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About Mubadil

A unique crypto p2p exchange with zero fee and no crypto deposit requirement.

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Mubadil digital money trade PAK token for lawful delicate

Mubadil Cryptographic money trade (October 15, 2020) could be a circulated advanced cash market that empowers you to trade PAK tokens for lawful delicate. trade cMubadil digital money trade PAK token for lawful delicate onjointly gives labeling and...See full review

If you have plenty of free time, Pakistani company where you can exchange P2P

I got to know this project after it was listed on the revain website and did some research. However, as a result of my research, some negative comments frightened me a little. Nevertheless, I decided to try using this project. It took me a long...See full review

One of Pakistan's crypto projects.

Today I will write to you about the MUBADIL project. I mentioned many Pakistani projects in my previous articles. MUBADIL is just one of Pakistan's crypto projects. As always, before writing about this MUBADIL project, I did a comprehensive...See full review

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My views on Mubadil

Mubadil is one of the stock market projects that contains Pakcoin and a few more coins. They cooperate with Pakcoin. When I visited Mubadil Stock Exchange, I noticed that the site interface remained very simple. This creates a trust problem among...See full review

Fast P2p exchange for Pakcoin

Direct exchange between people with a really limited amount of available assets. Something really relevant is that it seems like a new exchange since many features are missing for it to work well for example: -I cannot access my counterpart's...See full review

The exchange is trying though, but I will advice the team to put in more effort for better result

Mubadil is a Pakistan exchange that Is also trusted, even if, it was not established on time. I guess the exchange gain trust due to it simplicity and straight forward activities it carry out. The exchange uses a 2 factor authentication to make...See full review

Mubadil needs to be clear on what it offers

Mubadil is a peer 2 peer exchange, the exchange has been existing since 2015 but it isn't very popular or known by many traders. I don't seem to understand what the exchange does exactly cause the whole interface looks so creepy and disorganized...See full review

Mubadil a P2P trading platform review.

Mubadil is a P2P trading platform that fully focuses on Pakistani customers. Although the trading platform has many development opportunities, the desire for a large number of customers, scalability, and platform improvements have made them healthy...See full review


Mubadil is largely a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency marketplace for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. It does this with the aid of using right now connecting the price range that investors need to capacity clients on its on line platform. Pakcoin...See full review

Mubadil trade audit

mubadil is a committed trade given by the PakCoin group. This trade utilizes the P2P (Peer to peer) strategy and with the assistance of this innovation, activities in this trade are performed by clients without the requirement for a focal framework…See full review