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Acerca de Symbiosis Finance

Symbiosis Finance is a multi-chain liquidity protocol that aggregates decentralized exchange liquidity across all EVM and some non-EVM networks. Symbiosis aim at solving the twofold problem: liquidity fragmentation across different blockchain networks, and poor user experience while working with Defi and web3 economy. Symbiosis simplifies the time-consuming process of finding a suitable cross-chain bridge so you can get the tokens you need. With a single click, crypto enthusiasts can get token swaps done — regardless of the network they’re on. The SIS token is used as a governance token of Symbio...
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Swaps tokens between different blockchains with one click.

General Concept of Symbiosis Finance. The fundamental goal was to establish a robust multi-chain liquidity platform that is simple for newbies to comprehend and use. It doesn't need a separate wallet or software. The crypto swapping is the same as…

My experience of using Symbiosis Finance.

today is the first time I made a swap through this cross-chain, everything went well. I have also tested several cheap networks, so I can say that everything works and this cross-chain can be used. I was a little surprised by the speed of the cross-chain, symbiosis is much faster than any other cross-chain word, transactions are very fast I want to note that this cross chain plans to implement work with nft and there is a very high probability that they will be able to do this because they are supported by the Binance Labs foundation, they help this project And one big plus, symbiosis Finance already has a very large number of partnerships with well-known exchanges and crypto wallets, so when their product is ready, there is a good chance that the symbiosis system will be used by different platforms. This is a very large level of the project and that's why I invested in them!

A promising project, I bought SIS tokens for $4000

Symbiosis finance is a token that will soon fly to Mars! A very strong crosschain that works much faster than other crosschains. Plus they work with NFT. I am sure that to the mars will do it, especially now the low capitalization. What do you think? Site -- Now they are at the testing stage, they should launch a cross chain in March. A lot of well-known funds invested in the project, I think you heard about them when binance labs invested in this cross chain. I think symbiosis is a very promising project. I bought 2000 tokens SIT at a price of $ 2. At the news of the listing, the token has already soared to $ 4-5 several times, but I continue to gold coins. I believe that the price will be $ 25-30, because now the project has a small capitalization for a crossman and this problem will be solved very quickly

Dex is a crypto exchange that will work as a cross chain

This is not just a cross-chain, but a decentralized crypto exchange that will have several liquidity pools. I hope they give high APY. Symbiosis is creating a dex crypto exchange that will work with all tokens on any blockchain. They are going to combine the role of the exchange and cross-chain in one service. This is a truly important role for the metaverse blockchain This technology was necessary for the wider distribution of gamefi. Now, even on unpopular blockchains, it is possible to issue nfts and then sell them on other networks. This will allow many new blockchains to participate in the creation of games and significantly expand the possibilities. What do you think about it? Will this technology be in demand and how much will symbiosis affect the gamefi industry ?

Cross chain Symbiosis, which supports working with NFT, will start working soon

Symbiosis announced the launch date of mainnet - February 15. For all NFT fans, this means that you will be able to sell your NFTs on any blockchain and any platform! There will no longer be such a problem that you bought NFTs on solana and no one buys them, because they are traded only on several marketplaces that support this blockchain. It will be possible to transfer your nft from the solana blockchain to polygon or bsc and sell it on opensea or another convenient platform. Finally we have waited for it!!! there is a very high probability that this token will gain a capitalization of 3-4 billion, so I'm investing in them!

Pros & cons

  • a lot of well-known funds, a very cool idea, there were no critical errors on the testnet
  • NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!

There is a cross chain for NFT!!! It's called symbiosis finance

Bridges for nft began to appear not so long ago, but cross chain is a bridge 2.0. With the help of cross chain, you can transfer nft not only between compatible blockchains. How much do you think cross-chain technology is in demand in nft now? Will there be a big demand for the project token? It will work as a regular cross-chain, and cross-chain for nft, all in one service binance labs, blochaincom wallet and many other cool funds invested in this project. This means that this is a really strong project that can give a big profit to its investors! In addition, they use a new approach to transactions, which gives many advantages

Pros & cons

  • Binance labs invested in them. Strong product
  • The token is constantly growing because I wanted to buy cheaper haha

Very strong cross-chain, waiting for the launch

A lot of blockchains are being created now, so it is very important to create an ecosystem for interacting with blockchains. One of the most important components are bridges and cross chains! For those who don't know -- the bridge allows you to move your cryptocurrencies between compatible blockchains. For example, transfer a token from the BSC blockchain to the ERC 20 blockchain. Cross-chain does the same thing, but it works between any blockchains, by creating long chains of exchanges. Now it is already possible to use crosschains not only to work with coins, but also to work with nft. But so far, this feature is supported only by the Symbiosis finance cross chain and several new bridges. I would like to ask the community how do you see the further development of cross chains and bridges? What will be the future of this technology?

