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Revainrating 1 out of 5  
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Revainrating 1 out of 5

OCX: This Trade is at present not strong

This is a trade that should assist clients with fostering their abilities in Exchanging digital currencies. This trade has been in presence for quite a while presently and as per what I'm seeing about this trade it can't uphold any great action of exchanging any digital money. this task has not made any method of signing into the stage or even made a type of storing cash to purchase monetary standards to exchange. As indicated by my examination that is not been any type of exchanging since

  • Nothing but bad
  • No reaction from the designers
  • Can't be gotten to.
  • No login plausibility
  • Hard to work.

Ocx is a centralized exchange which was founded in 2013. The exchange is an old exchange. I usually respect any old exchange that seems still active. Because they would have had many trading experience. But for the case of this exchange, it has no much information about itself, this is very bad, trading here will be risky. I tried to even create an account with them, but it wasn't possible. The exchange seems to come from China, as the whole website is in Chinese language. I went to telegram…

  • None
  • I don't have a personal user experience
  • Limited information
  • Suspicious tags

Revainrating 3 out of 5

OCX is responsive.

In the very process, in the OX exchange, there is especially nothing about scribbling or scribbling. Since the devil no longer acts. However, certainly not the least, Ox Exchange is closer to a certain moment in the stock market, because there is probably an inexperienced warehouse. The OX warehouse is probably a concentrated commercial platform made in China. This warehouse was created with the goal of becoming a user of knowledge and understanding of cryptocurrency trading. Ox owns a lot of…

  • Created to help expand the knowledge of cryptocurrency trading users.
  • No transaction record has been submitted to this exchange.

Revainrating 1 out of 5


Actually, don't really have much to write about or review on OX exchange. Since it is not operational anymore. But however, ox Exchange has been in the exchange market for some while, that is to say it is not an inexperienced Exchange. OX exchange is a centralized trading platform, that originated from China. This Exchange was created so as to develop the users knowledge and understanding on cryptocurrency trading. Ox has alot of trading features, which makes it stand out among other exchanges.

  • Created to help develop users knowledge on cryptocurrency trading.
  • No record of transaction has been provided on this exchange.
  • This exchange mostly favours the Chinese traders.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

This Exchange is currently not supportive

This is an exchange that was supposed to help users develop their skills in Trading cryptocurrencies. This exchange has been in existence for a long time now and according to what I'm observing about this exchange it cannot support any good activity of trading any cryptocurrency. this project has not created any way of logging into the platform or even created a form of depositing money to buy currencies to trade. According to my research that's not been any form of trading since when this…

  • No good
  • No response from the developers
  • Cannot be accessed.
  • No login possibility
  • Difficult to operate.

Revainrating 1 out of 5


OCX is a centralized exchange platform, that has been in operation for a long time. But information regarding it was not given by its developers. This exchange was created a long time ago, by some team of experts. But it is so far, not recognized as an ideal trading platform. No transaction or sale as occur on this platform. Most traders are not even aware of this platform. Most information in this exchange are mostly written in Chinese language, which is easier to conclude that it is from Chi

  • Nothing positive to say about this exchange, as no information on this platform is given.
  • The registration process takes alot of time.
  • Information regarding this platform is not given.
  • No record of transaction on this platform.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Scam exchange, registration isn't even possible !!!

OCX exchange was developed and launched in 2013, there is no clear and confirmed information about its country of origin. Well, the exchange is a centralized one supposedly developed by a team of IT experts. I wasn't able to trade on the exchange due to the fact that registration wasn't possible. After i provided my details for the registration, i was supposed to get a verification code through the phone number i provided but after waiting for exactly 60 seconds, i kept trying to get the…

  • There is no positive part to this exchange
  • I can't really give anything good about this exchange as registration is impossible