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Review on BITKER by José A Rodríguez

Closed due to a Big Lose (HACKED SERVICE)

One of the highest loses of assets in exchanges should be listed in Bitker because this service was closed previously due to a substantial hack that left the company in a hurry. The did not have the necessary funds to recover from that terrible fact and decided to close their services. Many oft heir users were affected, and just blamed the service it's terrible management. In some way, they were not good managers, but it is clear this service never doubted with a stable economy.

Now, their security was also superficial. I'd did not exist for clients, and that's what makes them being so disappointed with this service. This company did not provide good content or information of the safety they use to grant. In the case of other features, this service was limited. It wasn't even a really supportive network.

The platform was closed at the beginning of last year. Until some months ago could still access to see the last notes of the team, but they are not out of the internet. The platform was suspended, and the link tends to fail. In case a user safe to access to that page from a VPN, be careful, you won't find anything valuable on that project. It was totally abandoned.

NOTE: It might represent a big risk. If the hack they had was one of the biggest, then imagine how can be keeping in touch with a suspended exchange into our servers.

Pros & cons

  • Nothing relevant to mention. It has not positive reviews about its features to show.
  • This service is closed due to a high lose on assets that implies the saves of many users, and their Investments. Some of them never received refunds, so they marked this company as a dishonest service. The team was the only one who never showed maturity for this project to become professional managers and ask for professional security features for them and their customer. Their insurance did not cover the relevant spaces of the platform.