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Review on Piixpay by Derek Kim

Fast and reliable.

Fast and reliable. Had to do BTC to EURO. I also got the money in my bank account the same day. As I understood, they work with all IBANS.
Quite a neat interface. I had to choose Bitcoin and then recipient.
They also offer more coins to do the cash out. Also, another aspect is that you can do payments to 3rd party. Quite nice if you want to pay bills etc.
They have this InstaFill, which is kinda automatic

I got to the page via Google, when I typed "Crypto to fiat". Not many exchanges offer that smooth. I use my Kraken account.

Pros & cons

  • Fast and reliable. Had to do BTC to EURO, FIAT came the same day. Quite a neat interface.
  • Needs a bit of rebranding, I guess.