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Revisión sobre DigiFinex de Věra Filipová

Lot of giveaways you can get from Digifinex

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If you are looking for new platforms and considering to sing up for any new exchange you would like to try, you usually have to run into some of their advertisement in the space (web, newsletter, social media - especially twitter) in order to be attracted to it. The exchanges and other platforms are trying to lure new customers via airdrops and giveaways as they are the easist way to onboard new users. That is the way I have tried Digifinex as there was great offer to join them. They have regular giveaways so you can use the exchange just for them and earn passively. Watch their offiial twitter closely.

The exchange has full set of features that I would like to see on one of each exchanges. There is phone application for your convenience (friendly environment, easy to navigate) where you can do almost the same as with web app.

Digifinex has all of the feaures you wish for and even more. There is spot market alongside derivative market. They have a lot of trading pairs and lot of alt tokens. They are adding new tokens almost each day. There is a huge potential that your favorite altcoin will be listed here (you can even vote for some new coins to be listed here). The trading is easy and convenient with standard order types, with graphps and others utilities you are used to.

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There is Wealth tab which is part of teh exchange were you can earn yield. You can use their flexible earning for your USDT and BTC, there is even crypto quant fund opportunity to invest in.

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There are loan opportunitis with low interest rates and zero fees. Last but not least there is launchpad for new projects to take part in early stage of the project. All of these features are well set and managed. There was no security breach that is why Digifinex is going up in ranks and becoming one of the top exchanges in the space. There is enough liquidity in majors but also in low altcoins that means that enough users are using Digifinex. The derivatives market offers swaps, option (still in testing and not live now) and also have insurence fund to cover some loses.

They have native token (DFT) as it is quite common for exchanges (good way to raise capital). The token is associated with full set (similar with other exchanges) of use cases: lowering fees, rewards, voting, refferal rewards, discounts. The DFT token is tradable in pair with USDT. The trading fees are reasonable and in par with other exchanges.

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As I have stated in the beginning you can see this as an advertisemnt and try Digifinex, you will probably not regret. In my opinion they could have slightly better UX on their web.

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Pros contras

  • giveaways and airdrop on their twitter
  • investment - flexible, quant funds
  • loans with low interest rate and fees
  • native token DFT
  • lot of altcoins
  • slightly worse UX on the web

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abril 24, 2022
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There is new great review. It seems quite good exchange worth trying. I am going to earn some free airdrop as mentioned. There are all set of features I am expecting from exchanges nowadays.

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