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Revainrating 2 out of 5  
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Description of Tokenlon

Tokenlon is a decentralized exchange built on top of 0x protocol. It aims to provide a secure, reliable and seamless trading experience to the masses.


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Type of review

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Review on Tokenlon: it has a local token

This is an etheruem based trade that gives space for open to trading of altcoins, however generally manages etheruem. the trading of etheruem against the local badge of this trade tokenlon is simple.. The exchanging expense of tokenlon is truly reasonable yet has an exceptionally lethargic reaction to stack page or during activity, it is extremely delayed to do quick exercises. The help group of this trade isn't capable at all either through mail, message, twitter or facebook as the case po

  • It is more appropriate on the versatile application
  • etheruem based purchase additionally exchanges other altcoins however
  • moderate on site
  • nouch is kmkwn about this trade

Revainrating 2 out of 5

it has a native token

This is an etheruem based exchange that gives room for comfortable swapping of altcoins, but mostly deals with etheruem. the swapping of etheruem against the native token of this exchange tokenlon is easy.. The trading fee of tokenlon is very affordable but has a very slow response to load page or during operation, it is very slow to carry out fast activities. The support team of this exchange is not responsible at all either through mail, telegram, twitter or facebook as the case maybe. I…

  • It is more suitable on the mobile app
  • etheruem based buy also trades other altcoins though
  • slow on website
  • nouch is kmkwn about this exchange

This is another exchange that was launched recently, that started up business with good features that satisfies the heart desires of users. Tokenlon exchange try to satisfy the users by offering beneficial and profitable features. But now, this exchange has totally changed the serious act of theirs. Now this exchange looks u, even the trading volume was affected. Up till date the exchange is still accessible though, but almost seems like a useless exchange, because no much or serious…

  • This exchange focus more on the satisfaction of it users
  • The exchange gives profitable features to users
  • The exchange went for a maintenance am came back with worse features
  • The exchange is not functioning
  • It has slow response to interface of the website
  • Limited information about itself

Revainrating 2 out of 5

TokenLon is better as an app

TokenLon is an exchange which was developed some time ago. This exchange, TokenLon,at the beginning of it's activity in the exchange world, began fast paced in it's aim to satisfy customers, like most profitable exchanges. TokenLon at the beginning faced this aspect. It satisfied customers given them a near to best experience while trading. But some time later, things changed, well in my own view. Updates were being made on this exchanges website and then the interface changed. If you as a…

  • Try out the mobile app!
  • The website of this exchange might be temporarily down.
  • I didn't enjoy the website and it's interface.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

TokenLon is not so great when it comes to Interface design.

TokenLon is a cryptocurrencies exchange platform on which users can easily trade and swap cryptocurrencies majorly ethereum. Ethereum can be swapped with the local currency of TokenLon which is the LON. This can be carried out of course at very low trading fees. But as it seems this exchange's website doesn't work well and even takes time to load. When I checked the website, I was devastated, because it didn't even respond to my actions. I guess the website is not mobile friendly. It seems to

  • TokenLon comes with a handy mobile application.
  • This exchange also has a very y minimal swapping fee
  • The website's interface is too abstract.
  • The website didn't respond to my actions.