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Review on StormGain by Ibraheem Asmau

StormGain exchange is an ideal choice for investors

This is one of the exchange I have actually enjoyed trading on over the time I have used it. I first saw this exchange when I was doing some research work. Then I took interest in it and I decided to try it out.

Personal Experience: This exchange is a platform for buying selling, buying and trading of digital assets. It was founded in 2019 and has alot of features that I enjoyed while using. Ease of registration, Fast transaction, Leverage trading, Ease and convenience of transaction, Liquidity, Reduction of cost loss, Method of Deposit and Security were among the features I enjoyed

Ease of registration: After I knew about this exchange, I proceeded with registration. Registration is very easy, all I needed was just my email, password, phone number, and an optional promo code(I didn't have any promo code) after that I proceeded to trading.

Fast Transaction: While I was using this exchange to trade my cryptocurrencies, there was no time my transactions were slowed down for any reason. In addition to that, I noticed that most of the cryptocurrencies traded there were traded alongside Tether. This exchange can be trusted on the basis of the transaction speed.

Leverage Trading: StormGain has a provision for leverage trading of up to 150 times, as profitable as Leverage trading might be, I have also had a major loss while trading on this exchange(I made a loss of about $120). If well planned and studied, users can use leverage trading to attain maximum profit.

Ease and Convenience of Transaction: Users generally prefer trading on their desktop due to field of view, but in the real sense, trading on the mobile application provides user with that feeling of convenience as users can trade anywhere even down to their restrooms. I actually enjoyed trading on the application but the negative part of it was the fact that the prices of some cryptocurrencies were not updated until I refreshed the page over and over.

Liquidity: With the fees charged and the number of trading pairs available, there is a great liquidity on StormGain, though the fees aren't very cheap, this exchanges still happens to be liquid.

Reduction of Capital Loss: Initially I was skeptical about trading on this exchange, but after I traded on the demo account provided I was rest assured that trading on StormGain would be profitable. With the Demo accounts, users can effectively manage their demo funds and learn how to manipulate market to yield maximal profit.

Method of Deposit: To Deposit in this exchange, there were two options, either through a credit card or cryptocurrency. I opted for the credit card because it seemed very convenient for me.

Security: enabling two factor authentication and storing user's funds in cold storage, users security is guaranteed

Pros & cons

  • Every investor loves Liquidity, this is present in StormGain
  • This exchange puts security into full consideration
  • There is an availability for a mobile Trading app
  • StormGaim processes transactions at an amazing speed
  • This exchange is cost friendly
  • The web version is still more convenient to trade on than the mobile app