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Review on Cryptopia by Amos joseph

Cryptopia currently under maintenance


For the benefit of interested users I will begin by writing out base on my research about Cryptopia exchange the exchange platform is currently under maintenance which means there have been some security breach which make the exchange to go into liquidation currently no trading activities are carried out in the platform as there are lot of reformation and adjustment been made by the management.

A New Zealand base exchange platform founded by Adam Clark, the company went into liquidation May 15 in which Over $16 million worth of Crypto where stolen from the exchange and moved to other exchanging platform.

Up till date there have been valid response from the management about refund of users fund as loads of compliant have been flooding the exchange social platform where various users/investors have filled out complaint.

In December 11 2020 the management made announcement of refunding users asset which they claim users can be able to claim their stolen fund from a portal which was created by the management.

If you're about making any entry into such platform I'd advise to make much basic research about the platform before investing your time.

About Cryptopia exchange.

A new Zealand c2c exchange platform which also support new Zealand local fiat currency there are multiple crypto pairs traded on the platform which includes BTC, USDT, and ETH users can conduct business transaction directly on the platform although no mobile application is available for trading traders can use supported web browser to place and perform personal trading activities.

it's support buy/sell order for different crypto pairs it's very fast when executing trading order with very considerable trading fee, with charge value of 0.2%.

It's customer support is very slow with response to complaint from customers.


In general Cryptopia have been a transparent exchange platform for trading crypto and fiat currency due to it 2018 breach the platform have loss users reputation as more investors have withdrawal from performing basic transaction on the platform so I would advise interested users to make adequate research before starting out on the platform with their capital.

Pros & cons

  • Crypto and fiat supported exchange platform
  • Good security system with ssl and two factor authentication system
  • Support multiple crypto pairs with low trading fee
  • Support web browser for trading
  • Affected traders/investors can reclaim their lost asset
  • Slow customer response
  • Suffer security breach