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Review on PoloniDEX by Joseph Bello

The PoloniDEX Focuses On Tron And It's Tokens

The PoloniDEX is an exchange platform that is based on the Tron. It is a new exchange platform that is gradually making it's name due to the fact that it charges no fee for trading and withdrawals. Yes I mean it, they don't charge for trading and withdrawals made at all. Unlike many other exchange platforms that charge both makers and takers a stipulated percentage to pay, the PoloniDEX doesn't charge both parties a dime. In fact, the industry has an average of 0.25% for trading. I got really fascinated by the fact that they don't charge at all and that made me open an account with them. I accessed their services through the web and went through some easy and straight forward procedures. In the process of signing up, I was required to log in with the Tronlink (that was how I got to discover that the platform is based on the Tronlink website). I find their account opening procedure very fast as I got mine done in a couple of minutes.

Their User Interface happens to be really intuitive and attractive. Everything there was properly designed and arranged. I'm sure their mobile application version would be better (although I haven't accessed it and I'm yet to know if they have one). In the process of navigating their platform, I discovered that the exchange platform allows the exchange of only Tron and Tron tokens. I don't find this really nice because there are many cryptocurrency pairs available out there, instead of limiting themselves to just Trons and their tokens. This might be due to the fact that the company has been aquired by Tron. This has also helped it to focus on just one cryptocurrency, Tron.

The platform has implemented maximum security by making it almost impossible to hack their system. They also connect traders directly to make trades (Peer to peer trading). This would make it completely impossible for a trader to lose his or her funds. The password set up can also protect the user account from interference. The fact that it is decentralized has also made it free from security breaches.

Pros & cons

  • The exchange platform doesn't charge a penny as trading fee
  • They have put up some security features which would help in preventing all forms of security breaches
  • Their interface is nicely built with the required information neatly arranged
  • The platform is limited to just Tron and it's tokens
Thalhat Shuaib
January 10, 2021
But for an exchange to be limited to only one or types of coins might be very bad because users love an exchange that is diversed and well decentralized, on the bright side thus exchange has a very good customer support
Thalhat Shuaib
January 10, 2021
I am currently a trader of Tron, TRX and its token. I believe so much in this exchange because of its uniqueness, for an exchange that charges zero fee for trading I think all due respect should be accorded to them