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Revainrating 4 out of 5  
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Revainrating 4 out of 5

PoloniDEX: is an exchange media thinking for its massive use

PoloniDEX may be a decentralized trade that generally exchanges Tron-based coins. The stage is available through Tron-specific wallets such as Tronlink and provides a smooth exchanging experience.  It highlights an awfully basic client interface that indeed unpracticed clients can understand and adore. The DEX gives crypto charts and trading information to help in making the leading transactions.  The as it were impediment may well be the little number of wallets that can interface to a Tron…

  • Advanced security
  • user interface is very simple
  • No transaction fee
  • support

Revainrating 4 out of 5

PoloniDEX: Experienced exchange that has evolved

Exchange that operates since 2014 decentralized whose strength is focused on the Tron block chain, is presented as a good option to operate with our REV token type TRC20 that as we know is the Tron block chain, and I say it is a good option mainly because of the low commission that represents us compared to the token REV ERC20 of the Ethereum chain. The commission for withdrawal is zero and that is an important saving. You can also trade on the Ethereum chain whose margin trading is quite…

  • Good exchange with many features
  • Operates with more than 160 crypto currencies
  • Good number of commercial pairs
  • Good security of your purse in cold.
  • Accepts all major Fiat currencies for the purchase of cryptomonies
  • Low commissions
  • Low liquids
  • Does not operate in the United States
  • Some features are not available for all countries.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

PoloniDEX for TRON

If you are a Tron user and need a fast exchange, PoloniDEX is there for you. You can use all tokens built on the Tron blockchain in PoloniDEX. You can register quickly. You can trade quickly. Commission fees are low. It is a system that operates on the same blockchain as Poloniex and cooperates with Poloniex. The interface of PoloniDEX exchange is simple and easy to understand even the most inexperienced cryptocurrency user. However, more trading pairs must be added. Obviously, the system…

  • Has Unlimited Tron trading pairs
  • No Tron commission fees
  • Its interface is simple and straightforward
  • Only has Tron-based pairs
  • Language options are few

Revainrating 5 out of 5


PoloniDex is a buying and selling platform that has multiplied the range of its buying and selling team, accomplishing adjustments withinside the quality and bendy way, and because the TRON network helps more than one currencies, such modified property may be quick located withinside the portfolio of Dapps- top-security, can update immoderate overall performance. The overall performance of the PoloniDex cell software is above average, with a whole interface, and your gadget is complete of self…

  • It has utility for cellular tool working systems, with entire interface, smooth to apply, the utility works with out screw ups and get admission to to its equipment is smooth.
  • No charges for shifting currencies consisting of BTC or ETH, to the TRON community and transactions are stored speedy.
  • It continuously integrates new virtual currencies.
  • Translating its interface to different languages is viable, considering the fact that its translation choice is out there and with languages in English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.
  • Its platform movements smoothly, has an comprehensible and smooth to apply interface. Its aid offers speedy and pleasant solutions to any inconvenience or doubt.
  • It lets in a quick and stable reference to Dapp wallets.
  • None

Revainrating 3 out of 5

This is a good wallet especially for the newbie

Polonidex has an easy-to-use trading interface for those who are accustomed with centralised exchanges, and you may begin trading with funds in your wallet straight away. Interestingly, you can start making payments/transactions on PoloniDEX right away with your Tron wallet. This also allows consumers direct management over their funds without the need for a third party, and it has strong trading liquidity, with an order book and price chart available for traders. Polonidex does not charge a…

  • No transaction and withdrawal expense
  • It has a friendly user interface and easy to use
  • Gives absolute control over funds
  • Supports only crypto
  • Not available across different regions

Revainrating 3 out of 5

PoloniDex trade that principally exchanges monetary forms

PoloniDEX might be a decentralized trade that basically exchanges monetary standards upheld TRON. The stage might be gotten to through Tron devoted wallets comparing to Tronlink and gives wash exchanges. it's a truly simple interface that even unpracticed clients can see and cherish. bunch activity information can help you construct higher exchanges. the sole limit could likewise be that the measure of wallets which will be associated with a Tron stage like PoloniDEX is tiny. I trust it has a…

  • Aide
  • Cost

Revainrating 4 out of 5

PoloniDEX exchange with great security features

Crypto structures are constantly looking for improvements and enhancements to their community. For this motive they make institutions or bifurcations to increase or optimize their functions. In this sense, we discover PoloniDEX. PoloniDEX has its origins withinside the TRON community and formerly operated beneathneath the TRXMarket nomenclature, till it have become the belongings of Poloniex on the quit of November 2019. PoloniDEX is a virtual platform whose motive is to function a bridge among

  • Its easy to use
  • Nice user interface
  • Security features are good
  • No negative reviews for now

Revainrating 3 out of 5

PoloniDex exchange that primarily trades currencies

PoloniDEX may be a decentralised exchange that primarily trades currencies supported TRON. The platform may be accessed through Tron dedicated wallets corresponding to Tronlink and provides swish transactions. it's a really easy interface that even inexperienced users can perceive and love. group action data can assist you build higher transactions. the sole limitation could also be that the amount of wallets which will be connected to a Tron platform like PoloniDEX is incredibly small. I hope…

  • Assistant
  • Cost

Revainrating 4 out of 5

My review on PoloniDEX Tron based crypto exchange.

