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Review on Odee by Barış D

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An abandoned cryptocurrency exchange.

Odee is a cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy and sell cryptocurrency. Even though the stock market seems to be open, no transactions can be made. Because he has seen the 0 point as a numerical value. Odee, a cryptocurrency exchange that emerged about 3 years ago, stopped its operations 2 years ago. When I looked at the website, I noticed a very interesting detail. I saw from the transaction history that a very low amount of ETH was received at 21.30 in the evening on May 1, 2021, in this exchange, which has been abandoned for about 2 years.
On an unused platform, this process is truly amazing and it can be a trap. We cannot count any improvement, as there is already a very small amount of transactions. I definitely cannot recommend a project with no transaction volume and even developers. When I looked at the Telegram groups, I saw that it was not active. This is quite normal.
It could not be expected that the Telegram part of a platform whose stock market part is not working would be accessible. You can also trade without registering for this change. In terms of security, to say the following, how much can we trust a platform that I already have very little information and explanation about. An exchange that is unused and abandoned by anyone, including its developers.

  • Nothing
  • It's really bad about security and development.
  • We have no information about the stock market or the developers.
  • Although it looks like a transaction has been made in the transaction history 4 days ago, the stock exchange does not provide service.

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