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Revainrating 2.5 out of 5  
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Digital currency brokers can interface with the KutBitX's assets through various connections. This organization is accessible in the web and it is worldwide perceived as an open-source, self-sufficient trade. This help is loaning a kind of created instruments for dealers that can be overseen through the work area variant itself, or downloaded for mobiles. The current portable application groups a decent plan and works withouts bugs giving magnificent regard for the advanced chances of this m

  • It is a little asset to purchase and sell tokens. The environment is clear and allows clients to enter in another universe of online business.
  • It is an extraordinary chance to clients and merchants from Africa where they can contribute to purchase loads of various tokens.
  • The trade is profoundly restricted to clients from around the globe, and the combination of tokens is yet to little.
  • The assistance doesn't uphold fiat and has not joining of banking suppliers to enter stores quickly.
  • The undertaking should get a few updates to turn into a more perceived help.

Kubitx was created in 2017 as a centralized exchange of Malta. It is made with one of the most advanced blockchain technologies since many developers and professionals have linked up to establish this exchange. Up to 12 million+ trading operations can be performed each second. This exchange, which mostly supports etheruems and takes ETH in deposits, was virtually ideal for me. Naturally this trade has some limits and is limited from the US and China, the minimum investments in this exchange are

  • It has a fast speed of processing transactions
  • The exchange provides users with its native token
  • It is a recently launched centralized exchange
  • The exchange native token has a low value
  • Trading volume here is somewhat low

Revainrating 2 out of 5

The company is available online.

KubitX was a Maltese trade and I joined last year to take a brief look at what it is, but I knew it wasn’t really ideal for me. Being a financial supporter in cryptocurrency cryptocurrencies, trading was needed to provide all the expected assistance to exchange all important digital currencies. However, when I used KubitX, I realized that it was only suitable for ETH exchange. Today’s multifunctional applications are well-designed and run flawlessly, with a perfect focus on the computerized…

  • Accesses several social media networks.
  • The language type is small.

Revainrating 3 out of 5


Hi everyone ! I am going to write about KutBitX. Cryptocurrency dealers can interface with the KutBitX's assets through distinctive joins. This company is accessible within the web and it is all inclusive recognized as an open-source, independent trade. This benefit is loaning a sort of created devices for dealers that can be overseen through the desktop adaptation itself, or downloaded for mobiles. The current portable app posses a great plan and works withouts bugs giving great consideration…

  • for mobile
  • I don't know

Revainrating 3 out of 5


KubitX is an exchange which allows you to spend one currency in all part of africa through the possibility of cryptocurrency ledger technology. KubitX is accessible through Android and iOS mobile devices with intuitive interface, it powers you to send value to loved ones across Africa and world, it also handles your micro remittance reliably. KubitX allows you deposit funds to purchase stablecoins via cards, bank transfers or mobile money and allows you swap stablecoins for other assets.…

  • It allows Deposits through cards, bank 🏦 transfers or mobile money and powers withdrawal into same with ease
  • It ensures fast settlements
  • It allows you swap funds for other assets too
  • KYC is required

Cryptocurrency traders can connect with the KutBitX's resources through different links. This company is available in the web and it is globally recognized as an open-source, autonomous exchange. This service is lending a sort of developed tools for traders that can be managed through the desktop version itself, or downloaded for mobiles. The current mobile app posses a good design and works withouts bugs providing excellent attention to the digital opportunities of this market. This company…

  • It is a small resource to buy and sell tokens. The ecosystem is clear and permits users to enter in a new world of e-commerce.
  • It is a great opportunity to users and traders from Africa where they can invest to buy lots of different tokens.
  • The exchange is highly limited to users from around the globe, and the integration of tokens is yet to small.
  • The service does not support fiat and has not integration of banking providers to enter deposits rapidly.
  • The project must receive some updates to become a more recognized service.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

The Maltan ETH exchange.

KubitX is a Maltan exchange which I joined last year so as to have a glimpse of what it was like,but I found out,it was an exchange which wasn't actually perfect for me. Being an investor in all cryptocurrencies,I wanted an exchange willing to provide me with all the service needed to trade in all the major cryptocurrencies. But on using KubitX,I discovered that it was perfect for trading just ETH. It was launched in 2017 from Malta and was developed by professional developers from Dell , MTN,

  • Fast and convenient transactions
  • Perfect for trading ETH
  • Required KYC