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Review on Bitstamp by Mr Benji


Some criticism- As with any large stock exchange, there are many positive and negative user reviews. Bitstamp clients often criticize for problems both in the selection and the insertion of finances, for slow payment processing, and especially for the too long verification process, which may take more than a month. We've never had problems with deposits or withdrawals, but it's true that we never tried to insert a fiat currency.

The really big criticism is on the heads of customer support staff, who should work as best as possible for exchanges, but you know for sure that customer support is a very weak link in a large number of cryptocurrency exchanges and exchanges. But on the other hand, Bitstamp has a very nice FAQ section where you can find the answer to your question.

If you speak English, you can also contact Bitstamp by phone. Apparently, customer support works well and answers customer inquiries. So it is better to contact Bitstamp customer support this way.

Security is important - Security is what Bitstamp places great emphasis on. Today, the Stock Exchange uses one of the best security ever. The vast majority of funds are safely stored in offline locations, to which hackers naturally have no way to get. Funds will only be freed from these resources when they are no longer in the user's online wallets.

Bitstamp has implemented Multi-Sig technology, which means that the transaction will only be executed if it is confirmed by several keys. Essentially, this requires the confirmation of several Bitstamp employees. Although Bitstamp is well-protected, it is not wise to leave it alone. You should also secure your account with two-factor authentication.

Mobile app review - The mobile app is user friendly and can be run on both iOS and Android, but unfortunately it will not dazzle. It's easy to place orders, track positions, but of course it's not as good as a computer platform. So if you prefer to do business with a mobile phone, Bitstamp is not the best platform for you, so you should rather find a better one with a more sophisticated mobile version. The app app's App Store 1.7 stars out of 5 is also worth seeing.

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- Bitstamp lightning node more channels connection into it.

- They were experiencing some trading issues according to the team it's all ok now however you never know why such problems are appearing.

- Caitlin Barnett joined New York team as US Chief Compliance Officer.

- They are very active on social media which is a good sign.

Pros & cons

  • Simple trading platform
  • Good reputation and long stories
  • Relatively low fees compared to other exchanges
  • You can buy cryptocurrencies with fiat currency
  • FAQ
  • support on mobile
  • Secure
  • Unsuccessful mobile app
  • Complex for beginners
  • Small cryptocurrency offer
  • bad support reputation