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Logotipo de spencer swaffer

I have to say that I'm extremely impressed with Spencer Swaffer! This e-commerce site is incredibly well designed, easy to use, and has a ton of great products. I was able to find everything that I needed quickly and easily, and the checkout process was super smooth. Overall, I highly recommend Spencer Swaffer for all your online shopping needs! Thanks for creating such an amazing site! The Spencer Swaffer e-commerce site is a great option for all your online shopping needs. It's easy to navigate and has plenty of products available. I was able to find everything that I needed quickly and easily, and the checkout process was super smooth. The best part? There are so many items on this website! You should definitely check it out if you're looking for any specific product or just want an idea of what they have in store.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de the scooter shop

I went to The Scooter Shop in 2020 and was very happy with their product and service. I paid about $1,800 for a Pride Jazzy 1103 powerchair that served me well for almost five years. In 2021, I took my chair into them because the computer controller had failed. They informed me that the purchase price of the chair was now obsolete as it was manufactured seven years earlier and could no longer be repaired as there were no parts available. This is when things started going downhill - fast! Their website advertises a nationwide warranty on all chairs sold by them. I called around to several companies who stated they would replace my controller for a fee ranging from $650-1100 not including shipping costs. Since this was the only part that needed to be replaced, I requested a quotation for just the controller. When I finally got someone in their billing department on the phone, they stated that no one could quote me a price without seeing my chair in person! Well, this was very frustrating. I explained that there were no other parts that needed to be replaced and this should not be an issue. They told me they would have to call me back which they never did. A few days later, I called them back and found out that they had sent it to their Illinois service center where all motorized chairs are sent for repair. Their website states "Most repairs can typically be completed within five business days." The motorized scooter company quoted me three days. Well, after two weeks and no word from The Scooter Shop, I called them and was informed that they were still waiting for the part to arrive. At this point, I lost my patience and told them I wanted it sent back unrepaired and wanted a refund of the $300 core deposit because they had not returned my chair within five business days as promised. Their response: "We don't do that." This upset me tremendously! According to their website they would replace or fix my controller when it failed in 2020 yet when the same thing happens in 2021, they tell me they can't help! A few days later I got another bill from them stating that if the controller was not paid in full by a The Scooter Shop is a company that I would not recommend to anyone. They failed to stand by their warranty and did not repair my chair when I paid them $300 for it in 2020. When the same thing happened again, they told me no one could provide a quote without seeing my scooter in person! This was quite frustrating as there were only two parts that needed repairing: the computer controller and nothing else. If you're looking for an honest place to buy equipment from, The Scooter Shop cannot be trusted with your business nor should they be considered if you need help repairing anything down the road because of how poorly they handled this situation.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de grand appliance

Hey guys, I know you might think that this blog post kind of breaks my promise I made not to talk about the accident again. But it's just one short mention and don't worry - I'm not using real names for privacy reasons... So where was I? Oh yes, the moment when me and my father went to Grand Appliance store. We were looking for a new dishwasher since ours broke down (the repairman said that happens quite often with our model). So we wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible without having to buy another brand-name machine. Of course we didn't want to spend too much money on it either. All in all, you can kind of say that we were pretty desperate because no one wanted to sell us a dishwasher due to the reasons I mentioned above. At first we were heading toward The Bay but after realizing that they won't even take a look at it and all we can do is buy a new machine, we decided to go for Grand Appliance store which was located across the street from there. At this point I want you to pay attention on how my father and I looked like: me wearing my usual ripped jeans with holes in them (everybody knows that) and an old T-shirt (though no one ever noticed something like that), and my father... Well, he didn't look much better than me anyway.... The thing is... We arrived at the store and as soon as we walked through the entrance we were approached by a woman who asked us how she could help. My father tried to explain what was wrong with our dishwasher and that we wanted to get rid of it but the moment he said the word "dishwasher" this lady kind of went through some sort of a weird change right before my eyes! She looked at him as if he had just threatened her or something and there she was, staring at me and my father like we were some kind of aliens (maybe because we didn't look pretty much like people who would be able to buy anything from there). Oh well... Welcome back to reality where rich snobs rule! In this post I talked about the time I went to a store with my father and how we were treated. At first, things seemed great - but then it all changed when they realized that we didn't have much money and couldn't afford anything in their store. It's unbelievable how just by looking at us you can tell if we're rich or not! The woman who was helping us looked like she would rather be anywhere else than talking to someone like me or my dad. She gave up on trying to help so quickly because of our appearance and background - even though there are many people out there who come from backgrounds where they don't have as much privilege as others do...Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de wells fargo

