure the required amount of the product, which is indicated in the instructions. Then I distribute it to places of special contamination on clothes (collars, sleeves, stains). After I leave all the laundry to "wait" in the washing machine for about an hour. Then I start washing. BUT. Unfortunately, the product does not remove dirt on clothes that have not been washed for a long time. My husband has a habit of stuffing well-worn T-shirts into the corner of the closet under clothes on a hanger. Sometimes I find similar surprises after a couple of months. This kind of pollution does not wash at all, it only adds aroma. I also want to note that it does not always wash the blood, even when first applied to the stain. In general, I would rate the tool at "4-". Since the real price of the funds is about 380 rubles. Isn't it a little expensive for 15-16 washes?! Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de stack 100 compostable paper plates household supplies

Stack 100 Compostable Paper Plates Household Supplies

Good day to all readers of this review! I think that everyone at least once was on a picnic in nature. And everyone knows how the preparations for such an event are going. I won’t be mistaken if I say that everyone, or most, buy disposable utensils for a picnic, because dragging dirty plates home from vacation is not a very pleasant experience. I also buy disposable plates for this purpose. I just buy non-plastic ones, because I think that all of us living on the planet have already spoiled everything around with all sorts of bags, bags and plastic. And of course there is plastic, in my opinion not very useful. Therefore, in nature, Ecola dishes help me out. These plates are made of paper fiber, they are strong enough, they can even be used to heat dishes in the microwave, and besides, they are biodegradable, that is, they will not lie in a landfill like plastic for 100 years, but will completely decompose in a short time. Very cute pictures on the plates. you can choose which one you like more. Back view of the plate, it is clearly seen that the paper is thick enough. I really hope that my review will be useful, and you will also stop buying plastic dishes and continue to pollute our common home. After all, we and our children still live on this planet! Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de markers unique colors t shirt set double ended

Markers Unique Colors T Shirt Set Double Ended

Today, how many things have been invented for children's creativity. When I get into specialized departments, my eyes run wide, where to look and what to buy. Pencils of various colors, wax crayons, various development tools and so on. Working at school, I come across things that I would not even know about in ordinary life. And so, it seems that the profession obliges to navigate all the new products. Children sometimes buy such curiosities that my boys regret that they have already grown up. The Marvy Uchida Fabric Marker Set are original markers that allow you to draw on the fabric without being particularly nervous. Those who at least once tried to draw with ordinary felt-tip pens on fabric will understand me. They do not draw at 2 minutes of creativity, because they are not designed for this. And this sound of the rod on the fabric. Br... In the summer I work in a children's health center. Preparing creative themed events is a common thing. And there is not much time for preparation. In the morning they told me what to cook, in the evening there was already a performance. This well stimulates children to move and be creative. Than only they had to draw. A set of markers for fabric Marvy Uchida Fabric - I was advised by the manager from whom I constantly bought stationery. Like, a novelty, the children really like it. I bought several boxes, since the children like it. It turned out that not only children like it. By the end of the season, not only the sheets were painted, but also custom-made T-shirts. Children left their wishes to each other, addresses, phone numbers and so on. In general, such markers are just a handy tool for drawing on fabric, although they can also be used to draw on paper. The only negative is that if such markers get to children under 6 years old, everything will be painted in the house, from curtains to sheets. Although the market itself is being washed, the nervous system will already be disturbed.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de refinery89 single tag programmatic solution

Refinery89 Single Tag Programmatic Solution

As advertised by refinery this is an exceptional system that I have used for a number of my clients' campaigns as well so far it has been great to use! No issues at all. They help each other with creative ideas to be sure you find what needs to improve upon or do next time around if necessary. Good call - will keep us going forward!! Great partner who listens, gives feedback when needed then get right back into helping fix and enhance where they can :) Their support with our account manager was also outstanding!! This platform we are using does some amazing things such as single tagging which saves me tons o cash so i'm able to spend more to pay off ads instead of paying double what would be paid in normal circumstances etc. I like that we are able to have so many different ad sets with just 1 tag for each set. It's very helpful when you're trying to do multiple things at once. The fact that it can be confusing sometimes is not ideal but they are working hard to improve this experience as well. There isn't anything that I dislike about refinery yet. If you want something simple then go with AdRoll or Google. This has been an amazing way to have more control over our account without having to deal with multiple platforms. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de

The best part of using this toolkit is its ability to help you in optimizing your PPC campaign by providing great results with minimal effort. It's easy for me as I am new user. There are many features but it helps us to understand our performance very well which we can't get anywhere else without spending much time or money. Nothing to dislike about this product so far. Try them out once! They provide valuable insight into how effective their campaigns have been over different periods of time. We use this software mainly because they offer free trials and also give good recommendations after testing things like keywords etc. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de kasa smart home security camera

Kasa Smart Home Security Camera

Hello friends and all site visitors. Today I will share my opinion about Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360 surveillance camera. I have long wanted to buy a camera and hang it over the door to the apartment, not only to watch who walks near the apartment, but also because it is convenient, for example, when you are at work or in the country, and your children are in school, and now you don’t need to call and ask where they are, look into the camera and you know at home or not. The price of the camera is 1300 hryvnia. For the camera to work, you need the Internet, a special program for your phone and 220 watts. Setting up the camera is not difficult and everything is clear. The camera has a 360 degree rotation. You can simply put it on, or you can attach it with a special mount. The camera reacts to motion and you receive a notification on your phone that motion has been detected. You can watch a short review or you can see a detailed one. The record is kept for 10 days. Picture quality, color. Also, the camera itself switches to night shooting. Sometimes, but this does not happen often, the camera needs to be rebooted, which is not very convenient if you are not at home, but for the money it works perfectly. We've been using it for half a year now. I recommend her. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de pareto quantic

Pareto Quantic

The ease of use, it's fast response time when you need help with troubleshooting or training new users for specific tasks/queries etc., its flexibility (can be used as both cloud service /on premise), can run multiple instances per environment which makes scaling easy! No dislike about this product but would like more integration options such us Slack & Zoom into our ChatOps solution within workflows so we could have one place where all communication takes places instead using many different apps separately across platforms i guess! Would love if they had some free trial option available before purchasing license just incase things dont go well during first few days after purchase!! Automation at scale by leveraging thousands upon thousand virtual agents running complex scripts without any manual intervention needed!! Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de expertmobi


The support team are very quick to respond when you have an issue or question! We can't ask for more than that at this stage of our business partnership with them as they've been so helpful every step along way from day one (even before we signed up). Their reporting system could be improved but it's not something i would complain about too much given how easy their service has made things in terms of collecting data/statistics etc - also having access via API makes life easier still if needed down future times!! Our main focus now though isn’t really anything specific other then just making sure everything runs smoothly once training starts next week :).Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de vis.x


The fact they have been able to find my business within seconds of searching for it, makes me feel like I am being listened too! There isn't anything i dislike about this software at all, which can be hard when you are looking at other platforms out there. If your not confident with using social networks then maybe try one more time before deciding if its right for your needs? Its great having an instant chat window open where people instantly see who we are as well as our website address so customers know exactly what service/product we offer from just visiting us online. Ver reseña completa

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