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Review on Dcoin by LUIS RIVERO R

Revainrating 4 out of 5


This is an exchange that offers a high level of security and good liquidity, which makes it really attractive for new users or people who are investing in new projects here you will find a wide range of new cryptocurrencies listed.
The exchange gateway is similar to that of others, which makes users familiar with the Dcoin trading process.
It does not offer much information about the developers of this exchange.
In general, this exchange is good for buying innovative assets, however, due to the limited information it is advisable to keep your assets in the respective wallets, that is, make withdrawals and keep them stored safe.

  • It has good market liquidity.
  • Fees and transactions on average to those of the market.
  • Application available for android and iOS.  
  • They do not have good customer service.
  • They do not have binding.
  • No future contracts.  
  • No crypto purchase with fiat or card

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January 05, 2020
Generally, in the course of time the purchase of Fiat currency can be integrated into the Exchange because it happens that several are already beginning to implement this system due to the great use of cryptocurrencies instead by Fiat moenda