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Review on IDEX by José A Rodríguez

Platform for Trading that Depends of the Services its Token Offers

"Trading without compromising security" or " join to the world's leading exchange" are just some of the most famous motos used by almost all companies that provide an exchange network with high probabilities of trading. The follow the same pattern of promotion, and that's seen like something common nor innovative. In the case of Idex, this is a company dedicated to offering trading services with high receptivity in the features that it is equipped with.

The exchange has two different ways of being accessed, and that depends on the utility IP address for the zone where it is located. The great things if this service is that it is fast, and has provided great security to users. It has been never hacked, and that brings good news to its reputation. The protocols here function differently since they consist of professional internal agents that make it look like something with high capabilities.

On the other hand, the service-connected to the users' needs is helpful. Security is never enough, and here they have the option of having control of managing their keys privately and appropriately. They can also interact with the inner system until configuring the options that permit them to diversify the view of the site. After that is considered, they can start not only trading but executing some type of tasks referred to pools, though. It means that it also permits to stake to receive great earnings with high percentages.

Now, a very particular issue is that the exchange depends a lot of the token created for the company to bring support to it. This token is a good contribution, but the team expects that the only way of making the market grow up is by offering something that permits the service to be functional without counterparts.

Users must always check by themselves how the platform works and decide if it is functional. Personally, this is a great service but it yet requires improvement for the way the token is baked, and how the channels of trading depend exclusively on it.

Pros & cons

  • Platform with countable features that depends on qualities specially included for the security, protocols, and the external channels of trading.
  • Great support from the company as well as good attention is given for users.
  • It goes to another level of professionalism thanks to the integration of measured digital resources, and a special set of protocols.
  • The service depends on the token of the platform to be optional in case of liquidity although the real task is to contribute to the growth of the market.