A very unusual concept of a cross chain service

This platform will work as a superDEX exchange , on which you can swap coins between any blockchains. Simultaneously cross chain and dex. A very cool concept of the project!!! Symbiosis Finance is a decentralized multi-blockchain liquidity protocol. It combines the exchange liquidity of all Ethereum virtual machines (EVM) and blockchains incompatible with EVM. This allows users to swap tokens between all blockchains with little price slippage and without involving third parties, which is very convenient. Symbiosis supports many well-known foundations, this is a very important point, as it becomes clear that there is a great potential for development.

Pros & cons

  • Simplification of coin exchange in different networks
  • Transaction speed
  • Any new project is characterized by shortcomings in the first stages, we will monitor.

This is an innovative technology for defi, which is very important to us

A very interesting project that uses a new approach to the technology of combining blockchains, or rather creating bridges between them I liked that they were able to use the best qualities of their competitors and combine all this into one system, this is a very interesting solution. It is also interesting that this service will work with non-exchangeable tokens. Interestingly, this service will be launched soon and this is a good opportunity to purchase project tokens before the stage of rapid price growth. Now a lot of factors indicate that there will be growth on this coin, for example, binance labs recently invested in them, which invests in the best ecosystem defi projects

Pros & cons

  • This cross-chain is much safer than the others
  • NO !

A very promising cross chain, many believe in it

I have been studying cross shuttles and bridges for a long time, symbiosis uses the best from existing companies. They were also able to create several unique technological solutions.The best cross chain of all that are currently functioning. Symbiosis has created a much safer and faster cross chain that surpasses competitors. This will become obvious to anyone who studies the project in detail. In addition, this is the very first cross chain for nft. They are unique in this technology, so I am confident that the project will grow to the level of the top 1 cross chain company in less than a year!

Crosschain 2.0 is a Truly Innovative Crosschain

The developers of symbiosis were able to take advantage of different cross chains and combine all the advantages into one cross chain. This is really cool, because now swap takes much less time, and the system itself is more secure. They also say that through symbiosis it will be possible to transfer nft between any blockchains, this is a great achievement for the entire crypto community, because previously such operations could not be carried out. And I see the cost of one network node as a big advantage, maintaining a node is not very expensive and this allows you to increase the number of nodes and create a real large decentralized network!

Pros & cons

  • transaction speed The project has already started This is a cross-chain with a high level of decentralization
  • It is not yet known which blockchains will be integrated, except for the main ones.

The best cross chain through which it will be possible to work with nft

I think this is a great project that will very soon become a leader among cross-chain platforms. Symbiosis has a very large number of well-known partners, which guarantees that the project will develop. Several well-known exchanges and crypto wallets have invested in symbiosis, I think this tells us that the service from this cross chain will be installed on these platforms The project has competitors, but the unique feature of SIS is that this project can interact with nft. This strongly distinguishes symbiosis against the background of existing cross chain systems. Therefore, if you believe in the crypto games industry, then you will definitely like this cross chain

Pros & cons

  • a cross-chain that can work with nft
  • there is no test project launched and performed well
  • a large community before the launch of mainnet
  • many top funds invested in sis
  • NO

Symbiosis Finance: The Future is multichain

Surely, if you actively exchange crypto and keep several assets in different networks, you had the usual problem: "I have to deposit token to cex again or change token network and then exchange or add liquidity", but this is inconvenient and time-consuming. Symbiosis offers a one-stop solution. You can directly exchange your token for any other token in any network. Just one transaction in Metamask. Problems with existing bridges and solutions Currently, there is no market leader, and each network builds its own bridge. As a result, liquidity is distributed unevenly across all existing bridges. Symbiosis connects all bridges into one system. In the v.1 version, all networks are connected to each other - Ethereum-Polygon, Ethereum-BSC, Avalanche-HECO, etc. Symbiosis already has a concept and understanding of v.2 implementation, where there will be a managing network to coordinate liquidity pools. Symbiosis Finance features -Fully decentralized No one can block your funds