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Review on ABCC by Kuzey Tekinoğlu

ABCC is a new stock market so we must evaluate its future plans

ABCC is a cryptocurrency exchange established in Singapore and offers a very good opportunity for cryptocurrency trading. ABCC is a stock exchange founded in 2018, so it has little experience compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges. For example, because of the density of the system, the stock market crashes, and I usually can't reach the site during busy sales periods, and it's really important to experience and solve such problems.

When the ABCC was founded in 2018, it immediately became popular, but in the years when it was first established, it had many errors. Many of these errors have been resolved, and almost all previous errors have been fixed. When I log in to my account, which is currently on ABCC, I can see that the payment system and trading are being improved. The development of the ABCC exchange itself gave many users confidence, and at this time its popularity began to gradually increase.

At my first registration stage, KYC (authentication) was required, but at first I couldn't trust it, as the ABCC was a stock market that had just opened in 2018, and so I expected it to pass for about 1-2 months. Because a few of these exchanges can sometimes be fake and defraud people. For this reason, I registered with the ABCC stock exchange 2 months later. Then, when I looked at the features on the site, I saw that everything was really bad. This was perfectly normal because it had just been opened, and the developer team was working on each topic in detail. Then they asked for KYC (authentication) so that I could trade at the registration stage, and since this is a transaction on every exchange to prove that you are a real user, ABCC forced such a system to reassure its users.

The developer team of the stock market worked hard to solve every problem in the early stages, and now, that is, when I re-entered 2 years later, I saw that they really fixed many problems, and they developed the stock market by bringing many features, such as futures, Swap transactions, for example. But they are still missing in many ways, for example; page design in cryptocurrency trading, slow operation of trading screens, dozens of errors (bugs) found on the site, slowness in deposit transactions, you can not deposit your money with FIAT, i.e. currencies such as USD, EURO, try, GBP, wire transfer or credit card. Features like this will be improved over time and problems will be solved, so because ABCC is still a stock market under development, and I think it will be a good stock market in a few years, my immediate views are negative, I don't like it very much.

One of the things I don't like about the ABCC is that withdrawal fees and transaction fees are excessive. So when I really look at other exchanges, the ABCC exchange's trading fees are really high, there are two reasons why they don't lower these trading fees.;

1 - because ABCC does not have a lot of trading volume and is not used by many users, the way the exchange makes money is only transaction fees. For this reason, ABCC's high transaction fees contribute to the development of the stock market, but on the one hand, many users do not prefer ABCC because of high transaction fees.

2 - why making money because they have currently 2 years experience and some high novice high novice and a little bit about earning funds from their desires because of the high transaction costs are keeping keep.

In addition, there were many features that I liked in the ABCC. I liked the design of the site very much, although I don't like the design on the cryptocurrency trading screens, it still has a very nice design. It also gives ABCC users up-to-date information about news and publishes up-to-date announcements to its users. There are 6 language options in the site, unfortunately, you can not translate the site for each language, but you can do this in a simple way using Goole translation. Also ABCC is available from all over the world and every country.

Finally, when we come to the payment system and security system, I see many positive developments, these developments have given users confidence in deposits and withdrawals and have become a means for people to use the stock market. In general, ABCC is a new stock market with 2 years of experience, but I think it will develop over time.

Pros & cons

  • Since 2018, the ABCC has improved a lot and corrected most of the errors found in it. If you look here, we can say that you have a good developer team
  • In general, many features are missing, but there are beautiful improvements such as the design of the site, the withdrawal system
  • The payment system and security system work really nicely according to a new exchange
  • ABCC is a new stock market, so it doesn't have much experience, and it's natural for the stock market to make mistakes on many issues, so I think it will develop over time, but I don't think to use it at the moment
  • The stock market has a lot of missing aspects, but it is a new stock market, so I think it will be developed due to issues such as the design of the site, payment methods, slowness in the speed of trading
  • Currently, you cannot make a deposit with FIAT currencies such as EURO, try, USD by credit card and wire transfer. You can only deposit cryptocurrencies
Rama Yldrm
January 15, 2021
Hi, I like your opinion a lot on this platform and i wait your new information on it and Your experience has given me a lot of information ... Thank you very much. Don't forget to add new information when you edit it.
Burak Durmus
January 15, 2021
Hello. I read the review you wrote . I found what you wrote logical and informed. Thank you for keeping me informed. Don't forget to add new things when you update your comment. Have a good day.
Alaaddin Turp
January 15, 2021
Hi, I read the review you wrote to the end. You've written in great detail and quality. You mentioned information I was missing. When you update your review a few months later, don't forget to add your experiences. Have a good day.
Merve Can
January 15, 2021
I read the review you wrote to the end. You've really written vocals and quality. You mentioned information I was missing. When you update your review a few months later, don't forget to add your experiences. Have a good day.