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Description of CoinCorner

CoinCorner is a British-based Bitcoin exchange based in Douglas, Isle of Man. The company facilitates Bitcoin storage and transactions, such as buying, selling and payments via their Bitcoin wallet services. It was the first major cryptocurrency company to establish on the island, following a change in the Financial Supervision Commission regulation, which allowed cryptocurrency companies to base themselves there. Today, CoinCorner is one of the UK's largest cryptocurrency exchanges.


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Type of review

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Multiple use cases with the CoinCorner platform

I have been reading some crypto oriented articles where I have found mention about crypto Bolt debit card so I was thrilled and I have started exploring this option. I have found out that it sold by the company and the project CoinCorner (not only) but the CoinCorner option seemed most relevant. The Bolt card was offered by CoinCorner in multiple cool designs and can be attached to your account within your CoinCorner app. I have to say it was worth exploring and was one of the best option I

  • Bolt Card
  • cashback extension
  • exchange
  • lightning
  • customer support
  • none

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Coincorner restricted goodness to its significance.

One of the primary things of CoinCorner. While run by few crypto associations, the gathering has set up itself as a crypto organization. The sands changed late. The trade was at first offered to clients on the European coast, however the association has spread to various nations and at present acquires in excess of 45 nations all throughout the planet. One Thea has not set any security norms since its origin in 2014. Bitcoin, which is presently a significant space of ​​exchange, is especiall

  • Dependability.
  • Old exchange.
  • Incredible sizes.
  • Low installment.
  • One trade expense is sensible.
  • Generally speaking extraordinary and working interface.
  • A little sluggishness (as somewhere else).
  • 35EUR expense for Euro Bank move.
  • A crypto exchange is simply because it upholds Bitcoin.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Coincorner limited goodness to its importance.

One of the main things of CoinCorner. While run by a small number of crypto organizations, the congregation has established itself as a crypto administration. The sands changed late. The exchange was initially offered to customers on the European coast, but the organization has spread to different countries and currently earns more than 45 countries around the world. One Thea has not set any safety standards since its inception in 2014. Bitcoin, which is currently an important area of…

  • Reliability.
  • Old trade.
  • Great sizes.
  • Low payment.
  • One exchange fee is reasonable.
  • Overall great and working interface.
  • A little laziness (as elsewhere).
  • 35EUR cost for Euro Bank transfer.
  • A crypto trade is only because it supports Bitcoin.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

The exchange is transparent and secure

The exchange was established in 2014 by Daniel Scott, Phil Collins, Charlie Woolnough and David Brown with the aim of providing a platform that can facilitate easy and speedy buying and selling of Bitcoin. Since inception, Bitcoin has been the major asset on the platform although some altcoins were featured but the low demand for them likely made the to fade away. The exchange also support EUR and GBP but some investors complained of not finding it easy to withdraw the flat currencies. The…

  • The platform is attractive, easy to use and navigate
  • It provides an easy way to buy, sell and store Bitcoin
  • Transaction fee is fair
  • Customer support is very good
  • The platform is registered with the regulatory body in isle of man
  • No KYC is required
  • The website provide regular updates and necessary information
  • The exchange is transparent as it provides necessary information about the team behind it
  • It uses cold storage
  • It is a single crypto exchange since it only support Bitcoin
  • Although it supports flat currencies, it is complicated to withdraw these flat currencies
  • Charges of 1% transaction fee can be too much if one is trading large sum

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Coincorner facilitate Bitcoin currency exchange platform

Bitcoin is "decentralized", which means that no central authority (such as the government or bank) controls it. It will be sent anywhere in the world in a few minutes. You need to pay for the goods and services to purchase goods and services. Bitcoin suffers. As more and more companies accept Bitcoin as a payment method, many of us are using it to pay for daily goods and services. As a store of wealth, Bitcoin can be used as a store of wealth, commonly known as "digital gold". Some people buy…

  • Positive and enlightenment
  • Slow

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Coincorner has a restricted goodness to it's significance

Coincorner is basically a purchase and sell trade for digital forms of money with fiat counterparts of Incredible England Pound GBP and Euros EUR. The trade was at first implied for clients in the European landmass however has stretched out it's administrations to different nations of which it as of now benefits more than 45 nations spread across the world. The trade has had no security penetrate record since it's foundation in 2014. The trade presently has support for just Bitcoin which has…

