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Review on Piixpay by Mehdi hazni


I registered in this exchange and it seems that this exchange is different from all the exchanges I have worked with before.
The main page of this exchange reminded me of Changelly. But the point that caught my eye is that we can only sell our cryptocurrencies and get EUR in return. I did not find an option to buy Cryptocurrencies and only saw the possibility of selling.
Regarding sales, the only Fiat currency is the EUR currency, and for example, BTC cannot be converted to USD.
After registering in the Rewards section, I noticed that this exchange has provided the possibility that if we invite our friends to this exchange, we will be given a discount code on commissions. Of course, it would be better if a bonus was taken into account from the percentage of their transactions. I have sent the image of that section for more detailed information in the attached photo.
In terms of security, this exchange has enabled the activation of Two-Factor Authentication, which is possible through Mobile Phone Number. It would be better to support other services such as google authenticator because it has a very high level of security.

Pros & cons

  • Rewards in Fees for inviting our friends
  • Ability to enable Two-Factor Authentication
  • Not exist in CoinMarketCap
  • not many Fiat currencies are supported