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Review on STEX by José A Rodríguez

Stex: Trading Crypto Through Fiat Management

There are many exchange services around the crypto-world that are more worried about providing a completed service by taking its roots to the fiat support. Some of them are short in the market, while other grew up enough to demonstrate that this is even a better option than common trading.

So, redefining some topics, Stex is a public-root decentralized exchange that operates freely through the partnership to fiat bank accounts. From this way the company wants to offer customer a better way of trading without limits by buying and spending some default money on cryptos, even making deposit for them. Even more, there is a good límite of national currencies that are admitted from Euro to the Yuan. But this is not all what is impressive about the company, they are partnered to world-leading banks, and they share their public links to the information of everyone as well as to entering safely to their digital accounts.

The company is also integrated by a long section of public information full of updates, outcomes, and competitions in cryptocurrencies, in all of them users can find reliable information. It can be said that this is one of the nice views from the platform because there is so much content to get in touch with the crypto-world, even for new users it would benefit them to ensure a way of learning and understanding some processes. On the other hand, the public information of the company makes users to act totally confident and join to the platform because it is even clear where they are based. Although they are an European Exchange located specifically in Atonía, their services are nowadays, available everywhere in the world.

The network is working since the beginning with two options for trading. The first one, as it was established in the beginning, is for using fiat to buy cryptos, and the second one to become an online server where users can store their tokens safely. Although it has not been really recommendable to store them in the wallet the company offers because their security system although is good, is not operated with autonomy. Risks or confirmation failures might still occur since this is an issue that has been prolonging for years.

Now, about the statistics of the company it is good to mention they share trustworthy information about their users, and number of trading programs that occured on it. This is sometimes necessary to measure how efficient is has been for the public population making life through the digital trading. There are not issues, excluding the security features by trading on it since it is legit and it also offers their regulations from the public European Commissions.

By now is not just important to say why Stex is one of the best exchange, but ensure that through the services of low trading fees, controlled IP programs, accessing with professional accounts, or velocity in all the process encountered, users can feel more than confortable and bet for the service to even reward them. At least for that community wanting to use real money to feel secure while trading, Stex is an excellent option. Today, it is growing even more rapidly, and the customer registered keep sharing their success to the platform. Go, register, and trade to do the same!

Pros & cons

  • Excellent partnership with public and leading work companies everywhere in the world. They bring financial support, Institutional knowledge, and open-source trading qualities to keep operative with success.
  • Many fiat currencies are accepted on it as part of the freedom of exchange. The common ones are the Euro, and the Dollar.
  • Excellent features mentioned and organized in the platform, where users can know how the system really works and what causes it serves to.
  • Good marging of trading registered in the last month. Many currencies where traded properly, while fiat currencies flowed actively on it.
  • A section of informative content about current changes in the market place, public competitions, bank afilliations, and more.
  • Partnered to the most trusted and commercial financial institutions from the real-world, Visa and MasterCard.
  • Sometimes the time of transaction confirmation might spent hours because of the high volume of traders in the page. As the company offers a third-party security factor, it works exhaustive and not properly to confirm processes quickly.
  • As part of those security implementations, users do not trust that the safety parameters are the most efficient for the exchange.