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Review on Bitsdaq by Josh Bellz


Bitsdaq founded in 2019 is a new centralised exchange that allows crypto traders and investors to carry out their daily endeavors. The exchange trades 33 Crypto currencies but more are still going to be added with time since the exchange is still nascent.

The exchange has been keeping a good status quo in the industry, it has collaborated with Bittrex an by so doing implemented some of Bittrex's notable & outstanding features.

The exchange has a low,affordable and competitive flat fee of 0.1% the withdrawal fee is also okay only that the withdrawal process can be very slow,tiring and very stressful.

The customers support of the exchange is very poor, they can take a very long period of time to attend to users compliant and at times you can even get worn out due to their delay in responding to your compliant,I think the exchange developers have to work massively on their support deck .

Pros & cons

  • High liquidity
  • It has quite a reasonable number of crypto currencies and trading pairs
  • The platform has a solid security interface
  • It has collaborated with one of the top exchanges in the industry, and with that it has been able to improve on its service delivery
  • Few language translations are available on the exchange
  • It is centralized
  • Poor customer service