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Bitsdaq exchange

Bitsdaq is a centralized exchange, the storage and trading platform was developed by Bittrex, in this sense it has the same security standards as the aforementioned. According to official information…See more


Bitsdaq founded in 2019 is a new centralised exchange that allows crypto traders and investors to carry out their daily endeavors. The exchange trades 33 Crypto currencies but more are still going…See more

Exchange platform developed by Bittrex: Bitsdaq

Good day everyone, ladies and gentlemen, today I will present you my review about the Bitsdaq platform, which is an exchange platform for you. I have been using the Bitsdaq exchange platform for…See more

Secure, reliable, and advanced platform.

Their main goal is to offer their clients secure, solid, productive and quick exchanging. Their objective market are experts, speculators and starts-ups in Asia, yet they are extending universally…See more


Bitsdaq, is a digital trading house that maintains an excellent interface, very well optimized for trading and exchange activities, it also has a large number of token trading pairs and many active…See more

Good platform of exchange.

The Bitsdaq platform is operated and owned by a comany named BQ Technology Company Limited.According to our research, this company is based in Hong Kong.The exchange also has CloudFlare and DDOS…See more