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Kucoin is a decentralized exchange that has generated confidence in the community of users who use cryptoassets, this exchange has brought with it a variety of innovations in the field of trade with digital currencies, as well as making loans, Staking, mining, P2P, futures and even making purchases Voir la critique complète

otago sports depot logo

Otago Sports Depot, has a physical store, easy to locate and with good opening hours, ensuring safe and appropriate purchases in products for sports activities, having a collection of clothing, swimwear, footwear and even accessories, which are products for multiple sports, with affordable prices, eVoir la critique complète

valley sports logo

Valley Sports, is a store with efficient and safe sales, in a variety of sporting goods, with various products for multiple sports, ensuring shopping that has good guarantees and access to purchases in products with good brands and shopping in sportswear, footwear and even sports accessories, faciliVoir la critique complète

wakesports unlimited logo

Wakesports Unlimited, is a sports store, which allows customers to make purchases in various products for the sport wakeboards, with a system of guarantees on purchases, with good brand products, efficient shopping on items such as wakeboards, kayaking, water skiing, life jackets and even products fVoir la critique complète

schuylkill valley sports logo

Schuylkill Valley Sports, integrates in its shelves, a wide range of products that has popular brands, in footwear, sportswear collection and even various accessories for sports activities, having a store with secure service in sales, with ease of shopping, with a store easy to locate and to make puVoir la critique complète

zappia athletic products logo

Zappia Athletic Products, is composed by a store that guarantees purchases in a variety of athletic products or for sports, with a variety of clothing and uniforms, sports accessories, such as helmets, protective masks, baseball bats, cholas, also with equipment and ease to request customization of Voir la critique complète

dynamic fitness equipment logo

Dynamic Fitness Equipment, is a store that allows purchases in fitness products, being a store with ample security, which has good warranty center for purchases, which integrates branded products and access to purchases from physical store and from online store, this store ensures easy access to purVoir la critique complète

ultimate fitness outlet logo

Ultimate Fitness Outlet, is a store that guarantees to make good purchases in fitness equipment for gyms and for home use, with good brands in fitness equipment, integrated variety of accessories, items for boxing, also integrates service facilities for training equipment, ensure reliable shipments Voir la critique complète

custom gym equipment logo

Custom Gym Equipment, is a store that provides fitness equipment and accessories for training, ensuring ease of purchase in a variety of fitness equipment, with models for strength training, cardio, free weights, for boxing and even platform, having good designs in fitness equipment, with good brandVoir la critique complète

premier sports direct logo

Premier Sports Direct is a store that offers shopping for sports equipment and products for various sports activities, with products for running, cricket, rugby and even field hockey, providing good shopping in collections of clothing, footwear, accessories, darts, gloves and even equipment, with a Voir la critique complète

flatqube logo

TON Swap, is composed of a decentralized exchange with ample security and guarantees good options and tools to perform decentralized trading with a variety of popular cryptocurrencies in the crypto world, also guaranteeing good trading of its native WTON and TON Bridge tokens, with the variety of crVoir la critique complète

fitness trendz logo

Fitness Trendz, has a whole that has a pleasant attention to customers, facilitating purchases in fitness equipment, having in its store a great variety of models in equipment for training, ensuring easy access to purchases, financing, rental and even access to used training equipment, ensuring purcVoir la critique complète

total football logo

Total Football, has service in sales of sporting goods and various items for soccer, facilitating purchases of teams and clubs, having on its shelves products in sportswear, uniforms, hats, gloves, shoes, boots, equipment and even balls, ensuring safe, efficient purchases, with good service during pVoir la critique complète

horizon line logo

Horizon Line, is composed of a sports store with ample security and to make efficient purchases in products such as canoes, kayaks, footwear, clothing, paddles and even a variety of sports accessories, counting with a store that has good brand products, with purchases that have guarantees and even aVoir la critique complète

kayanko sports logo

Kayanko Sports, is a store with efficient services in sales of sporting goods, ensuring access to purchases of items for multiple sports and even for fitness activities, with popular brands, with good offers center, shopping system from online store, with good shopping tools and good advice from theVoir la critique complète

octus bridge logo

TON Bridge is a blockchain network system, which creates a secure and efficient bridge between Ethereum networks and the Free TON project, ensuring a link between networks so that users can use it as a bridge between the two networks and implement liquidity from the Ethereum network to the Free TON Voir la critique complète

gkd gymnastics logo

GKD Gymnastics, is composed of a store to purchase sporting goods, this guarantees safe and easy shopping in a variety of products for athletes and gymnasts, ensuring good shopping in costumes, uniforms, accessories, footwear, cuffs, leotards and even activewear, facilitating purchases from the physVoir la critique complète

knkmiami logo

KNKMiami is a store specializing in sales of products for athletes and dancers, with items of good models, with good quality and with safe and reliable guarantees, it facilitates purchases of products such as stretching bars, SpringCore Balance, StretchBand and even Strength Band, ensuring purchasesVoir la critique complète

myo strength logo

MYO strength, is a sports store, which has years of experience in sales of sports products in accessories for boxing and fitness equipment, with safe guarantees, good products, equipment that has good models, with quality products, ease of shopping, guaranteed offers and even access to join as a disVoir la critique complète

sports outlet express logo

Sports Outlet Express, is composed of a good store to make purchases in sportswear and caps, being a store specializing in sales of sportswear, with good brands on their shelves, with quality sports products, access to good deals, also guarantees purchases from its online store, making it easy to plVoir la critique complète

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Young professional, Civil Construction Engineer, knowledgeable in the field of cryptocurrencies and its market, for 4 years I have been involved in and researching the cryptoactive markets, their behavior and the services offered by cryptocurrency projects.

Venezuela, Venezuela, Caripito.
Rejoint en mai 15, 2020