This is the best WF location in Memphis. Safest location, most helpful bankers. Shout out to Ryan for helping me out today.They are very nice and kind at this location I would have been with them for many years but this Branch here are nice happy holidays to everyoneI came in from out of town and needed to solve a problem between a local bank and Wells Fargo. The help I got from Racquel was over the top. She was extremely kind and helpful to a level I have not seen here in Florida for a very long time.Very professional and friendly staff. Was able to get a bank account knowing I had bad banking history, they were able to get me one anyway. Explaining how it works and that there not that much of a difference than a regular bank and the best part. . . ITS NOT A PREPAID ACCOUNT. My sister was a previous customer here and she recommended this place to me. Thank you guys for helping me get a bank acct rollingVer reseña completa

Logotipo de hsbc

HSBC Bank is an international financial institution and bank holding business. It is the largest banking organization in Europe, having total assets of US $2.715 billion. The main activities of the bank include facilitating cross-border transactions, providing global banking solutions, providing financial marketplaces and clearing public liabilities and payments. The interbank transactions are performed on behalf of the customers. An individual can open an HSBC bank account through a service provider or an internet portal. HSBC bank online account can be easily opened with a simple user interface through which you can easily access your account details and make transactions at any time, day or night. The charges for each transaction depends upon the value of the currency being traded, as well as the rate of exchange on the date of transaction. An HSBC debit card is issued to its customers for making electronic payments at the times specified by the customer. A HSBC debit card helps you make purchases online, allowing the customer to pay bills online from his HSBC bank account. An individual can also go for a HSBC bank overdraft or check loan. An overdraft is a type of loan, where the amount of money drawn against an account is increased without the need of presenting any credit checks. A check loan is another type of loan where you give the bank a check for a certain sum that you want to withdraw from your account. To have the money transferred to your account within the specified time, you can use an automatic transfer system. Both these methods are available on request, for details you can contact your branch or customer care.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de smoke

Spread the hashpower people here you know is not good to have all the power in one pool remember 51%attack ... Every year so far it seems all the cannabis related cryptos see a little spike in price around the end of March/Start of April because of 4/20 Cause potcoin didn't premine to buy their way into an exchange. For people to decide which strategy they prefer / trust more. Non premine pot strategy for me This happens because trademybit attacks with over 300mhs and we have something like 30mhs. Diff correctly jump up and we're screwed. Glad to see they keep losing money compared to mining other coins.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de blocklancer

Blocklancer has created a global foot mark in the industry of job market by providing a unique service to both the client and freelance. Also much better offer for the investors who will invest in the ICO and get token. Token holder will earn a certain percentage of fees earned by their platform and this earning will much enough to every investors who will support in ico.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de hbz coin

The price of helbiz tokens is very disappointing at the moment, but if the team is consistent in developing this project and this project is indeed beneficial for many people, I am sure that prices will get better. Very strange solution with coinhub. io. In our time there are a lot of more interesting exchanges. I do not think that here we will see a good price and large volume.True the project is indeed nice and interesting and easy to follow, I hope for her future will be joined in this project so that the project will achieve success with ease. That's the kind of trust the team's need.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de huntercoin

That's unfortunate, and hopefully something that's addressed. I've been syncing for two days and have only moved a week. I have like 20k huc and was hoping to give this another shot. I tested it out; it got up and running really fast. The installer is even more noob-friendly--it places the pruned blockchain in the right place automatically, and now the client/game shortcuts go right to your desktop so you don't have to drag them from the folder, either. Definitely a step forward from the old days of Huntercoin when snailbrain had to walk me through the installation process. I can totally see where a disaster would favor the bots with the speed of launching new players. Kinda like how you aren't home right now!Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de nitro

14 is definitely a reasonable number for a team. Developing and building website and managing community, don't need that many people around I see NITRO aims to change the value chain of the industry video games by bringing all key stakeholders together on a single network blockchain. It democratization of industry structure. It encourages diversity and preventing the industry is monopolized by large corporations. It allows participation and provides access to financing for new game studio promising. The project is very successful! At the present time, there are a lot of projects related to the game industry, but NITRO has everything in its place, even a coin for internal payments. Good luck to the project!Ver reseña completa


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