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Review on BitMart by Ibraheem Asmau

BitMart is gradually gaining spotlight.....

As an exchange that assures users of their security, Bitmart seeks to be world leading exchange and trading platform in the nearest future to come. This exchange has not been in existence for quite long but has enough features which it uses to beat its pre existing counterparts. An exchange that combines the trading of cryptos, Lending of assets, staking of cryptos and even future trading, giving users a wide range of option to choose from so far it suits them. I first came across this exchange on Playstore and I had it downloaded on my device without even using itnot until I read reviews about this exchange and what it has to offer to cryptocurrency exchange system. When I opened the mobile application at first, it actually took a while before it loaded, I guess it was a network problem. After a while I was able to access the exchange then I proceeded to registration. During the registration I was enquired of my email address and my password only, so simple! At the top right corner there was a drop down option which read "Earn", under this option, I saw two other options, Staking and Lending. Actually I didn't know what Staking entailed so I just stuck to Lending of cryptos. After I registered all that was left was to deposit, this wasn't a problem at all, Bitmart needed only a credit card(I preferred using VISA card because of the ease and speed of transaction) or even deposit via cryptocurrencies! The mobile app has actually enhanced my positive experience with Bitmart. The trading fees on this exchange has contributed to its fast and quick growth over a course of 2 years(2018-2020), this has greatly affected the exchange's liquidity, in a positive way though. The online customer support group is very active and accurate, my first complain where I told them that my app was taking a while to load, all they told me to do was to update my app and alas, it was all fixed, Good job! Security on this platform is very nice. The number of cryptocurrencies traded here is quite okay for a newly launched exchange. With the inclusion of fiat currencies and spot trading, Bitmart stands a chance to be a world leading exchange.

Pros & cons

  • The exchange has a nice liquidity
  • BitMart actually offers a lot of earning opportunities to traders
  • Security on this platform is very optimal
  • It allows for deposits via credit cards
  • Spot trading is an available option for traders to make profits
  • The response from the support group is very accurate and timely
  • It supports a handful number of cryptocurrencies
Adejoh Samuel
January 03, 2021
The Bitmart exchange platform is one with a difference. I significantly love the fact that they allow users to earn income on their platform by either lending or staking their assets. A nice crypto exchange it is really