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Review on P2PB2B by José A Rodríguez

A Multi-Service Cryptocurreny Exchange for Peer-to-Peer Transactions

The crypto market is mined not only with coins and tokens everywhere but also with new updates in exchange services and platforms that offer lots of opportunities to store and trade at once all commercial tokens. Some of them have great advantages, others offer multiple-services. Such is the case of the Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange partnered with the modern technology of Simplex.  

This exchange offers an open-source for clarifying the act of trading. It is a fully-integrated platform with many features that are ideal in the crypto market. Firstly, the trading section possesses relevant changes that are great to apply for. Secondly, I like the way it promotes new entries for executing everything related to trading without abandoning the page. It means, users can easily buy cryptos with their credit card partnered by VISA and Mastercard, and use them for trading, although the purchasing is limited since there are just four coins available to buy.

Furthermore, users also have the chance of participating in referral games and earn substantial rewards for doing that. I liked that feature because crypto games are always a good way to keep advancing in the market and learn more about it. I consider this addition, as well as the referral program, should be treated carefully to avoid or stop the bad use of the page, and of course, it should be permitted only for verified users.

Now, talking about the inner policies of this Peer-to-Peer exchange, I encountered the terms of the agreement. They are well-explained, and I suggest users take a look at it. This exchange has not many limitations. The protocol it follows is easy to understand.


The issue with P2P-B2B exchange is that it offers security and privacy to its users while trading, but the company does not show consistent explanations about the safety framework. It just ensures the network is regulated for the Web Application Firewall, but this is not the most outstanding feature aimed at security. In general, it uses minimalistic language, and the rest of the information is based on statistics, which are also an issue. Such is the case of the trading window, it presents to us a nice view adaptable to user's needs, but when it uploads the current statistics it shows how most of the prices remain in red, even when other exchanges are stable. The developers should update legit trading margin to avoid losses. On the other hand, the daily trading volume has decreased for both users and tokens listed. The remarkable issue is attached in the picture below.

However, those sorts of issues do not compete with the overall technology running on the platform. I think they can be solved rapidly, and surely many new crypto traders will enjoy the benefits of trading as an expert on this service. Personally, the originality of a peer-to-peer multi-service exchange like this one just guarantees the fact of growing up in the whole ecosystem. Trading with cryptos is never easy, but learning of it can simplify the process.

Pros & cons

  • Good offers for traders. They are welcome with a multi-service platform that offers the listing process application as well as other advantages for referral programs.
  • It has partnered with Visa to permit cryptos purchasing. This means the service could have global coverage.
  • Nice view and good use of technology to set the main platform. It frequently updates the news about the processes it encounters.
  • Some features are not clearly explained. On one hand, the company new to reload the security framework to guarantee the safest place. Competitions and referral programs are not enjoyable when the security might be at risk.
  • It registers a fictitious daily trading volume. The cryptocurrency margin of trading is very volatile.
  • Just 200 cryptocurrencies are useful in the exchange. This is a little bit limited to the freedom of trading.