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Revainrating 4 out of 5

Excellent variations of cryptocurrency trading

In terms of market liquidity, Bibox has a considerable volume of trade per day, since they put it as a viable option to trade in this Exchange, since with its rewards programs and good assistance. By including an AI system to improve its performance it is considered one of the best current Exchanges, but it should be noted that there are certain delays in terms of withdrawals or deposits due to the high demand on the network

  • Includes live support chat.
  • Numerous crypto assets on the platform.
  • It presents a wide variety of rewards for using the platform.
  • Use a trading guide for inexperienced users.
  • It is in the top 30 top exchange on the market.
  • It has a large market volume.
  • Includes its own native platform token with included benefits.
  • Considerable weight in your mobile app.
  • Slightly high rates compared to other currencies.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

BIBOX EXCHANGE: An alternative to BINANCE?

Bibox was launched in November 2017 and is now a platform for exchanging high-quality digital assets. It innovated by stabilizing transactions and simplifying operations by introducing artificial intelligence (AI) for the first time in the exchange of digital assets. The Bibox exchange is widely praised by experts and users for its fair, transparent, secure and stable functionality. The huge contribution to the development of this platform was made by the management team which worked…

  • Like many other exchanges, the Bibox platform also offers excellent mobile ergonomics for iOS and Android phones.
  • Bibox trading fees are 0.10% for all transactions.
  • As this platform is decentralized, we think it should be given a security rating of A
  • The exchange is not regulated.
  • It is extremely difficult to get information about the team behind the project.
  • The platform does not accept fiat money (euro, dollar, etc.) and has not explicitly planned to accept it in the near future.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

The controversial exchange.

This is an exchange very similar to binance, which offers important investment characteristics, Margin, Spot, futures contract, ETC. With a user interface easy to use and create account without complications in addition to being cross-platform compatible. Android, Windows, Iphone, Mac OS. in this way you will not lose the connection anywhere. It has an internal utility token with good investment options since burns are made to decrease its amount. In general, this exchange is one of the most…

  • So far he has not had serious problems related to his safety
  • Excellent customer service in addition to complete guides with frequently asked questions.
  • It has a mobile and desktop APP for most of the available operating systems.
  • It has good liquids and multiple currencies for investment
  • KYC is NOT necessary.  
  • Negative actions on billed volumes

Revainrating 4 out of 5

One of the top exchanges used worldwide.

It is that it’s a great cryptocurrency exchange. It’s run by knowledgeable individuals that clearly have experience with trading and gathering feedback from traders. The subtle differences with other platforms speak of this relationship very well. It not really entirely unique. But it absolutely have some unique features, some of these unique features make it an exchange that’s an absolute dream to use. As this cryptocurrency exchange trading platform evolves, the AI learns and they gather…

  • Extremely liquid to use.
  • Tons of new coins.
  • Solid compliance and protection.
  • Accepts international users.
  • They are not transparent.
  • Minimum withdrawal is high.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Bibox? Binance made in CHINA?

1. History - Bibox was famous thanks to their achivment that 1 year after exchange opening they reached top 15 in volume 2. Volume - Bibox is using bots to increased their trading stats. Even looking at their website traffic they have olwer traffic than some exchanges with much lower volume than them. 3. ICO - After failing to sell all tokens to investors the team took the remaning tokens and added to their portino of 35% total tokens another 20%! The token freezing time is same as bnb 20%…

  • 1 year after grand opening top 15 in volume
  • 30% of income for Bix holders
  • Bix Token - Voting, fee discount
  • Dex top - Bought
  • referral links
  • middle / small cap projects
  • Wash trading!
  • Team owns over 50% of supply
  • Binance copy
  • Located in CHINA

The trading platform Bibox does not stand out among the competitors, but it works on its own artificial intelligence, which is quite interesting. The exchange provides the possibility of margin trading, trade digital the notes and the trading function of C2C. Despite all the subtleties, on Bibox a beginner can make simple operations for buying and selling currency. Of course, additional features require more knowledge and experience, but we hope that we were able to explain in detail the many

  • - High security and level of protection. Users can set up two-factor authentication and use a system of multiple passwords (the second password – to confirm the withdrawal of funds from the exchange); - The lack of mandatory verification; - Low fee when vnutrividovoi trade; - Availability of the official mobile application and desktop trading terminal; - A team of competent specialists is working on the creation of the resource. This is evidenced by numerous reviews on specialized forums; - Work cryptocurrency exchanges Bibox shows high efficiency. This is ensured by the use of special resource allocation technology; - Due to the implementation of the new method of distributed clusters, the site demonstrates high stability; - The site is controlled by artificial intelligence, which allows you to demonstrate a rapid response to any emergency situations and instantly correct all the failures and errors that appear in the work; - The site is designed to work with 10 million users, which ensures its stability even at peak loads; - Users have access to full market statistics, which allows them to open the best deals, both for purchase and for sale; - Wide range of tokens in bibox cryptocurrency exchange listing; - Cryptocurrency exchange is a decentralized platform that eliminates many risks; - Support margin trading
  • - The exchange shows low liquidity even for the main trading pairs; - There is no support for Fiat currencies, which forces the use of third-party resources for the initial purchase of digital coins and withdrawal of funds to real.

Whenever you look at Bibox you see a lot of things taken from some other exchanges, so I just thought that was interesting they haven't really redesigned much of the core interface designs that other exchanges have used, they're really just trying to mix up the backend and the security and automation side instead of the actual interface itself, another thing they copied from other exchanges is the Bibox coin is very similar to BINANCE coin and where it gives you minus 50% and fees so they're…

  • Bibox is trying to incorporate a lot of AI and big data into stopping trading anomalies and manipulation and different things that go on in an exchange in order to make the best trading experience for the user, that means not making large fake orders not doing anything that might antagonize a user on the exchange from manipulation and other things like that they're trying to incorporate BOTS and AI in order to automate and control the markets, so that it's not just a crazy free roaming market like you see on Finance or some other exchanges, so I'm guessing that can maybe lend itself to preventing pump and dumps preventing manipulation and so on and so forth I'm not really sure of the full capabilities of what they're doing as they haven't released that much information on it but it definitely seems very interesting as there aren't that many exchanges trying to do something new.
  • Some of the biggest features aside from security and safety is that be box also has some cool alternative features to what they do and that includes planned conditional iceburg stop loss and gain orders a bunch of basic automation built into the exchange so that's really cool because you don't see that many exchanges building in automation. It's definitely cool to see this exchange trying to add in some automation features and new features that are built into the exchange.