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Revainrating 1.5 out of 5  
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Type of review

Revainrating 1 out of 5

My review about Unnamed Exchange

Hello to everyone. Today I will write to you about Unnamed Exchange. Unnamed Exchange is one of the crypto exchanges created in recent years. I can't write much about this exchange. Because there is no information about the exchange in almost any source on the internet. First I must say, the exchange is most likely a scam. Because, judging by the comments of customers, almost none of the customers are satisfied with this exchange. Some customers even say they cannot withdraw their assets from…

  • No good side
  • Most likely a fraudulent exchange, I do not recommend anyone to invest in it
  • I could not find the statistics of the exchange
  • The website of the exchange is badly created, almost nothing is readable

Revainrating 2 out of 5

The Anonymous Exchange Platform

unnamed exchange is a centralized crypto currency that was launched in the united kingdom in 2019. It also has the 24-hour trading volume. Unnamed Exchange is also a digital asset exchange that support a lot of assets. But I do not know why I not like the platform maybe the value of the platform is low and I thank God that am not from their country. They need to update the unnamed Exchange Platform to make the User active in the platform. The platform only support few of the crypto currency…

  • I didn't really enjoy the exchange
  • The login page doesn't load
  • Only few coin out of the supported coin
  • Users support take forever to respond

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Unnamed Exchange Platform, The Anonymous Exchange Platform

TThere seems to be a great surge for anonymity on the blockchain network a s has shown in the type of exchange platforms we have today. Some of the exchange platforms we have on the blockchain network today displays a high rate of anonymity whereby a trader wouldn't need to give out his or her personal details before being allowed to use their services. The exchange platform I would be reviewing today is known as Unnamed exchange platform. The name of the exchange Platform alone passes the…

  • I haven't seen any personally although some people tend to enjoy their services
  • The exchange platform can shut down at anytime as the exchange platform is anonymous

From the beginning, when I first heard the name of this Exchange, Unnamed Exchange, I thought it was a term not knowing that it is an Exchange. When I figured out that it was an Exchange I felt doubtful about it and I decided to make a research on it. From my research, Unnamed Exchange is a centralized cryptocurrency Exchange launched earlier in 2019. From the look of its interface, it is a very advanced Exchange and also has a very fast network. Moreover, Unnamed Exchange is a very secure…

  • It supports a good number of cryptocurrencies.
  • It is fast and secure.
  • It has a good support.
  • It is marked as untracked listing.
  • It looks dull.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Is Unnamed Exchange legit or a scam?

I don't consider Unnamed Exchange to be a legit exchange in any way, I created an account to use it today and explored the whole platform, it seemed a bit suspicious to me, Most wallet withdrawals are closed, and trading volumes seemed fake. This is because trade orders are not as executed as they appear. Their customer support is very poor, I have complained about one thing in email support but I have not received any response from them, and there is very little admin activity in their…

  • I don't find anything worth mentioning.
  • No customer support is active.
  • No information about the team.
  • Always displays fake volume.
  • Most of the time the wallets are in maintenance.

All services of Unnamed are just a model of what the company represents. This is an empty project with a small recondition and a very short trajectory. It has low content on the web page, and despite all developments, it has received in the last years, the platform remains the same: outdated. This platform has, besides, a lack of goals in its roadmap. It is clear that the main objective of a trading platform is to exchange crypto with limitless opportunities, but here this wasn't possible.…

  • No available points as it is a very fractioned project with lots of issues.
  • Low content and a lack of meaningful information are available there.
  • No value has been registered for this platform in the last months.
  • The company has taken the wrong steps to try to improve the project.

Unnamed exchange is a cryptocurrency trading medium, which I discover not quite long. After which I discovered the exchange, I read out some reviews about the exchange also went to the telegram group to make some enquires about the exchange. I went further to search for this exchange on revain, my beloved platform, the same thing applies, no single good review about the exchange. Then I had the privilege to write on this exchange too. My registration was successfully done in this exchange, with

  • I have no personal experience about this exchange
  • The trading interface is not impressive
  • I couldn't use this exchange due to bad accessibility issues
  • The telegram group is not active
  • This exchange is not a liquid

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Unnamed exchange??? Might as well be a waste of time

What kind of trader would I be if I traded here? This exchange, doesn't have any special feature which distinguishes it from other upcoming exchanges. Unnamed exchange is an exchange with a lot of problems. The problems here range from inaccessible web pages to unintuitive interfaces. OK,lets talk of my experience with it. I tried signing up for the exchange. This part required not much except that it never went through. Each time I entered the required details it will keep saying…

  • I didn't notice any
  • Doesn't move past login page.
  • Login doesn't work out.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

This exchange isn't all that useful to traders

This exchange is another trading point for cryptocurrencies, i actually heard about this exchange from a fellow trader, i have been trying it out for quite a while but no positive result though. I was even happy when i found out that it was listed in Revain so i was able to give my own personal experience with the exchange. Registration only required me to provide some basic information like Username, email and password after provoding all these details i did the human verification test and i…

  • I didn't really enjoy the exchange
  • The login page doesn't load
  • The interface of the exchange is a little outdated
  • Only few coins out of the supported coins are traded here
  • Customer support takes forever to respond