  • Has a decent security history of no security penetrate since dispatch in 2014
  • The Coincorner trade is associated with major online retailers, for example, Aliexpress, Acer, Fiverr, Gillette and so forth of which when it's clients utilize this connection could acquire 32% Bitcoin refunds
  • The trade is offered on its site and applications available for the two IOS and Android gadgets
  • More than 45 nations upheld as it broadens even past the European mainland
  • High exchange charges for exchanges not exactly or equivalent to 10GBP/EUR is 1GBP/EUR which is on the outrageous high side
  • Withdrawal expenses of 35EUR for Euro bank move
  • High store rates for Bank move GBP of 25GBP

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Good old exchange

This is a good old exchange. I used this one at first and I can say that everything was fine with this exchange. Good volumes, low fees, reliability. And even if there are some problems (and they sometimes do), support often solves them quickly. I haven't noticed any of the big problems that are most often talked about this exchange. I can only say from my experience that this is a regular exchange and you can use it without any problems. I won't recommend anything to you, because it's up to…

  • Reliability
  • Old exchange
  • Good volumes
  • Low fees
  • Responsive support
  • Small lags (as elsewhere)

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Coincorner has a limited goodness to it's greatness

Coincorner is basically a buy and sell exchange for cryptocurrencies with fiat equivalents of Great Britain Pound GBP and Euros EUR. The exchange was initially meant for users in the European continent but has extended it's services to other countries of which it currently services over 45 countries spread across the world. The exchange has had no security breach record since it's establishment in 2014. The exchange currently has support for only Bitcoin which has been a major slack for the…

  • Has a good security track record of no security breach since launch in 2014
  • The Coincorner exchange is affiliated with major online retailers such as Aliexpress, Acer, Fiverr, Gillette etc. of which when it's users make use of this affiliation could earn 32% Bitcoin rebates
  • The exchange is offered on its website and applications accessible for both IOS and Android devices
  • Over 45 countries supported as it extends even beyond the European continent
  • The only cryptocurrency supported on this exchange is Bitcoin
  • High deposit rates for Bank transfer GBP of 25GBP
  • Withdrawal fees of 35EUR for Euro bank transfer
  • High trade fees for transactions less than or equal to 10GBP/EUR is 1GBP/EUR which is on the extreme high side

Revainrating 4 out of 5


CoinCorner is an exchange platform where users can send and receive digital assets in a fast and secure way, this wallet has the characteristic that it has excellent security when it comes to sending assets, thus transferring quickly. In terms of security, it has secret codes and keys to protect user information as well as two-factor authentication, CoinCorner makes it easy for users to store user assets.

  • It has an easy to use interface.
  • Transaction fees are low.
  • It is an exchange has its main headquarters in Great Britain where it has a large community.
  • It only accepts few cryptocurrencies.

Revainrating 3 out of 5


Coincorner is a very good option in your exchanges since it has an optimal and easy-to-use platform for anyone It has a list of several languages ​​for users from different countries and a chat that provides live technical support To help users with doubts and frequently asked questions This platform has fabulous security with verification methods. This platform also has negative points How are their rates since they have somewhat high prices for most users who trade regularly Except for this…

  • Easy to use
  • Multiple languages
  • Attractive rates
  • Only famous cryptocurrencies

Revainrating 3 out of 5


This platform has created a reputation over the years that has provided its optimal services to all its users. It is a platform that has all the points in its favor since it has a good list of cryptocurrencies to negotiate, buy and sell, also a good speed in the processing of your transactions, this platform has spectacular attention for all its users as they answer questions and frequently asked questions about their platform, as well as having a very simple and easy-to-use interface for new…

  • multiple languages
  • excellent technical support
  • extensive list of assets
  • high fees

Revainrating 4 out of 5


CoinCorner is an exchange that works from London which allows users to transfer cryptocurrencies in an easy and fast way, it also facilitates the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies through digital assets where users can do it through the CoinCorner wallet. . This exchange accepts a wide variety of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash among others in the market. In terms of security, it has several technologies to safeguard user information, such as authentication for…

  • It is a very easy platform to use for new investors.
  • Work with currency currency.
  • You can buy and sell cryptocurrency.
  • It only accepts few cryptocurrencies.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

CoinCorner Exchange

CoinCorner is identified as one of the UK's top crypto exchanges. But it is not only limited to being an exchange for the sale and purchase of crypto assets, it also functions as a wallet. Bone in CoinCorner is bought, sold, deposited, withdrawn and stored different cryptocurrencies. The supported currencies are few but it can be said that enough since it focuses on the most important ones currently, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. This exchange is available in more than 45 countri

  • Easy to execute and secure transactions
  • Accepts credit and debit card deposits, in EUR.
  • Stable security
  • Available in over 45 countries
  • Mobile application
  • Only 4 cryptocurrencies available.
  • Technical support with schedule restrictions

