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Review on Nominex by Joseph Bello

The Nominex Exchange Platform Offers Traders Numerous Earning Opportunities

The Nominex exchange platform is an exchange platform that puts its numerous users at heart. It is an exchange platform that offers its users numerous earning opportunities. The ones I've experienced are as follows:exchange

1. Staking Of Funds: The Nominex exchange platform allows traders to stake their assets. Staling works in a way that when you leave your cryptocurrencies ideally, they tend to produce more for you. This would help you get little returns for just leaving your cryptocurrencies in their possession. I am currently staking about 1,000 Trons and my Trons have been increased to 1004. The income one gets from this is

2. Deposit Of Funds: They also reward traders for high deposits made on their platform. When new users deposit cryptocurrencies worth 100 dollars, the Nominex platform gifts them 50 dollars for trading. This would really be found helpful to

Sharing Of Their Post On Social Media: They tend to reward their users with 50 dollars for sharing a post on their social media handles. The requirements tends to be a bit tedious as for one to be able to share on Facebook, he would need to have a minimum of 100 friends and for Twitter, the account should have been active for at least 6 months. I've done mine on Facebook but I'm yet to receive the

4. Referrals: They also give users 30% of their referrals trading fee. This bonus is dependent on how active your referral is and I'm yet to have a

These opportunities are the ones I know of and have tried out, who knows if there are many more out there. As for their trading fee, the exchange platform charges a very cheap and affordable trading fee of 0.1%, the next I've seen after Binance. This trading fee tends to be lower when you use their NMX token as they give a 50% discount for trading fees when it is paid with their own token (NMX token). Presently, the token can't be sold, making the discount a reason I'm having it in my

For their support system, they aren't too responsive as sometimes I won't see them online. Although their bots are very

Pros & cons

  • Their trading fee is very cheap and affordable as they charge 0.1% for both makers and takers. They even offer a discount of 50% for using their NMX token to pay for trading fee
  • They give their users numerous earning opportunities
  • Their interface is not too beautiful but is okay
  • Their NMX token cannot be sold yet