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Description of Mubadil

A unique crypto p2p exchange with zero fee and no crypto deposit requirement.


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Revainrating 3 out of 5

Mubadil digital money trade PAK token for lawful delicate

Mubadil Cryptographic money trade (October 15, 2020) could be a circulated advanced cash market that empowers you to trade PAK tokens for lawful delicate. trade cMubadil digital money trade PAK token for lawful delicate onjointly gives labeling and digging the board for PAK tokens. Trades that overlook your money will ensure that you get the tokens inside the PRT token, that is a steady cash. PRT is that the symbolic that you basically may get after you give Mubadil along your PAK PRT tokens…

  • Stable money
  • Disregard

I got to know this project after it was listed on the revain website and did some research. However, as a result of my research, some negative comments frightened me a little. Nevertheless, I decided to try using this project. It took me a long time to register on the site. When registering, he additionally requests a reference code from us. However, if we enter the site directly from the official site link in the Mubadil project listed on the revain site, we can register with the automatic…

  • We can make P2P exchanges.
  • registration took a lot of time.
  • a decentralized project.
  • There are problems and time loss in money transfer.
  • Language translation is misleading.
  • assets are limited.
  • Access to the user profile is denied.
  • small project, much more should be developed.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

One of Pakistan's crypto projects.

Today I will write to you about the MUBADIL project. I mentioned many Pakistani projects in my previous articles. MUBADIL is just one of Pakistan's crypto projects. As always, before writing about this MUBADIL project, I did a comprehensive research, searched the official website of the MUBADIL project. First of all, I would like to point out that since this project is also a new project, many cyber fraudsters try to defraud people by using the name of the MUBADİL project. In order not to…

  • New project
  • Easily registering
  • Some problems on transfer

Revainrating 2 out of 5

My views on Mubadil

Mubadil is one of the stock market projects that contains Pakcoin and a few more coins. They cooperate with Pakcoin. When I visited Mubadil Stock Exchange, I noticed that the site interface remained very simple. This creates a trust problem among all users and I am also concerned about security about this platform. Therefore, users who want to use Mubadil exchange should create an account by taking into account these conditions. I think Mubadil's cooperation with Pakcoin does not create…

  • It is a stock exchange available worldwide.
  • Buy-sell transactions are carried out in a convenient way.
  • The stock market has shaken up a lot of users, including me, in terms of security.
  • It is small in scale and still needs to be developed.
  • There is no functional wallet.
  • I'd say the use of the stock market is quite problematic.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Fast P2p exchange for Pakcoin

Direct exchange between people with a really limited amount of available assets. Something really relevant is that it seems like a new exchange since many features are missing for it to work well for example: -I cannot access my counterpart's profile and thus verify her category or if she has a good track record. In general, it is a good alternative to buy pakcoin using some assets, however it is not yet interesting for users outside of Pakistan since there are other platforms that offer a…

  • Especially aimed at exchanging a specific cryptocurrency, it fulfills this function, however, it falls behind other similar projects.
  • Slow registration process.
  • There is great competition in projects that allow P2p changes.
  • Limited available assets.
  • There is no section where fees can be verified.

Mubadil is a Pakistan exchange that Is also trusted, even if, it was not established on time. I guess the exchange gain trust due to it simplicity and straight forward activities it carry out. The exchange uses a 2 factor authentication to make sure the user's account are highly secured. One the priorities of the is the mode of their security. The exchange has a very responsive support team, it gives instant replies to messages. Since the crypto currency I trade mostly in this exchange is…

  • Secured platform
  • Low fees
  • Easy navigation
  • This exchange should build it trading volume
  • I couldn't find the exchange in telegram

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Mubadil needs to be clear on what it offers

Mubadil is a peer 2 peer exchange, the exchange has been existing since 2015 but it isn't very popular or known by many traders. I don't seem to understand what the exchange does exactly cause the whole interface looks so creepy and disorganized, the information displayed on the exchange is a combination of both English and a foreign I don't so I could decipher what it was all about I also doubt the genuineness of the exchanges cause there was no information about it on the coin market cap,

  • No fee is paid
  • The exchange is not clear on what they offer

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Mubadil a P2P trading platform review.

