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Description of Cryptonex

Founded in 2017 and registered in the UK, Cryptonex comprises a cryptocurrency exchange, p2p platform, multi-currency wallet, card and invoice services. Cryptonex's mission is to provide easy entrance into crypto world with a full range of services necessary for crypto market to popularize it. Cryptonex develops and implements technologies with its own team of programmers. The core of the team comes from IFG software company, which specializes in software development for financial markets. Cryptocurrency is stored in the cold wallets offline. Hot wallets contain only a small part of cryptocurrency funds in the amount of average daily withdrawal volume which is stored online. It is possible to exchange cryptocurrency for EUR, USD, GBP, BRL, and RUB fiat pairs. It is possible to make a deposit via Bank transfer, Visa, MasterCard and other payment systems. When working with Fiat KYC is mandatory on the side of partners. The exchange fee is 0.1%. VIP conditions are provided with 0.01% fee. Cryptonex technologies can be used via the website or mobile application which is available in the App Store and Google Play. Cryptonex provides its technologies to other market participants, providing configuration and maintenance of the developed software.


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Revainrating 5 out of 5

Cryptonex is a very useful and popular exchange.

Cryptonex is a cryptocurrency exchange headquartered in the United Kingdom that was founded in 2017. It has its own cryptocurrency, the Cryptonex (CNX). The exchange is merely set up to accommodate newcomers. As a decentralized exchange, it allows for peer-to-peer (p2p) trading between investors. It's also worth noting that such transactions are extremely secure, as client information is stored on servers in many locations. Aside from that, cryptonex has an inbuilt multicurrency wallet that…

  • Transaction costs are quite cheap.
  • The level of security is quite high.
  • The level of satisfaction is above average.
  • I don't see serious bad side.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Cryptonex: Good Resources but Small Addition of Tokens

Cryptonex continues being on work the most limited exchanges in the market, currently. Despite the years it has been lending trading services, anything favourable has occurred to permit new traders to find an open gate in s exchange that might have it all. This platform has excellent resources for initiate in the e-commerce, including great support for the trading with fiat through payments methods like a debit card and credit card supported by Visa and other providers. Beyond that, it offers a

  • It is a hybrid exchange providing services for trading crypto through the scope of fiat.
  • Debit and credit card payments are permitted thanks to the support given by the official banking provider, Visa.
  • It has a nice view. The design of the platform is ideally worked and has a great interface that runs with the process of trading very quickly and without bugs.
  • It shows some offers to trade through pair orders. Users can select them or just decide how much they want to buy, and see the value in fiat.
  • The cryptocurrency support is too small. There is not so much consistency in the integration of new tokens. The company loses rating and does not compete properly in the market.
  • They provide opportunities to trade CNX tokens, which is the representative token of the company, but it has not a good value. It is not separated from the trading services offered.
  • The receptivity receives globally is also very small. It permits services just for 68 countries.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Cryptonex is reliable and recommendable

Cryptonex is a UK based exchange launched in 2017. It has supports Bitcoin, ethereum and its native cryptonex coin (CNX). The exchange is simply designed to suit newbies. Being a decentralized exchange, it offers p2p trading between one investor and the other. It is also good to note that exchanges like this is very safe as customers information are kept in servers located in different locations. Besides this cryptonex provides inbuilt multicurrency wallet which offers a safe haven for all…

  • It is fully registered
  • It safe users fund in cold wallet
  • It supports p2p trading
  • Transaction fee is very low
  • It has native token which can be mined and earned
  • KYC is mandatory for certain operations

Revainrating 4 out of 5

A crypto exchange platform with 3 cryptocurrencies: Cryptonex

Hello everyone, ladies, ladies, today I am going to present you my review about the Cryptonex crypto exchange platform, which is a crypto exchange platform. I have been using the Cryptonex platform for approximately 4 weeks and I think I have a lot of experience and knowledge in this way. Now we can proceed with my review. Cryptonex is a crypto exchange platform and crypto wallet at the same time. Most crypto exchange platforms now exist this way, and I think this is a nice feature…

  • It is a reliable crypto exchange platform.
  • Cryptonex is a platform that I have used frequently recently and had no problems.
  • The number of users is quite high and increasing.
  • It contains only 3 cryptocurrencies.

It is a crypto-trade and wallet service that clearly puts an emphasis on it's coin and fiat monetary standards. It offers a pleasant platform, accessible in all structures and shapes conceivable, and has low exchanging charges. P2P administration is likewise accessible, just as an a simple P-o-S mining choice. In spite of the fact that It works with a plenty of fiat monetary standards, the payment methods it utilizes are not helpful. Also, it offers exchanging three coins in particular, and…

  • Nice and easy to use trading platform.
  • Numerous fiat monetary forms upheld.
  • No expenses on deposits, low exchanging charges.
  • P-o-S mining choice accessible on the platform.
  • Limited payment strategies.
  • Just three crypto listed on the exchange.
  • Exchanging just against CNX.