PoloniDEX is a decentralized exchange that mostly trades Tron-based coins. The platform is accessible via Tron-specific wallets such as Tronlink and provides a smooth trading experience. It features a very simple user interface that even inexperienced users can understand and love. The DEX provides crypto charts and trading information to assist in making the best transactions. The only limitation might be the small number of wallets that can connect to a Tron platform like PoloniDEX. And I…

  • The quickest method to Tron tokens can be exchanged.
  • The user interface is very simple.
  • Trades are completed quickly and with little fees.
  • Statistics and trading data are displayed.
  • Login requires certain Tron-based wallets.
  • Support is a little sluggish to respond.

PoloniDex, is a trade stage that has extended its apparatuses of trade, permitting, to make trade of ideal structure, quick and with numerous monetary standards that work from the organization of TRON, this trade, has the property that can be connected to wallets Dapps of quick structure, with high security, making conceivable an exchange of superior. The application for cell phones of PoloniDex, works with elite, has an exceptionally complete interface, its framework gives certainty since it'

  • It's anything but a quick and secure association with Dapp wallets.
  • Its foundation moves easily, has a justifiable and simple to utilize interface.
  • Its help offers quick and well disposed responses to any bother or uncertainty.
  • Making an interpretation of its interface to different dialects is conceivable, since its interpretation alternative is available and with dialects in English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.
  • It continually coordinates new computerized monetary forms.
  • No expenses for moving monetary standards like BTC or ETH, to the TRON organization and exchanges are kept quick.
  • It has application for cell phone working frameworks, with complete interface, simple to utilize, the application works without disappointments and admittance to its devices is simple.
  • Its interface has no coordinated Spanish interpretation.

Revainrating 4 out of 5


Being crypto enthusiast will give users choice and chance to select which exchange will be best for them to either trade or transact their received token/coin although users have in time fall victim of dubious exchange it's always advisable before engaging in any exchange to make basic and necessary research here's my finding on PoloniDEX it has no bad review, so far trading activities conducted on the exchange are very transparent no price manipulate, Interestinly the exchange is an affiliate…

  • Open source decentralized exchange platform with crypto base transaction
  • Users are in sole control of their account and trading fund
  • No need for third party for making transaction
  • No transaction fee and KYC verification needed
  • Has good security system accessible by users globally
  • No retrieve of account when lost

Revainrating 4 out of 5

PoloniDEX: es un medio de intercambio pensando para su uso masivo.

PoloniDEX: is an exchange media thinking for its massive use, the implementation of a currency in a way to generate offer the possibility to manage many orders online, because it has a great blockchain ecosystem with very fast channels that can make the operations be registered in seconds and achieve a very concurrent market, it is an exchange media thinking to achieve low market commissions, lower the cost for the operations, higher the number of new users, that will allow them to win the…

  • Once you register and synchronize your personal wallet, you can make multiple exchanges, and all are managed in a very stable way without any error, or problem on the platform.
  • The design of your market is simple, implements the use of clear colors, easy visibility and rapid recession of information, has many important details when exchanging any type of tokens.
  • It's not one of the most popular exchanges in the market, it has had some trouble reaching the level it currently has, it lacks popularity.

PoloniDex, is an exchange platform that has expanded its tools of exchange, allowing, to make exchange of optimal form, fast and with many currencies that operate from the network of TRON, this exchange, has the property that can be linked to wallets Dapps of fast form, with high security, making possible a trade of high performance. The application for mobile devices of PoloniDex, works with high performance, has a very complete interface, its system provides confidence because it is a secure…

  • It allows a fast and secure connection with Dapp wallets.
  • Its platform moves smoothly, has an understandable and easy to use interface.
  • Its support gives fast and friendly answers to any inconvenience or doubt.
  • Translating its interface to other languages is possible, since its translation option is accessible and with languages in English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.
  • It constantly integrates new digital currencies.
  • No fees for transferring currencies such as BTC or ETH, to the TRON network and transactions are kept fast.
  • It has application for mobile device operating systems, with complete interface, easy to use, the application works without failures and access to its tools is easy.
  • Its interface has no integrated Spanish translation.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Polonidex attracts with zero transaction and withdrawal fee