Revainrating 4 out of 5


This is one of the cryptocurrency exchange platforms that was launched in 2014 and since its inception it was very good, plus something positive for this is that the exchange to acquire Bitcoin very fast. This platform allows you to buy Bitcoin with fiat currencies in the UK using Pound Sterling or Euro. This exchange has a very good interface since it is not complicated at all and for new users it is very easy to use which is a positive thing, however security does not depend on it and it is…

  • Works with fiat currency which is very good
  • Very good and functional interface
  • Works with p2p network
  • Cold storage
  • Security with Google authentication by 2 factors.
  • Only bitcoins are compatible with wallet and exchange

Revainrating 5 out of 5

CoinCorner is registered on the Isle of Man.

CoinCorner is a company which allows unexperienced people to take part in the crypto currency space. They facilitate the exchange on EUR and GBP and Bitcoin. In essence, this is more of a change bureau than a trading venue. While the company charges 5% on most transfers, they provide an amazing convenience. Here are the pros and cons of CoinCorner.

  • Easy to use interface .
  • Ability to transfer Bitcoin to a wallet.
  • Only Bitcoin, EUR and GBP supported.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Coincorner is platform of exchange.

Coincorner is a company which allows you to buy bitcoin instantly,much like bitstamp and coinbase.While it isn’t an exchange in the sense of a dedicated trading venue,it is an entry level service,which allows you to then transfer your bitcoin elsewhere.

  • The service provided by coincorner is very simple.
  • Accepts bank transfers and credit cards.
  • Accepts Neteller.
  • Ability to transfer bitcoin to a wallet.
  • Five percents fees on most transfers.
  • Complaints about mispricing.
  • Coincorner does not offer margin trading.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Platform focused on the European Union, with great experience since 2014…

Platform focused on the European Union, with great experience since 2014 coincorner is an Exchange for the rapid acquisition of BTC, using euros and pounds sterling using simple deposit methods and buying from BTC on the matching platform based in the United Kingdom. With the modern feature customization of its interface it is convenient and easy to use for any user resident in Europe

  • Exchange with wallet functionality for phone versions, convenient for users with large mobile device management. In addition to its modern and fully functional interface design for anyone who wishes to perform an operation, in addition to that it works with the P2P network, for a better experience between sellers and buyers. Its security level is acceptable, when working with two-factor authentication and has the function of cold storage of 95% of digital assets protecting it from theft in the network. In addition, it is a secure and regulated platform, and backed by a company registered in the United Kingdom, giving more peace of mind to various investors. Your platform is compatible with any device
  • Exchange specially captured for European residents. The liquidity rate is totally low due to being a small Exchange and its platform is limited to only one cryptocurrency, in this case BTC Their rates are relatively high at the level of withdrawals and deposits in Fiat currency. The level of waiting for shipments and withdrawals is completely dismal, both in Fiat and BTC currencies for a period of 2 or 3 days for the arrival of the assets.

One of the main things that CoinCorner has going for it is renown. The team positioned themselves as operators of a faithful crypto service at a time when many crypto businesses were run by enthusiasts with very little experience. The sands have shifted in recent years. More and more cryptocurrency purchasing services are setting up shop. Many new purchasing services have lower fees. To stay competitive, it may be time for CoinCorner to reduce its fees. Beginners will find CoinCorner easy to…

  • •Easy to use: You don’t have to be a crypto expert to use this service, simple interface are some of its most user friendly features. •Deposits & withdrawals: This is the only crypto exchangers that lets you deposit or withdraw funds directly to or from a bankcard. •Public payment page: You can set up a personal payment page, which you can send to your customers if you run a business. •Security track record: Though it’s one of the oldest cryptocurrency purchasing services, it’s never been hacked.
  • •It supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple, but you can only deposit or withdraw in Bitcoin. •Very high fees compared to other exchange services. •Customer support not fast enough it use ticket system to track its customers.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Coincorner Exchange Review.

All in all, if you are looking for a cheap way to get coins and maintain them CoinCorner might not be for you. First, you need to complete the extensive verification process, which might take few days to be done completely. Next, deposit fees are quite high if GBP bank transfers are not used when withdrawing /depositing fiat money. The security is average while services are in line with the industry, without unique features that would distinguish the platform. CoinCorner’s wallet is like…

  • Extensive educational tools and guides
  • Fiat currencies also supported by the wallet (GBP and EUR)
  • Coincorner is limited regional coverage (only 30 countries available)
  • Long and extensive registration and verification of an account
  • Only bitcoins are supported by the wallet and exchange
  • Coincorner has bad reputation due to the large transaction and deposit/withdrawal fees