Revainrating 3 out of 5


Cryptonex's exchange platform is one of the most solid platforms that operate its exchanges with bitcoin and ethereum Facilitating the acquisition of fiduciary currencies of importance in the world such as the euro and the US dollar. This platform has a large storage since it has an integrated cold storage wallet providing security to your assets, In addition to having its own mobile application where you can make crypto exchanges, purchases and sales without having any type of problem or in a

  • it has its own mobile application where you can make exchanges without any problem
  • cryptocurrency purchases using any bank card
  • Low fees on your exchanges
  • They do not provide the necessary information about their storage
  • Few cryptocurrencies available
  • It only has 18 pairs in its cryptocurrency exchanges

Revainrating 4 out of 5


Cryptonex, is a digital currency exchanger that operates with the 2 recognized currencies BTC and ETH, being able to be exchanged between them or for fiat currencies such as EUR and USD, The 18 pairs of exchanges on its platform also integrates trade between currencies such as GBP , RUB, BRL, apart from these mentioned currencies Cryptonex also operates with its own currency called CNX, which can be traded with the aforementioned and for fiat currencies. On your platform you can use cards such…

  • It allows users to exchange currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Cryptonex to a wide variety of fiat currencies.
  • It facilitates much faster transactions between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.
  • It makes it possible to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiduciary pairs like EUR, USD, GBP, BRL and RUB.
  • Allows quick online purchase of any currency using a bank card.
  • It allows cloud mining, from its integrated CNX token.
  • It is possible to make exchanges from mobile devices since Cryptonex is downloadable from the App Store and Google Play
  • It has only 18 pairs of cryptocurrency exchanges on its website, being able to opt for more currency pairs to exchange as it is an excellent exchange house.
  • It is only possible to make exchanges with 2 famous digital currencies such as BTC and EThH, the other currency exchanges are for fiat currencies.

Revainrating 3 out of 5

CryptoNex exchange platform

This is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that since its inception is feasible in the market, since it allows you to make transactions such as buy and sell and exchange cryptocurrencies without any problem, this supports a large number of cryptocurrencies to trade worldwide, since that it is also possible to buy your cryptocurrencies using fiat money. This exchange platform has something very positive: the transaction fees are very low, the interest rate for this reason, users will carry out…

  • very low fees for transactions
  • offers p2p service that allows you to make transactions from you to you.
  • cold storage
  • accepts fiat money
  • limited payment method
  • few information

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Cryptonex is a cryptocurrency platform for trading.

Cryptonex is a crypto-exchange and wallet service that obviously places a focus on the CNX coin and fiat currencies. It offers a nice platform, available in all forms and shapes possible, and has low trading fees. P2P service is also available, as well as a an easy P-o-S mining option.

  • No fees on deposits, low trading fees.
  • Many fiat currencies supported.
  • Nice trading platform.
  • Limited payment methods.
  • Only 3 coins listed.
  • Withdrawal fees, minimum withdrawal limits.

In general this exchange platform that for people who are entering the world of cryptocurrencies is feasible since it offers multiple forms of deposit and they could use fiat money to buy the cryptocurrencies listed, however I would recommend using it with caution since they do not offer much information about the safeguarding of assets that are deposited in your platform and for those that are new, always keeping your assets in cold portfolios.

  • Possibility of purchase with fiat money with any bank card. Multiple currencies admitted. Fees low in the exchange. Possibility of being used as a method to receive and make payments, as a company allows issuing payment invoices in any cryptocurrency available within Cryptonex. Possibility of connecting stores and being able to use this platform as payment method. Cryptocurrency with backup in the same exchange It has applications for both PC and mobile. And its innovative service P2P, which allows users of the exchange to buy and sell any cryptocurrency even outside the exchange, this being the guarantor of the assets.
  • There is a lack of information regarding the storage of assets, which can generate distrust in users. The vast majority of your listed currencies are in pair with the token of the platform, sometimes you have to buy them to buy another asset, which suggests that you are forced to acquire the cryptocurrency.

The main visitors of the website Cryptonex, if judged according to the Alexa service U.S. and Russia. That is, the service serves mainly Russian and Western crypto traders and cryptocurrency owners. For them cryptonex crypto-exchange and its P2P-exchanger with a large number of supported Fiat currencies is a convenient platform for quick purchase of BTC and ETN for Fiat, and reverse cashing of cryptocurrencies. The British registration of the managing company of cryptonex Limited Partnership (

  • - full support of the Russian language. The founder of the exchange-a native of Russia Pavel Kalinin. Many of the leading employees of the exchange are also Russians. - multilingual interface — 17 (!) supported language - simplicity of interface = ease of use - high transaction speed - support for a large number of Fiat currencies - no verification required = anonymous trading - low trading fees - the presence of built-in p2p-exchanger The crypto currency exchange Cryptonex offers also the possibility to buy BTC and ETH with the help of Bank cards Visa and MasterCard. Such transactions are carried out through a special intermediary — payment cryptocurrency service Simplex. The form for buying bitcoins and Ethereum via Simplex is displayed by default on the first page of the Cryptonex website after users are authorized. Note that the service Simplex birch significant Commission - about 6-7%.
  • - a small number of supported crypto assets-only 11, of the popular-only BTC and ETH - input and output of Fiat currencies on The cryptonex exchange is carried out through intermediary services, which will have to register and pay fees - lack of operational communication channels with the exchange administrators - no mobile application (but it is already being tested)