Mubadil is a P2P trading platform that fully focuses on Pakistani customers. Although the trading platform has many development opportunities, the desire for a large number of customers, scalability, and platform improvements have made them healthy and more aggressive markets that they want to join. For Pakistani customers, the platform supports Pakcoin transactions and can be easily converted to fiat currency foreign exchange by tapping the platform. Although there is no complete batch record…

  • Low transaction fee
  • It's easy to use
  • Nice security features
  • Limited to Pakistan

Revainrating 4 out of 5


Mubadil is largely a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency marketplace for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. It does this with the aid of using right now connecting the price range that investors need to capacity clients on its on line platform. Pakcoin may be bought the usage of banking techniques or numerous cryptocurrency deposits (inclusive of USDT and Ethereum, etc.). The registration method for collaborating on this transaction has been modified to a easy method, in line with which the switch…

  • Email messages associated with Accounts to which one will ship budget to are commonly beneathneath a minute and this enables to make this transactions faster
  • The User Interface of the Mubadil P2P trade is one which is simple to navigate and apprehend the way to operate
  • Decentralized it really works as there's no 0.33 events facilitating an trade and might consequently require a charge to procedure their transactions
  • The Mubadil trade lets in for clean and direct buy of cryptocurrencies from traders with out charging middleman prices. This indicates how
  • Requires affirmation of switch earlier than the service provider can transact the bought Crypto. This slows down the entire procedure

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Mubadil trade audit

mubadil is a committed trade given by the PakCoin group. This trade utilizes the P2P (Peer to peer) strategy and with the assistance of this innovation, activities in this trade are performed by clients without the requirement for a focal framework. I joined to compose an audit on mubadil. The enrollment cycle was simple however the initiation email was shipped off me somewhat late (around 4 minutes after the fact) Subsequent to initiating the record, when I signed in to the record, 2FA was

  • Backing is well accessible
  • It is simply conceivable to exchange and put resources into one digital currency

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Mubadil cryptocurrency exchange PAK token for legal tender

Mubadil Cryptocurrency commerce (October 15, 2020) could be a distributed digital currency market that enables you to exchange PAK tokens for legal tender. commerce conjointly gives tagging and mining management for PAK tokens. Exchanges that ignore your cash will make sure that you receive the tokens within the PRT token, that is a stable currency. PRT is that the token that you simply might get after you provide Mubadil along with your PAK PRT tokens, and you can not withdraw PRT from your…

  • Stable currency
  • Ignore

With an extraordinarily high level of planning, the added capabilities are very limited, the customer support interface is cut off, and the trading liquidity is very low, which is expected to be a close trade, but also a decent UI and a decent amount of money, regardless of the cost of managing the other. will be located. The most important component that we can identify is the organization that works under the distributed tool; that is, the scene operates directly among workers who are not…

  • Allows access to the Pakcoin ecosystem
  • It supports very little currency.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Mubadil Crypto trade: Positive or negative? Too soon to call

Mubadil crypto trade (dispatched fifteenth of October 2020) is a Distributed digital money trade that permits the trading of PAK tokens to fiat cash. The trade additionally gives marking and mining administrations to the PAK token. The Mubadil trade has been smoothed out so that all the exchanging you leave on despite your money guarantees that you can just pull out your token in PRT token, which is a stablecoin. PRT is a token is possibly gotten when you offer your PAK tokens to PRT on…

  • The stage UI is generally cordial and simple to utilize
  • Mubadil trade acknowledges Shared exchanging of USDT, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and LTC
  • Being a Shared trade guarantees that exchanges are finished quick
  • There is no expense charged for any exchanging you complete on the stage.
  • The stage have not accumulated sufficient trust and prominence
  • The stage is too Pakistani customer focused
  • You can't pull out your PRT token from Mubadil to other crypto wallets

Revainrating 1 out of 5

I don't think Mubadil platform is very reliable

Mubadil is a cryptocurrency exchange this cryptocurrency exchange, which has just opened, is not a very reliable exchange in my opinion. In addition, Whitepaper is available on the site but is not available in any way, the site gives an error when you want to see whitepaper, and this situation has shaken my confidence decisively. Although the site has a moderate trading volume in this direction, the functioning of the site and the daily trading volume of the stock market shake my confidence in…

  • Apart from a newly opened stock market, it doesn't have many good features
  • Whitepaper is available on the site, but when you want to review the site gives an error, so I didn't find it very safe
  • The interface of the site is very simple and sloppy, not useful at all
  • I couldn't trust Mubadil platform

Mubadil is essentially a Peer-to-peer crypto market for the exchange of Cryptocurrencies and it does this by directly connecting the merchants of the wanted coins to their potential buyers on its web platform. Currently, the only supported Crypto on the exchange is the Pakcoin and it can be purchased using banking methods or other Crypto deposits like USDT and Ethereum among others. The onboarding process of joining this exchange was a smooth one and then moving unto it's open orders, I came…