Polonidex mean poloni decentralized exchange. It was established in 2018. This exchange is designed to suit users from diversed languages as it hasbon it's platforms English, Chinese and a few other languages. Like other decentralized exchanges, there are pros and cons. This should be well understood by all intending users. For instance users must keep his Private keys safely since the exchange will not be responsible for retrieval. Also this exchange does not keep your fund. All users has…

  • Users are in custody of theie private keys hence there is high anonymity
  • All data are saved on non centralized servers hence there is better security
  • Polonidex does not charge transaction fee or withdrawal fee
  • It is not as popularly used as the centralized exchange hence less liquidity
  • It is crypto only exchange

Decentralized exchanges are below the top of the iceberg. They show a complete world of financial activities where traders can execute their transactions as if they were experts on the field because they contain all the necessary tools for trades. Many became more productive in the last year and undoubtedly reached good numbers for their volume. PoloniDex is one of the most current innovations in the crypto world. It is an exchange that was born from a partner also in the trading field, but in…

  • Impressive design. It is a conservative network that has a simple, but well-developed interface. Users find quick access to their transactions. It does not present failures or bugs.
  • Good margin of liquidity. Most of the token receive good value, so users can trade them with whilst orders increase.
  • Advanced security features that are commonly studied to improve or correct possible failures in the system.
  • Window to the balance of users that keep a good level of privacy for customers. They navigate on it from their inner log.
  • Last sales and trades were definitely great for the company. It permitted their results to grow up.
  • Users can access if their future orders will be beneficial or not by following some examples that the market offers to them.
  • There is not a real mobile app that can be used to simplify the task when trades have not to access a desktop device.
  • The exchange’s services can be still limited to some countries. Despite being global there exist restrictions of sales. It is confirmed when customers try to register in the platform.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Decentralized version of Poloniex. Your keys your funds.

Specially designed for users who basically use TRX, this is the decentralized version of created by the renowned Poloniex exchange but all the characteristics of use and protocols in the Tron network. For users who are familiar with centralized exchanges, Polonidex offers an easy-to-use trading interface, from the first moment you can start trading with the funds available in your wallet. (Your private keys and funds are really yours.) Each process is executed in a smart contract on the tron…

  • Easy account creation, you just have to download the tronlink extension.
  • Highly decentralized, fast and secure.
  • It relies on the volume of the tron network for transactions
  • Low fees, compared to other blockchains.
  • It has a wide variety of trading pairs.
  • Some cryptocurrencies are illiquid.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

PoloniDEX: easy interface exchange solution

Crypto platforms are always on the lookout for innovations and improvements to their network. For this reason they make associations or bifurcations to expand or optimize their functions. In this sense, we find PoloniDEX. PoloniDEX has its origins in the TRON network and previously operated under the TRXMarket nomenclature, until it became the property of Poloniex at the end of November 2019. PoloniDEX is a digital platform whose purpose is to serve as a bridge between users who want to…

  • It is an open source protocol
  • Offers easy user interface
  • Works without intermediaries
  • It is an efficient system for asset trading
  • Its website is available in 2 languages

Revainrating 3 out of 5

PoloniDEX !

PoloniDEX is a Tron-based cryptographic money trade and has excellent highlights contrasted with other digital currency trades. I have been utilizing the PoloniDEX trade for quite a while, and they don't charge you any expenses for withdrawals and exchanging, and they don't charge charges, for example, exchange expenses, cash move expenses. Indeed, this is the most wonderful component of the securities exchange, on the grounds that practically all digital currency trades charge expenses, for…

  • No fee to withdraw money
  • Only Tron and TRC-20 based currency formats available

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Great features are offered for TRON users.

The world of crypto is constantly evolving, and with it, many exchanges continue to develop and meet their demands. In the TRON currency, users use it millions of times every day. The PoloniDEX exchange also looks like a great exchange to trade with this currency exchange. I came across great design when I visited the web. I was really impressed with the placement of the list so that we could follow the movements and status of the cryptocurrencies in the main life in the last 24 hours…

  • easy to use
  • Registration is completed in 1 minute
  • It supports more than 30 cryptocurrencies.
  • the customer support team works very well.
  • transaction fees are very low
  • social media accounts are always up to date.
  • I like the design.
  • There is always a slowdown on the first login to the website
  • There is support for 3 languages.
  • It didn't manage to be very popular.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

PoloniDex a Tron exchange with no trading fees

PoloniDEX is a decentralized exchange founded in 2018. It is accessible in four different languages namely: English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. It is gaining more familiarity in the crypto world as a result of it giving full control access to its users without any third party interference, accounts are easily created on its platform with a straightaway trading, it has a known lower server downtime risk and viably immune to insecurities. It has a low liquidity, trading is done at zero co

  • No trading and withdrawal fees
  • Lower risk due to server downtime
  • Good user interface
  • Trades only tron