  • The Mubadil exchange allows for easy and direct purchase of cryptocurrencies from merchants without charging intermediary fees. This shows how Decentralized it works as there is no third parties facilitating an exchange and would therefore require a fee to process their transactions
  • The User Interface of the Mubadil P2P exchange is one that is easy to navigate and understand how to operate
  • Email messages related to Accounts to which one will send funds to are usually under a minute and this helps to make this transactions faster
  • Requires confirmation of transfer before the merchant can transact the purchased Crypto. This slows down the whole process

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Mubadil Crypto exchange: Good or Bad? Too early to call

Mubadil crypto exchange (launched 15th of October 2020) is a Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency exchange that allows the exchange of PAK tokens to fiat currency. The exchange also provides staking and mining services for the PAK token. The Mubadil exchange has been streamlined in such a way that all the trading you embark on notwithstanding your currency ensures that you can only withdraw your token in PRT token, which is a stablecoin. PRT is a token is only gotten when you sell your PAK tokens to PRT

  • The platform UI is relatively friendly and easy to use
  • Mubadil exchange accepts Peer-to-Peer trading of USDT, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and LTC
  • Being a Peer-to-Peer exchange ensures that transactions are completed very fast
  • There is no fee charged for any trading you complete on the platform.
  • The roadmap for this crypto exchange project is not available in English
  • The platform does not support a lot of currencies
  • The platform is too Pakistani consumer-centered
  • The platform have not gathered enough trust and popularity
  • You cannot withdraw your PRT token from Mubadil to other crypto wallets

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Mubadil exchange review

mubadil is a dedicated exchange provided by the PakCoin team. This exchange uses the P2P (Peer to peer) method and with the help of this technology, actions in this exchange are performed by users without the need for a central system. I signed up to write a review on mubadil. The registration process was easy but the activation email was sent to me a little late (about 4 minutes later) After activating the account, when I logged in to the account, 2FA was automatically activated for me by…

  • Suitable for Pakistani users and my interest in Pakcoin
  • Support is well available
  • Automatically, 2FA is enabled for accounts
  • It is only possible to trade and invest in one cryptocurrency
  • Only balance can be withdrawn with the help of Pakistani official currency

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Another newcomer in the P2P exchange market.

Pakcoin presenting a one of a kind P2P exchange in Pakistan in which no expenses or charges will be required and no bitcoin or other coin should keep on the exchange. The seller will send the coin straightforwardly to the purchaser. This will spare you the expenses you pay on other p2p exchanges. Mubadil provides services based on dual currency models like Revain. For example, no matter which currency you trade, you can only withdraw in Mubadil's PRT coins which have a value of 1 Pakistani…

  • Very easy registration process.
  • The tutorial video is very useful for those who want to trade in Mubadil.
  • They have a whitepaper to understand the whole concept (It is written in Urdu).
  • Very limited buy/sell order.
  • Security is very weak it needed to be strong.
  • It will be very difficult for Mubadil to gain trust in the crypto market.
  • I have been noticing a sell order from yesterday that has not been fulfilled today, my concern is that there are very few users.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Newly launched P2P exchange.

Mubadil is based in Pakistan and they have recently begun the business. At whatever point you're utilizing a digital currency service, you need the business to be old and set up, which diminishes the opportunity of them shutting shop for the time being. Yet, on account of Mubadil, it is typical for you to have some dread. Since they are not a legitimate P2P exchange specialist co-op. Yet, all companies start from zero. They have their own coin PRT, it will be utilized in pure coin, bitcoin…

  • I like Mubadil's UI on the grounds that it's natural to utilize.
  • Purchasing on Mubadil is simple and smoothed out.
  • Progressively more coins and digital currencies at Mubadil will be added.
  • There will be no charge for any exchange.
  • No crypto deposit is required in your account.
  • A new platform just three months old, my only concern is how trustworthy Mubadil is.
  • They does not mention any options for customer support.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Mubadil peer to peer exchange

When choosing an exchange house we must carefully study the options that the cryptographic market presents us; since there are currently many platforms with different characteristics and even some very unreliable. Mubadil is a platform for the exchange of digital assets; whose appearance on the market is quite recent (10-15-2020). However, it offers important features that are well worth knowing. The most valuable feature that we can mention is its network that operates under a peer to peer

  • It is a network that works as equals
  • Allows access to the Pakcoin ecosystem
  • It is not subject to controls or intermediaries
  • It is traded in few markets due to its recent launch.